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    28.190 achievement points | tier 3 sets | glad fos | or.owner | mounts

    With this thread, i'd like to advertise the account that I'm selling. Before that, I would like to clarify that the only reason that i'm willing to sale this as a whole unit and not specific toons is because i've been playing this game since 2007 and I am in need of the money in order to pursue my Master Degree.
    I will mention the most important things about it (i won't name every single transmog and/or achievements) - Might forget something.

    28.190 Achievement Points


    Undead Priest 60 Venthyr - 224 ilvl Safe Armory
    Blood Elf DK 60 Necrolord - 216 ilvl Safe Armory
    Tauren Druid 60 Necrolord (Can buy Red Enchant) Safe Armory
    Zandalari Troll Paladin 60 Safe Armory
    Human Warrior 60 Safe Armory
    Undead Mage 60 https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/account/60fc1504bebd4
    Mag Orc Shaman 50

    There are plenty more alts on the account.

    Notable Transmog:

    Demonic Gladiator's Tabard
    Prideful Gladiator's Tabard
    Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard
    Red PvP Enchant
    Purple PvP Enchant
    Every MoP Challenge Mode Set (except Hunter & DK)
    Full Mage Tier 3 Set
    Every "The Chosen" Mythic Set (Unobtainable)

    Paladin: Paladin Tier 3 Shoulder Gloves Legs and Boots | Fierce Glad Elite Set | Primal Elite Head + Shoulders | Mage Tower Unlocked
    Mage: Tier 3 Full Set
    Shaman: Tier 3 Head, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Feet


    397 Unique Mounts (439 in Total)
    Magic Rooster (TCG), Mimiron's Ashes, Gul'dan Mythic, Blackhand Mythic, Garrosh Mythic etc.

    158 FoS - 379 Legacy Achievements:

    Realm First! Level 90 Mage
    Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake
    Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake
    Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    Hero of the Horde: Malevolent
    Hero of the Horde: Cataclysmic
    Ruthless Gladiator Rank 1 Title
    Arena Master
    The Insane Title
    Hero of Shattrath
    Collector's WoD
    Collector's BFA
    Collector's Shadowlands
    Every Challenge Mode from MoP and WoD "Challenge Master" FoS

    Please note that the toons owning the following are not in the account: 2x HotA Achievements, 3 Gladiator Achievements (1 is R1 Ruthless Glad), Tier 3 Items, Magic Rooster, Realm First Mage 90, Few MoP Sets, Every single Realm Fastest FoS Challenge Mode (Both WoD and MoP) | Arena Master |

    Price is Negotiable
    Any good offer will have an instant deal. I prefer using a middleman if the buyer isn't rep'ed enough. I'm the Original Owner and I'm providing my ID too with it.

    Check the armories and if any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

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    Status: Trade
    Hey add me on discord: Tenizo#4732

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