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    [WTS] WoW Scripts for PvP / PvE Work on ALL SERVERS

    Hello there

    Not really famous, but anonymous and experienced kind of hacker on Wotlk Client.

    That's an Introduction Post, to let people understand what I'm doing here and whats "tools" are available at live.

    Until now I was just using all my knowledge on my own without taking profit for some reasons:

    *Was kind of unnecessary for me Money*
    *I wanted the be like unique person with my works, to be more exclusive*
    *I had not maybe enough knowledge and experience to offer a decent service to everyone*

    Then now, you know a little bit who I'm and what I'm doing here, selling WoW Tools.
    You can go to different post where I explain each Tool:

    1. Bladestorm range hack: +7-9 yards damage ticks.

    2. Deep Wounds Hack: every 3-4 spells that crits you gains extra deep wounds procs that are invisible.

    3. Dodge/Parry Hack: increases your dodge and parry chance by 5%-10%.

    4. Invisible DMG Hack: each 3-4 crits you will unleash an invisible damage proc to your target of an amount of approx 50% of all the crits you made. Invisible to combat log. (For example, I was hitting a guy in arena and his HP went from 15k to 10k without doing anything)

    5. GCD Hack: this patch reduces your GCD hack by 0,3-0,6 seconds.

    6. DumpGCD: a program that reduces your GCD Hack by a second. Best program to GCD. (Doesn't work in rogue and feral)

    7. FPSDropper Program: everytime you jump with your character, all people in a 40 yards range will lag and have screen freeze, sometimes they will even disconnect from the server.

    7. Shield Wall / Recklessness / Retaliation CD Hack: reduces the CD of this three spells and makes it to be 12 seconds always (You can't cast the same spell twice. For example: you can't Shield Wall > Shield Wall > Shield Wall, but you can cast Shield Wall > Retaliation > Shield Wall)

    8. Fixed Range Hack: instead of increasing the range by 9 yards like the old fixed one, it increases your range by 7 yards and it works.

    9. Auto-Hotkey Script: this script reduces your GCD by approx 10%-15%, increasing your gaming speed by a lot. Basically instead of typing like, FOR EXAMPLE, "1" with keyboard when you press 1, it will type "11111111111111111111111".

    We have the best PvP and PvE Rotations for every class and every spec, used by gladiators and rank 1 players all the time. Here are EXAMPLES.

    1. Best Warrior PvP Auto PQR Rotation Bot + LUA Macros: increasing your speed a lot and doing everything for you. (Two versions: with the dmg rotation and scripts or just with reflect, overpower, bash, auto-disarm, intervene, auto stealth shout, shout renew, auto intervene + reflect in trap scatter, blind...)

    2. Best Paladin PvP Auto PQR Rotation Bot + LUA Macros: all-in-one paladin script with every possible script for paladin (auto-fear on succubus before casting seduce, auto hoj, auto dispell, auto sacrifice...)

    3. Best Priest PvP Auto PQR Rotation Bot + LUA Macros: all-in-one priest script with every possible script for priest (SWD, dispell, auto-fearward, auto inner fire renew...)

    4. Best Feral PvP Auto PQR Rotation Bot: best damage in the world, auto reflect fake, auto instant cyclone on cc or big damage spell, auto rogue spot, auto fake cast...


    If you have any kind of question regarding my work or the scripts feel free to contanct me via skype or email.

    In the case if you have and kind of questions or you might want to see how these scripts are working, I can demonstrate/show you on skype via screenshare.

    If you don't understand something regarded the scripts or how they work you can ask me I'll try my best to help you and together we'll figure out your problem.

    6. Best PVE Rotations for every class, u can finally be top 1 recount bot

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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