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    Scarab lord warlock - 219 item level - 24,000 achievement points - 250 mounts

    Ramadan Kareem Brothers.

    I'm selling my scarab lord warlock (title and new mount only!)


    I have 6 level 60's

    Warlock - 219 IL | Safe Armory
    Priest - 211 IL | Safe Armory
    Paladin - 204 IL | Safe Armory

    Rogue, 2nd paladin and a hunter - Below 200 IL

    20-25 level 50's

    Super rare Titles:
    Scarab Lord
    The Insane
    Deaths Demise
    The Undying
    The Immortal
    Champion of Ulduar
    Conqueror of Ulduar

    24,000 achievement points

    Unobtainable Achievements

    Realm First 85 Warlock
    Realm First Lich King
    Realm First Death's Demise
    Mad World

    Rare Achievements

    Vanilla Collectors Edition
    Collectors Edition: Panda
    Collectors Edition: Diablo
    Collectors Edition: Zergling

    Pandaria Collectors Edition
    Collectors Edition: Lucky Qulien Cub
    Collectors Edition: Imperial Quilen

    Warlords of Draenor Collectors Edition
    Collectors Edition: Dread Raven
    Collectors Edition: Dread Hatchling

    Legion Collectors Edition
    Collectors Edition: Illdari FelStalker
    Collectors Edition: Nibbles

    Battle of Azeroth Collectors Edition
    Collectors Edition: Gilded Ravasaur
    Collectors Edition: Tottle

    Heroic Shadowlands:
    Heroic Edition: Ensorcelled Everwyrm

    Im missing WOTLK Collectors Edition and Burning Collectors Edition. New owner will get a Cataclysm Collectors Edition sealed physical box shipped to him for free. Aotc and CE achievements since Pandaria. Its ready for any raiding guild with that solid background.

    265 Mounts
    Black Qiraji War Tank
    Swift Zulian Tiger
    Phosphorescent Stone Drake
    Time-Lost Proto Drake
    Mail Muncher
    Ashes of Alar
    Blue Proto Drake
    Challengers War Yeti
    Explorer's Jungle Hopper
    Glacial Tidestorm
    Long Forgotten Hippgryph
    Mimiron's Head
    Onxyian Drake
    Spawn of Horridon
    Tomb Stalker
    Whooly White Rhino


    Many other raid, dungeon and shop promotion mounts!

    This is my main account and original owner. All info will be included and given to the respectful new owner. I just added the Scarab Lord and Black Qiraji War Tank to the account. 0% risk of account getting hacked, stolen or recovered. I will also give the buyer my personal number (whatsapp) to stay in touch for any question in the future. This my first time selling but scammers beware that you will just waste your time trying. Reason for selling my account is because im not playing anymore like i did before.

    I prefer a buyer from the middle east (i live there), although any other buyer is welcome too.

    For more information add me on discord. Balphagore#4689
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