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    Old One (from Vanilla), many Unobtainables, over 28k AP, 2x60 17x50, 400+ mounts, CM Weaps and more


    Foreword, please read: I would like to finally sell this, my own account, via a save payment option like bank-transfer. I have wife and kids and a rent to pay. I can not affort childish behaviour like money-returns on Paypal etc. Thank you for your understanding.


    Apparently top 1%, Hi-End Account with Vanilla Rogue Main. 2x60 & 17x50, over 28k achievement points, more than 400 unique Mounts, CM Weapons from WoD, Alle Legendary Weapons from old Raids, almost all heirlooms, so many toys and all important battle-pets to win all battles. Including SL Epic. And one month free game time upon purchase, so you can dive right in.

    Asking price is listed below. Worth apparently 2500€+ - I am asking for 2000 as a start. You can reply realistically.


    Safe armory: Click here for Safe Armory.

    Latest achievements:

    - Shadowlands Flying Unlocked

    - Violet Proto-Drake, finally

    - 100+ Reps

    [B][U]- Collected 5000+ Timewarped Badges for you, to buy your new upcoming favorite mount

    Ex-120's are lvl 50. Main-Rogue lvl 60 with 209+ iLvl ready for Mythic+ Dungeons and Heroic+ Raiding. Thorgast L8 weekly clear no problem.

    Recently added: 28k!+ reached

    High-res Screenshots ("Rightclick+Open New Tab") :



    - Classic Account:
    Played since the game began in 2004 through all expansions
    Paused before Burning Crusade and returned with WotLK
    Purchased a new account and subsequently connected this old original account to this first account after 2009, after the B.net account merger

    - First owner is the seller of the account:
    There is no account reselling via a third party, but the first owner is expressly and still the original owner and seller of the account
    It is hereby passed on with full certainty that the source of supply and the sale of this account come from one and the same person and can therefore also be traced back to it
    The account has never attracted attention and is in excellent condition
    Expansions, Subscriptions
    All World of Warcraft expansions are included along with the base game. Legion and Battle for Azeroth in the Digital Collector's Edition
    30 days of playing time is available on the account
    Shadowlands Epic also included.
    Original Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction expansion + Diablo 3 base game are also included


    Achievement points:
    Over 28.000 achievement points (updated from 26,265) have already been earned, as well as 223 classic achievements and 51 heroic deeds
    This data puts this account in the top 1% worldwide! ()
    If you are interested in taking a closer look, please use the Masked Armory link (Loading...). Masked for legal reasons, which simply creates and displays an anonymous but identical image of Blizzard's official website armory. As a note, it should be mentioned that the display of achievement points and even some lack of achievements in the armory is currently normal, Blizzard is aware of an error and, according to statements, it is already being worked on. For the most exact data, please use the attached screenshots and information here in the detail history as a benchmark.

    All main quests have been completed on all continents, thereby unlocking the title “The Master of Lore” and tabard
    A whopping 9892/10000 daily quests have already been completed. Also a total of 3534/5000 world quests
    All continents have been explored, unlocking* the title “The Explorer” and tabard
    All existing Boy Scout achievements have been completed, allowing flying in all currently allowed areas
    Battle for Azeroth's pathfinder part 1 has also already been completed and it can then be flown directly with the release of the second part without any problems
    Also worth noting is the unlocking of the [Arsenal: Weapons of the Lightforged] by defeating all rare monsters on Argus, including the difficult-to-reach "Rezira the Seer".
    player versus player
    Over 100,000 honorable victories (113,147) were earned over the course of all PvP's without having a focus on the next highest achievement of 250,000 and the associated title "The Bloodthirsty". If it is in your own interest, this can be completed more easily with the conclusion of the second half, which is only just needed.
    In ordinary arena play in the past, you have successfully completed more than 300 ranked arena battles, thereby obtaining the achievement "Brutal Fighter" and its tabard [Taardard of Brute Force].
    Completed the “Grandmaster of Gurubashi Arena” achievement to get the [Defending Champion] heirloom and purchase [Returning Champion] for the same Darkmoon Faire Arena final series
    Completed the Battle for Azeroth's Dueler's Guild "Master of Battle" to earn the title "Striker". Owned by 0.01% of all players worldwide (404 - File or directory not found.)
    Also recently added the Battle for Azeroth open-world PvP achievement “Conqueror of Azeroth” with only 0.13% ownership (404 - File or directory not found.), unlocking the title of the same name and obtaining the [Conqueror's Scythe Maw] mount

