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    Lots of Rare TCG Items!

    Hi Everyone, first timer to this forum!

    I haven't played retail properly now for about 7 years and since then I've always felt like my wow tcg items are going to waste on my account.
    I've come back and played classic wow over the last 2 years but I think If I'm able to get a reasonable price for my retails account then I'll start over in classic wow with a paid character boost.

    I'm legitamately interested to see if anyone would make me an offer for the account, if I were to sell I'd like it to be done through an intermediary to protect both parties.

    Selling Points of the Retail Account

    TCG Items:
    Reins of the Spectral Tiger (The Blue quality one)
    Magic Rooster
    Carved Ogre Idol (The Rarest item on my account)
    Dark Portal Hearthstone
    Goblin Gumbo
    Tabard of Fire
    Demon Hunter's Aspect
    War Party Hitching Post
    Tabard of Frost

    Titles of Interest:

    Champion of the Naaru, The Undying, Of The Black Harvest, Loremaster

    Mounts of Interest:
    All 4 Pandaren Challenge Mode Phoenix

    Selling Points of the Wow Classic/Classic TBC Account

    Level 70 Orc Shaman (Raid Ready)
    Level 59 Orc Hunter (TBC Classic)

    Level 60 Human Mage (TBC Classic)
    Level 60 Human Warrior (Classic)

    I've had various offers of different shapes and sizes thus far, but I think I'd be looking at starting the price off at roughly 2000 EUR.

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