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    Account on Feenix,Warsong realm


    I'm looking to sell my account on feenix server,warsong realm

    HORDE Undead priest :

    Full Warlord Gear (R13)
    Tier 3 pieces (Sholders,Legs,Bracers)
    Offparts Healing Gear (Empowered leggings,Don Rigoberto's lost hat,Robes of Guardian Saint,Boots of Pure Thought)
    Tier 2.5 pieces (Head,Sholders) < for lolz
    Healing Trinkets (Rejuvenation Gem)
    Healing Weapon (The Widow's Embrace + OH Noth's Frigid Heart)
    Healing Rings (Band of Unanswered Prayers + Pure elementium Band)
    Healing Neck (Necklace of Necropsy)

    Shadow Gear Head (Perceptor's Hat)
    Neck (Malice Stone Pendant)
    Sholders (Rime Covered Mantle)
    Back (Cloak of the Devoured)
    Chest (Necro-Knight's Garb)
    Bracers (Burrower's Bracers)
    Weapon (The end of Dream's + OH gem of nerubis)
    Wand (Wand of Qiraji Nobility)
    Waist (Firemaw's Clutch)
    Gloves (Ebony Flame Gloves)
    Boots (Boots of Epiphany)
    Rings (Band of the Inevitable + Ring of the Fallen god)
    Trinkets (Neltharion's Tear + Talisman of Empheral power or Zandalarian Hero Charm)

    Priest got also some SPLINTER OF ATIESH pieces + ZG RAPTOR MOUNT ,The burrower's Shell trinket,PVP engi trinkets,Rare pvp trinkets and things like that!!

    ALLIANCE Human mage :

    Full Tier 2 (for lolz pvp?)
    Tier 3 pieces (Head,Bracers,Waist,Boots)
    Tier 2.5 pieces (Head,Sholders,Legs,Chest)
    Sholders (Rime Covered Mantle)
    Chest (Crystal Webber Robe + Robe of Voilate Power)
    Back (Cloak of the Devoured)
    Bracers (Rockfury bracers ikr)
    Weapon (Blessed Qiraji Acolyte Staff)
    Rings (Ring of the Fallen God + Ring of Eternal Flame)
    Trinkets (Zandalarian Hero Charm + MInd Quickening Gem)
    Wand (Touch OF chaos)

    Mage got ZG TIGER MOUNT + some offparts,nature res gear etc etc

    Both characters are on the same account so buying one gets you one GRATIS,If you are interested please add my skype : argeta666


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