    Dungeons & Raids:
    All glories of all instances and raids have been completed. Including raid successes that are extremely difficult to almost impossible nowadays due to the scaling and are not part of the main glory successes such as Ulduar's "Weaken the Boombots!" and many more

    For reaching the maximum level of all professions in all expansions, the achievements "Master of all classes of Pandaria", "Master of all classes of Draenor", Master of all classes of Legion" and "Master of all classes of Zandalari" were obtained. Also the very complex archeology is at max level, as are Fishing and Cooking
    Completed all main cooking achievements, unlocking the title of Chef. The matching [Chef's Hat] for 100 [Foodie Prizes] is also available.
    Completed all of the main fishing achievements, unlocking the Terror of the Seas title. With [Nat's Hut] through "Best Friend" and the [Fishing Raft] toy, as well as the [Master Kalu'ak Fishing Pole] (predecessor of the Legion Angler artifact) with underwater breathing, nothing stands in the way of hassle-free fishing on all waters.
    Archeology is at max level of 950. Completed "Zandalari Curator" by collecting all lore-related digs. More than 30 rare excavation treasures were also acquired.

    Raised a total of 88 reputations from different factions to Exalted across the account. Also under the reputation are hard-to-obtain ones like The Argent Tournament, Netherwing, The Mag'har, Ramkahen, Nat Pagle, and a few more. Update: Now 100+!
    All Allied Races have been unlocked and are ready to ramp up
    If you are interested in earning the title “The Madman”, you still need Ravenholdt on Exalted and the Bloodsail Buccaneers on Benevolent. All goblin races, including the Darkmoon Faire which takes many months of effort, are already on Exalted on the account.

    World events:
    Completed all deeds of the Argent Tournament to unlock “Champion of the Horde” and the “Crusader” title. All mounts were then unlocked in a long and time-consuming process. See more under Mounts.
    Only 3 of the annual events are missing for the year-round success “What a Long, Strange Journey...”.

    Battle pets:
    Over 300 Unique Battle Pets (total 314) have already been collected
    Also, defeated over 40 master pet tamers, unlocked the title “Tamer” and obtained the [Safari Hat] through the achievement “Taming the World”.
    Earned a total of over 400 battle pet achievements, logged the “Time to Open a Pet Shop” achievement, and obtained the [Jade Tentacles].
    On the account are all the necessary battle pets with which all battles in the current game can be won without any problems (see a selection on the attached screenshot)
    The latest top-secret battle pet [Baa'l] is also in the collection, as is Legion's fully upgraded [Uuna], which was necessary for it
    Some pets are also available several times and can be sold via the auction house in sums of up to 6 digits

