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    Collector Account, 443 Mounts, 27K Ach, 249ilvl, 3X60 (retail) + Server Firsts

    Hello and thanks for visiting my post, I'm selling my collector WoW account with 27.000 Achievement points, I'm the original owner of the account created back in 2007.

    I've poured my love and soul to this account and my main character which is warlock. I've decided to sell my account due to financial issues. Therefore I'll provide all needed information inc my RL id. As you see account has one main char whom i earned all these achievements since 2007 - a Warlock! - account has 443 mounts (400 unique) over 800 pets (with over than 200 level 25 pets CM Gold on Warlock,

    I've added some screenshots ive managed to put together but there are so much more to this account I couldnt attached. Including server first Naxxramas (WOTLK), Eye of Eternity (WOTLK) with titles.

    My main warlock is 249ilvl with max NF renown with 3/10 SoD Mythic. has 2055 rio in S2 currently.

    Safe Armory


    Almost all Curve achievements and various legacy achievements, Every anniversary achievements, 100+ exalted reputation title-mount. 400+ mount achievement-mount, there is so much more to this account I couldn't count! You can check safe link or ask me for detailed information about achievements.


    I have other games in account with Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. OW account has over 30K gold with 600+ level silver portrait. ranked in Platinum. Hearthstone has 268 legendary 642 epic 1742 rare cards. Heroes of the Storm has over 500 hours playtime and ranked diamond with more than 80% skins acquired.

    My Overwatch collection archive is also Vast!, A lot of skin is acquired and My collection also has over 35.000 Gold to spend on skins, emotes etc!

    You can see my profile and collection of OW here:


    I'm the original owner of the account and never switched games or characters from any other account. I made this account back in 2007 the account never got banned or suspensed.

    Upon transaction i'll give any required information regarding the account including my ID and secret Q/A.

    Payment method is bank transfer only (Wise can be accepted but havent used it before). You can use middle-man but keep in mind that fee will be on you.

    CONTACT INFO: Discord: Kaelor#2788 or site's direct message.

    Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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