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    Kaiser’s Character Store


    here I am selling following characters and accounts, all on retail EU WoW / Blizzard servers.

    All characters must be transferred onto a new account (buyer needs to create it with a specific name I will provide) and the buyer needs to cover the costs for the character transfer.

    Also, with a name change service (I don’t provide it) all characters could be transferred onto one’s main account. Most characters are currently on the same account so this could reduce potential follow-up costs.

    I could additionally provide more information, screenshots and ingame meetings (if gametime is available). All Safe Armory links display character specific achievements only!

    The prices for the characters and accounts are fixed. I accept only PayPal (family & friends) as payment and payment needs to be sent first; I also accept a middle-man if the buyer pays for it.

    Feel free to contact me here on the forum or on Discord: Kaiser#3016

    Character #1: Ultra Vanity Death Knight: Realm First & Elite PvP Weapons
    • Realm First! Death’s Demise (including title)
    • Realm First! Fall of the Lich King
    • The Arena Master achievement & title
    • Gladiator Season 9 Vicious
    • Conqueror of Ulduar achievement & title
    • Bloodsail Admiral (not much Reputation missing for The Insane)
    • A Tribute to Insanity (25 players)
    • Legend of Pandaria title
    • Veteran of the Shifting Sands
    • Many other rare Feats of Strength and legacy achievements
    • 70 exalted reputations, almost 300 days playtime, 57k honorable kills
    • Elite S11 Death Knight Plate gear (Cataclysmic; shoulders, legs, hands + warrior feet)
    • Elite S7 2-h Sword (Relentless)
    • Elite S8 2-h Mace (Wrathful)
    • Elite S8 1-h Mace (Wrathful)
    • Elite S9 2-h Sword (Vicious)
    • Elite S11 2-h Sword (Cataclysmic, best looking sword ingame)
    • Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds (Vanilla version)
    • Arcanite Ripper (transforms you, legendary model, from WOTLK launch event)
    • T3 Warrior gear (shoulders, legs, waist, hands)
    • Thunderfury, Sulfuras, 2x Warglaives, Shadowmorune, legendary Pandaria cloak, some Legion & Shadowlands legendaries
    • Epic Purple Shirt (TCG)
    • Tabard of Frost (TCG) (+ Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard)
    • S8 Wrathful Gladiators Tabard!
    • The Scepter of the Shifting Sands

    Character #2: PvP Monster Warrior: Gladiator (TBC, WOTLK, SL), S16 Elite Full Set, OG Brewfest Ram, T3, Arcanite Ripper
    • 391 days played, 75 exalted reputations, 116k honorable kills, insane amount of unspent currencies (mostly Shadowlands)
    • Character created and played since Vanilla; Vanilla PvP Rank 11 (Lieutenant General)
    • Engineering, Mining, Cooking & Fishing max level (Shadowlands)
    • 80% of all PvP achievements done (personal)
    • Gladiator Season 3 (TBC Vengeful), Season 5 (WOTLK Deadly), Season 3 Shadowlands (Cosmic), mounts will not follow
    • RBG Rank 14 (2400 rating) High Warlord and all titles below & the Conqueror
    • Master of Deepwind Gorge (title: Gorgeous)
    • Master of Seething Shore (title: Prospector)
    • Around 4 achievements only missing for Battlemaster & Khan; 300 RBG won (title Warbringer)
    • Supreme Soloist (title Soloist), Battlefield Brawler, Conqueror of Azeroth, Contender, Duellers Guild Tabard, Hero of Warspear, Brawler (Season 2)
    • Lord of War (and most Nemesis quests done), The Chosen, the Indomitable, Predator
    • WOD CM Gold (token for all weapons in bags), Legion Mage Tower done (all 3 specs)
    • Brewfest Ram (warrior did the original Brewfest quests in 2007 and mount can be re-bought, incredibly rare, was only available for 2 weeks in 2007 at the 1st Brewfest)
    • Many old and rare FOS and legacy achievements such as Tabard of the Argent Dawn & Competitors Tabard (both in bags), The fifth Element, wow anniversaries 4th year and onwards, Hero of the Zandalar tribe etc. (use the safe armory link for further examination)
    • PvP Elite sets: Full Season 16 Primal (best looking set ingame) in bags. BFA Season 2, SL Season 1, 2 & 3 elite sets unlocked (had the high arena rating necessary, not sure if they move. At least SL S2 & S3 full duelist & elite sets and weapons are in bags) & High Warlord set, the Chosen set (Golden Plate)
    • Season 16 Primal Elite 2-handed Sword and Elite 1-handed Axe in bags
    • Sun-Flute of the Phoenix King & Arcanite Ripper in bags
    • Tier 3 Warrior Dreadnaught: Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Wrist, Waist in bags
    • Shadowlands Season 3 Cosmic Tabard, Tabard of the Argent Dawn, Battle Tabard of the Defilers, Competitors Tabard, Tabard of Conquest in bags
    • Thunderfury, Sulfuras, 2x Warglaives, Shadowmorune, WOD legendary ring, Legion & Shadowlands legendaries, Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve Rank 3 in bags

    • Price: SOLD

    Character #3: Warrior with S16 Primal Tabard & S16 Primal Elite Helmet in bags

    Character #4: Warrior with Tusks of Mannoroth in bags

    Character #5: Mage Hero of the Horde Season 10 Ruthless
    • Hero of the Horde title + High Warlord and all titles below
    • Rare FoS: I Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome I Am, WoW 7th Anniversary, Dragonwrath legendary item, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard

    • Price: SOLD

    Character #6: Rogue PvP
    • Old character which has been played hard in PvP, has some rare PvP achievements and around 40k honorable kills, RBG 1800 rating and titles, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard

    Character #7: Priest with S18 Elite Gear and Staff in bags
    • Season 18 Warmongering Elite Staff and Set (only legs missing but you don’t see them anyways) in bags
    • Played in PvP, RBG 1900 rating and titles, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard

    Character #8: Shaman with RBG 2300 rating and titles
    • Played in PvP, RBG 2300 rating and titles, some PvP (legacy) achievements, WoW 7th Anniversary, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard

    Character #9: Monk with Legion Season 1 & 2 Elite Set
    • Played in PvP and Brawler’s Guild, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard, some rare FoS like Victory in Hillsbrad, etc.

    Character #10: Vanilla Druid
    • Ancient character from Vanilla WoW with Classic PvP Rank 6 (Stone Guard), collected many Feats of Strength over the years, Tabard of Conquest & Competitor’s Tabard

    Shell Account #1: Tusks of Mannoroth
    • Price: SOLD

    Shell Account # 2: Warrior PvP Elite S16 Primal Full Set, rare achievements & items (only transmog, earning character has been transferred off)
    • Full Elite Season 16 Primal Warrior Set in wardrobe + S16 Elite 2h-sword and 1h-axe
    • Gladiator Season 3 (TBC), Season 5 (WOTLK), Shadowlands Season 3 Feat of Strength (no mounts)
    • Shadowlands Season 3 Cosmic Gladiator Tabard & Tabard of the Argent Dawn
    • Sun-Flute of the Phoenix King & Arcanite Ripper
    • Tier 3 Warrior Dreadnaught: Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Wrist, Waist
    • Account has no characters on it

    • Price: SOLD
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