    (Old, update to 400+) Well over 350 mounts have now been collected (416 total across the account, 361 on a single character) and unlocked the [Biting Frostshard Core] mount through the associated achievement “We're Gonna Need a Bigger Stable”. Among the mounts are some that are no longer obtainable (see screenshot and list below), such as from birthdays, sales promotions or simply no longer available game content. There is also the [X-51 Nether rocket X-TREM] from the official World of Warcraft trading card game, which is no longer officially available, but can only be obtained from third parties via Ebay or in the auction house in the game. Current value amounts to around 350-450€ for this mount alone, with a comparable gold value in the game between 3.5-4.5million.
    With more than 300 toys (329), the [Mechanical Wood Extractor] mount was unlocked through the achievement “Let the others play too”, which can also be used to gather resources without dismounting like the [Sky Golem].
    There are over 30 tabards on the account. Including the [Lightbringer Tabard] of the quest line for WotLK's Legendary Weapon [Shadowmourne].
    There are also many shirts on the account, which are no longer available in the current game, primarily the [Blood-splattered Pit Fighter's Wraps] and others from the past fighting guild. The [Sleeveless T-Shirt] also deserves a mention at this point with its low 0.5% drop chance from Alterac Valley in terms of rarity.
    By collecting a lot of transmogs, the title “The Deadly Chick” was unlocked. Also among the transmogs are the unobtainable Warlord of Draenor Challenge Mode weapon sets
    extension features
    6/10 successes of the “Master of Wintergrasp” of the almost no longer played Wintergrasp battlefield were played live in the past at that time
    The same goes for "Master of Tol Barad" which with 5/6 achievements completed is only waiting for a single one to complete the whole valuable
    Over 100 Mist of Pandaria's scenarios have been completed, which is very difficult to complete nowadays, also due to the small number of entries. All scenario achievements in Pandaria have been successfully completed.
    The Proving Grounds was completed in all 3 categories (Damage, Healer, Tank) on Gold and Endless Waves.
    All of Warlord of Draenor's naval mission achievements are completed and recorded with "Master of the Seas" and obtaining the title "Captain".
    “Apexis Master” was obtained by collecting over 100,000 Apexis Crystals
    “Defenders of Draenor” and its Garrison Monument were obtained for earning 5,000 honorable kills in Draenor (seen on screenshot with all special achievements)
    The Bone Collector achievement was obtained for collecting over 4,000 bones from defeated players in the past Ashran raid instance, which no longer exists in the game. This allowed the Gladiator's Sanctum building in the garrison to be upgraded to level 3, the Highmaul Colosseum unlocked, and the title "Lord/Lady of War" to be won in it. All unattainable in the current state of the game. The “Fight, Victory, Salute!” Achievements for defeating 100 players in the arena there, as well as 3 sub-successes “Nemesis: Dwarven Executioner”, “Nemesis: Manslayer” and “Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei” of the 5 required for the main achievement “Warlord of Draenor” have also been acquired.
    Completed all Island Expeditions on Mythic difficulty and earned the Island Conqueror achievement

    Classes & Characters

    All classes at level 50 or higher, 2x60:
    2x60, 17 characters are at least level 50, including every class. Furthermore, there are some untouched Warlord of Draenor twinks at level 100 and others just below (see screenshot)
    Each max level character has a level 3 garrison
    All Legion class campaigns have been fully completed for all classes, unlocking every class mount

    Item Level:
    Gear intentionally did not receive primary focus on this account. Even if it can be a lot of fun to upgrade your own equipment in each expansion, it is immediately devalued at the beginning of a new expansion. Equipment from a recent expansion adds short-term value to an account, but no long-term value at all, and therefore does not encourage a real investment in the sense of a facility. Nevertheless, with all characters of this account, Mythic Dungeons can be completed without any problems, just as Uldir Normal and Heroic can be conquered, even Uldir Mythic can be started on progression!

    A total of 104 titles+, including, as already mentioned, some that are no longer obtainable such as Warlord of Draenor's “Lord/Mistress of War”, which only 0.11% of the entire global player community owns ()

    All professions kept at max level throughout all expansions.
    Thus, everything can be tinkered directly without any restrictions without first having to laboriously level up a special profession. Also the very elaborate archeology is at the maximum level, as well as fishing and cooking, with all recipes from daily quests

    Discontinued items, mounts, and titles
    Some nostalgic items are still available from Classic times, such as the [Fancy Stopwatch], which is no longer available in the game and still provides great advantages in raids thanks to its movement speed increase of 40%
    This includes mounts, legendary items, transmogs, toys, and pets, as detailed in each of the following sections
    For the fastest level up at all there is also a meanwhile unobtainable +300% experience potion

