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    WTS Excalibur Gold Cheaper than all sellers - Safe - Fast -

    with hello to all warcraft fans,specially those whom playing in Excalibur-WoW

    after 5 years of selling gold and characters here i am so happy to be able countinue my services and job,

    and that i can still do things for you dear customers.

    i can remember that i didnt had many customers in my starting days, maybe a handfull of people at its best

    but today after 5 years, with selling about 500 000 golds and alot of great and rare characters a week.

    i managed to obtain so many customers,that im so proud of there trust in me.

    my friends ,i got so many new and ineresting irisistable new things and suggests for you

    deals with maximum security and will be held in shortest times with greatest prices.ill be supporting my customers all the time and i belive thats the key to my succsesion

    10k Gold = 9 eu

    50k Gold = 40 eu

    100k Gold = 75 eu

    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name

    WTS All Class With Different Gear PVP S2,S3,S4 / PVE Normal Epic , Good Epic , BT Epic , SWP Epic

    Some SS Of Characters

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name
    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name
    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name
    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name
    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    All chars will come with 10k - 20k - 30k bonus gift Gold , deppends on character you chose

    Please take into consideration that some of these characters have extremely valuable Legendary items which are no longer obtainable through donations!!!!

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name
    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    Originally Posted by Warrioronmymind View Post
    Let me start off with saying i normally is always abit scared of doing deals on the internet with (private persons) but i made a really nice christmas deal with this guy and got the gold right away really good service. Thanks alot
    Originally Posted by popoops View Post
    I bought an elemental shaman for a good price. He is very friendly and cooperative. He gave me a special because it was christmas. I suggest you guys buy from him.
    Originally Posted by pustefix View Post
    Great Service! Really nice guy
    Originally Posted by Shockaden View Post
    Guy is really quick with response I finished a deal in 10 min will work with you to make sure you get best. Deal and is not a scammer and will buy again
    Originally Posted by IFoundAGlitch View Post
    Bought 17k fast and easy. Great prices and good service! Highly Recommend
    Originally Posted by pustefix View Post
    Good Service
    Originally Posted by messilav View Post
    Good seller. Precision speed and reliability.Bought the account. Great service.Suggest it
    Originally Posted by legituser View Post
    His legit, no scam

    For real, fast service
    Originally Posted by Warrioronmymind View Post
    Hey i normally dont post anything anywhere, but i had a really nice service and really fast and quick clean deal was really happy with the purchase thanks
    Originally Posted by BlackflameX View Post
    Purchased a char from this guy, went very fast and smooth. Thanks again for a great transaction!
    Originally Posted by fald91 View Post
    bought gold from this guy, went smooth
    Originally Posted by Sjuk View Post
    Just bought 8k gold from this guy. Didn't take long after I sent the payment to which I recieved the gold! I recommend him!
    Originally Posted by OrangePom View Post
    Bought 5k, fast and fair!

    Thank You!
    Originally Posted by erpoppa View Post
    bought 110k fast cheap and fair.

    Thank you again!
    Originally Posted by Priky View Post
    Bought 30k, was fast and smooth. Was asked if I wanted to see the gold first in-game but I trusted him and that was all proven to be right
    If you need gold I can recommend this service
    Originally Posted by crazynaster View Post
    Trusted seller :-)
    Originally Posted by lychanire View Post
    bought a guy off him the other day. Legit, fast, quick, easy and safe. thanks a bunch!
    Originally Posted by hunter4ever View Post
    This guy is very honest and down to earth. I spent ???1000 with him already. He is trustworthy to trade. All the characters are accurate with items, specs and fairly priced including Gold. Also, if you are looking for something special, just ask him. He will help you out. If you like playing wow, if you like TBC, play on Excalibur server which is No.1 server for [email protected] 70. And This guy is No.1 person I recommend on this server to trade with!!!
    Originally Posted by Kyterius View Post
    I will be using Behi.Comando from now on, from start to finish took about 3 minutes and the gold was in my hands. Very very simple process Ill never use a gold selling website again Behi.Comando is my gold man now!
    Originally Posted by Celeb88 View Post
    Very good. Fast trade and great guy to talk with over Skype. Definitly +1 from me!
    Originally Posted by wtfxah View Post
    Good seller, fast delivery.
    Originally Posted by smeee View Post
    Quickly replied on skype. Gold was transfered in person. Good deal !
    Originally Posted by yatsen1987 View Post
    Bought 2 chars and some golds !! So good seller ,, cheap fast and safe!!
    Originally Posted by RageWithMe View Post
    I've dealt with this seller several times and every time he has been very fast and extremely professional. From first interaction to transaction it takes a matter of minutes and he answeres any questions swiftly.
    Originally Posted by kodyc17 View Post
    Very quick, very easy to do business with. Bought 52k, messaged him on whats App and had the gold in hand within a matter of minutes. Would highly recommend! Thanks again!
    Originally Posted by MrDawgMan View Post
    I've bought 380k gold so far. Been safe, fast and cheap! Just like he promises. Note: Polite guy! Would recomend!
    Originally Posted by hunterwowdude View Post
    Bought an account from him and he delivered instantly, very smooth transaction i recommend him !
    Originally Posted by Jnana1030 View Post
    safe and fast!
    Originally Posted by Hampzore View Post
    Smooth and easy with this guy! Really fast delivery =)
    Originally Posted by Pekay1 View Post
    Got a fast reply and instant delivery of my 15k after that. Great service!

    Click Here For Add My Skype >>>>> <<<<< Click Here For Add My Skype

    My skype name is >>>behi.comando<<<For Add Just Click on My Skype Name

    I am looking forward to talk to you in skype.


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    WTS Gold (Cheap) & WTS Account (All Class-PvP-PvE) In endless.gg sunstrider 2.4.3 Just Add My Skype ID Behi.Comando

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    Very nice, friendly guy. Fast reply and instant delivery. Bought 2 times of him

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