    Note: Only mounts are intentionally listed and shown on the screenshot that took a lot of time and skill to get hold of, very rarely drop or which are simply no longer obtainable. Mounts that can be bought for gold (such as the [Great Expeditionary Yak] or the [Champion's Sprocket]) are also included on the account but are not listed here simply for reasons of space. Collecting 350+ mounts naturally incorporates all of the more common mounts, leaving only the very hardest to obtain.
    Noteworthy special features for all mounts of the account are as follows:

    [Challenger's War Yeti] - "Challenge Warlord: Silver" Feat Achievement
    [Kor'kron Warwolf] - "Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream" Heroic Achievement
    [Pig Fighter's Strong Mushan] - Patch 5.3 Max Pit Fighter Rank 10 of Fighter's Guild
    [Warlord's Deathwheel] - Qualified for the winning entry of the "Azeroth Choppers" contest in June 2014
    [Core Hound] - "Boldly you sought the power of Ragnaros" Feat of Strength Achievement, WoW 10th Anniversary
    [Primeval Flamesaber] - Heroes of the Storm Sale 2017
    [Firemane Warhorse], [X-53 Voyage Rocket] Two-Seater, "Recruit A Friend"

    [Frostshard Infernal] - "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Stable" Achievement for getting 350 mounts for a single player
    [Bloodgorged Krogg] - "Glory of the Uldir Raider" Achievement +
    [Obsidiankrolusk] - "Glory of the War-Torn Hero" achievement, to name both newest

    Trading card game:
    [X-51 Nether Missile X-TREM] - Some of the rarest loot in the entire trading card game. Only available on Ebay for around €400 or in the in-game auction house for around 4 million gold

    Quests and Reputations:
    [Argentum Charger], [Argentum Charger], [Argentum Hippogryph] and all other Argent Tournament mounts - lots of time, lots of grinding. A total of 105 days of every day completed quests for all mounts.
    [Arcanist's Manasaber] - For completing the very long “The Fate of the Nightborne” questline in Suramar, Nightborne Exalted
    All 12 mounts for each class in the Legion Class Hall quest line
    All 6 Allied Races mounts Battle for Azeroth's Patch 8.0.1

    [Mechanical Wood Extractor] - "Let The Others Play Too" achievement for collecting 300 toys
    Unusually great effort or skill required:
    [Lucid Nightmare] - Completely underrated and extremely difficult puzzle/maze reward
    [Deep Dwellers] - World Quest Reward unlocked after completing a series of puzzles. World Quest only rotates and changes every two weeks and may not appear for the intended mount for several months at a time, as is the case here
    [Riddle Master's Mind Worm] - Series of Riddles to complete
    [Longforgotten Hippogryph] - Earned for attempting to activate 5 Volatile Crystals hidden in Azsuna in competition with all other players
    [Great Nordurhorn] - Very nerve-wracking quest for the leatherworker profession in Legion, full of game bugs. Absolutely to be regarded as complex once completed by yourself.

    World Events:
    [Headless Horseman's Steed] - 0.5% chance to drop from the Hallow's End Holiday Loot-Filled Pumpkin
    [Big Brewfest Kodo], [Fast Brewfest Ram] - 3% chance of dropping from the Brewfest Holiday Barrel-Shaped Treasure Chest

    [Giant Cold Snout], [Shadowhide Pearlfang] - 1% drop chance from Garrison Invasion Spoils Invader Abandoned Treasure

    Daily Quests and Rare Open-World Monsters:
    [Reins of the White Polar Bear] - 3% drop chance from Hyldnir Bounty daily quest reward
    [Green Proto-Dragon] - 3% chance of dropping the 3 day maturing Oracle's Broken Eggshell
    [Darkspore Mana Ray], [Vivid Mana Ray], [Iridescent Mana Ray], [Felshine Mana Ray] - 3% drop chance of the 3 day maturing Cracked Fel-Spotted Egg's rare monster from Argus
    [Bilefang Grinder], [Crimson Spore Maw], [Acid Spitter], [Foul Fiend], [Maniac Chaos Walker] - 3-4% drop chance of rare Argus monsters, daily reset
    [Golden Primordial Direhorn], [Jade Primordial Direhorn], [Slate Primordial Direhorn] - 5% drop chance from Zandalari Warbringer
    [Armored Razorback], [Warsong Direfang], [Tundrai Hoof] - 5% drop chance of Vengeance, Deathclaw, Direfist, Doomroll
    [Witherbark Direwing], [Donkey], [Tamed Highland Mustang], [Skullripper], [Swift Albino Raptor] - 6% drop chance of rare Arathi Highlands monsters, reset around every 2 weeks

    [Riftworm] - 1% drop chance Mistress Sassz'ine, Tomb of Sargeras
    [Fiery Warhorse] - 1% drop chance Attumen the Hunter, Karazhan
    [Invincible] - 1% drop chance The Lich King, Icecrown Citadel
    [Pureblood Phoenix Hawk] - 1% drop chance Ragnaros, Firelands
    [Blazing Dragon] - 1% chance to drop Elementium Fragment, Dragon Soul
    [Great Black War Mammoth] - 1% drop chance boss loot, Archavon's Vault
    [Dragon of Onyxia] - 1.6% Drop Chance Onyxia, Onyxia's Lair
    [Al'ar's Ashes] - 1.8% Drop Chance Kael'thas Sunstrider, Tempest Keep
    [Flameclaw of Alysrazor] - 2% drop chance Alysrazor, Firelands
    [Dragon of the South Wind] - 2% drop chance Al'Akir, Throne of the Four Winds
    [Azure Dragon], [Blue Dragon] - 5% drop chance Alexstrasza's Gift, Eye of Eternity

    [Dragon of the North Wind] - 0.6% Drop Chance Altairus, The Vortex Pinnacle
    [Vitriol Stone Dragon] - 0.7% Drop Chance Plate Skin, The Stone Core
    [Armored Razzashiraptor] - 0.8% Drop Chance Bloodlord Mandokir, Zul'Gurub
    [Fast Zulian Panther] - 0.9% Drop Chance High Priestess Kilnara, Zul'Gurub
    [Blue Proto-Drake] - 0.9% Drop Chance Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Tower
    [Raven Lord] - 1.6% drop chance Anzu, Sethekk Halls
    [Swift White Hawkstrider] - 4% Drop Chance Kael'thas Sunstrider, Magisters' Terrace

    [Fossil Raptor] - Rare Fossil Archeology Find
    [Nettle Jellyfish] - 0.03% drop chance from fishing in Antoran Wastes waters
    [Sky Golem] - Obtainable by building Engineer's materials over a month. Exactly these 30 are also available on this account, along with other farmed and required materials. So it can easily be built again directly and then given away or sold
    [Mecha-Mogul Mk2]* - Constructed via the very laborious gathering of rare engineering materials. Requires a recipe that has an even lower drop chance and binds on pickup. (*Note: This mount sits unused on this account ready to use for yourself or sell on the auction house to other players with a current value ranging from 800k-1.5M gold depending on the server and demand)

    [Alani] - The Sky Shards he needs are probably a bit harder to farm these days when Mists of Pandaria was still active
    [Blood Serpent of Nazjatar] - Collect and combine 20 Abyssal Fragments, summon and defeat a powerful monster for this (total up to 350k gold value all fragments together depending on the server). Currently only 0.29% of all players own this mount ()

    Legendary Items:
    [Dragon's Wrath, Tarecgosa's Rest] - Unique transformation ability of the item which transforms the player into Tarecgosa's image and allows him to fly as a dragon

    Player vs Player:
    [Vicious Warwolf], [Vicious Warhorse] - added as it was bought with now unobtainable saddle back then
    [Aschefellmushan] - 500 Bloody Coins, 500 player vs. player kills
    [Conqueror's Scything Maw] - "Conqueror of Azeroth" open-world player versus player achievement owned by only 0.23% of all players ([url]http://wowrarity.com/search?s=Conquerer%27s%20Scythemaw[ /url])

    Collector's Edition:
    [Gold Studded Ravasaur], [Seaworthy Stallion] - Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition
    [Illidari Felstalker] - Legion Collector's Edition

    Battle Pets

    464+, 314 Unique:
    [Melted Core Puppy] - WoW 10th Anniversary Unobtainable
    [Battle Machine] - Fighter's Guild Reward, obtainable in the current state of the game
    [Argentum Grunt], [Argentum Squire] - Works great as a bank, mailbox, and merchant all in one
    [Miimii] - "Free Mummies" achievement, sub-achievement of main achievement “Glory of the War-Torn Hero”
    [Lagan] - "Poor Souls in Distress"* Achievement, Partial Achievement of the main achievement “Glory of the Hero of Legion”
    [Jade Tentacles] - “Time to Open a Pet Shop” Achievement for earning 400 Achievement Points in Pet Battles
    [Moon Fluff] - 5% chance to drop Darkmoon Moonfang. And many more!
    Most of the most expensive Battle for Azeroth pets have been bought, such as the [Cursed Hexxer] and [Frenzied Cottontail] and many more
    Rare loot such as Legion's Rare drops such as Legion's [Rebellious Imp] or Warlord of Draenor's hard-to-get ", or hard-to-get Warlord of Draenor's [Eye of the Observer], [Servant of Demidos], as well as Cataclysm's [Fox Pup] and many others are also in the collection As mentioned above, the [Baa'l] pet kept secret in Batle for Azeroth and the required and fully upgraded [Una] from Legion are also included.
    All "Best Pets" (according to warcraftpets.com's user rating in terms of combat effectiveness) for winning all battles in the entire game are included on the account
    Also included are all 4 Celestials Tournament rare pets [Chi-Chi, Chick of Chi-Ji], [Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen], [Yu'la, Cub of Yu'lon] and [ Zao, Calf of Niuzao] for each of which 3 [Coins of the Exalted] are required, 1 can be earned per week and therefore a total of 12 weeks of collecting time is required to obtain all of them.
    Recently added is the very rare [Lantikor Hatchling] of the same name rare monster of the Upper Upper Blackrock Spire Instance
    The [Vengeful Chicken] has also been added, which world quest required for this cannot appear in Battle for Azeroth for months. This has a possible market value of 250-300k if it is to be sold.


    Many toys from rare monsters of Azeroth, visited from days to weeks, even months in some cases such as:
    [Horde Flag of Victory], obtained in Highmaul Warlord of Draenor's arena, can no longer be obtained due to the bones required to construct the Tier 3 building in the current game
    [Echoes of Rezan] - Rare Battle for Azeroth world quest reward, which may take months to appear again
    [Krastinov's Bag of Horrors] - Rare Loot Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Scholomance
    [Orb of Sin'dorei] - Rare world loot with a 2% drop chance
    [Flamefire Piccolo] - Rare loot Herdsinger Forresten, Stratholme
    [Safari Helm] - “Taming the World” achievement for defeating 40 master pet tamers
    [Stormforged Vrykul Horn] - Rare Stormborn Transfiguration Toy, relatively unknown in the gaming community, loot from the Warrior Class Hall's Skyhold Arena of Glory, weekly reset
    [Vizz's Smart Box] - Rare drop from the equally rare monster of The Seat of the Triumvirate instance on Mytic, weekly reset
    [Uncommon Compass] - 5% chance of dropping from Bag of Fished Treasures
    [Nat's Fishing Chair] - "Learned from the best" achievement Nat Paggle Exalted
    [Fishing Raft] - The Angkler respectful. Very useful water walking toy that can increase movement speed
    [Bone of Transformation] - Epic Find via Highborne Archaeology, Naga Transformation Toy
    [Wisp Amulet] - Epic Find via Highborne Archeology, Wisp Transfiguration Toy
    [Pendant of Scarab Storm] - Epic Find via Tol'Vir Archeology
    [Jigsaw Box of Yogg-Saron] - Epic Find via Tol'Vir Archaeology
    [Darkmoon Seesaw] - Very useful resource for exploration
    [Reversible Table] - 40 Ironclaw Tokens. Very fun toy to show your emotions
    [Tiny Mechanical Mouse] - Tiny Mouse that hunts own pet, 500 Polished Pet Charms
    [Magic Pet Mirror] - Transform into your own pet, 500 Shiny Pet Charms
    [Snowmaster 9000] - Very over-the-top toy, built via a rare engineering recipe, Bounty of the Hold of Winter Veil Gifts, which can be sold on the Auction House for 20-50k year-round
    [Staff of Fur and Claws] - What started out as an uncompleted quest and keeping this item in the player community has become a toy. The Timbermaw's Furbold Transfiguration Toy on Exalted
    [World Enlarger] - Shrinkage Toy, Engineering Recipe, 2% drop chance
    [Katy's Punching Whistle] - Unlimited mailbox, usable at any level and on any character
    [Blind Eye] - Rare loot from the rare monster Rezira the Seer, obtained after consuming 500 Intact Demon Eye from Argus Demons
    All training manikin toys
    All engineering teleportation toys
    All Argent Tournament toys which can only be obtained by completing daily tasks spanning several months


    87+ (most important fully upgraded):
    All heirlooms have been collected except for [Rethus Spear] whose required archeology quest in Legion Dalaran just won't appear for months
    This includes the [Defending Champion], which is difficult to obtain for completing the achievement “Grandmaster of Gurubashi Arena” in Stranglethorn Vale
    And similar Darkmoon Faire Arena heirloom [Returning Champion] with even more effort as it's only available a few days a month
    The collection also includes the [Dread Pirate Ring] obtained for placing 1st in the Sunday Fishing Tournament in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
    All 3 other Pirate Rings [Admiral Taylor's Loyalty Ring], [Captain Sanders Lost Band], [Third Fleet Signet] for completing Warlords of Draenor's Ghost Marine Missions are also included
    Unpurchasable heirlooms include the [Pit Fighter's Razor Claws] as a reward from the past Fighter's Guild and any heirlooms given at the opening of "Battle for Orgrimmar" in Mists of Pandaria for defeating Garrosh Hellscream.

    Legendary Items
    All currently purchasable Legendary Weapons are on the account. Including the no longer obtainable cloak from Mists of Pandaria and the ring from Warlords of Draenor. See the screenshot.
    With the achievement “I'll take care of it until you're out” and unlocking the [Arsenal: Warglaives of Azzinoth], these are finally transmogrified.

    As previously mentioned, there is a wide range of different transmogs on the account, including some rare and expensive ones
    Completing the “Challenge Warlord: Silver” Warlord of Draenor’s minimum requirement unlocked the associated weapon sets, which are unobtainable in the current game

    Other notable items
    The most useful teleportation items have been collected, all of which make traveling in the game as a non-magic class extremely easy. Such as [The Last Relic of Argus], [Jaina's Medallion], [Ring of the Kirin Tor] and many more.

    All previously known secrets in the game have been revealed and the items have been obtained, such as the Legion's puzzle series and its rewards [Deep Dwellers], [Hunging Claw], [Longforgotten Hippogryph], [Mystery Master's Mind Worm], [Lucid Nightmare] and [Uuna ]
    Battle for Azeroth is also up to date with obtaining the [Blood Serpent of Nazjatar], [Baa'l's Bane] and the [Time Gilt] cosmetic waistline transmog.
    Also, from summoning the guardian for the [Blood Serpent of Nazjatar], the leftover item [Abyss Ether] was kept, said in the player community as a needed and next clue with the [The Hivemind] mount in patch 8.1. Which has been collected.


    That is it. Of course nothing of this reflects the true joy ingame and the actual value, that can be seen as an investment and further built upon.

    Just PM with a realistic price proposal. Purchase via secure bank transfer best. After payment I will send you the necessary data to log-in, PW, email login, email PW, secret question and answer, etc.

    All the best and happy to read from you soon.
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