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    INSANE All-round retail + Classic - Account

    Sup fellow members and users of OwnedCore.

    The time has come to let my World of Warcraft account pass over to someone more dedicated to the game.

    I am the orginal owner of the account. The account is from 2008.

    More about the account:
    23k achivmentpoints
    Shadowlands Epic preorder
    15 x 120 lvls
    All Allied race unlocked, Missing Mag'Har + Lightforged Heritage armor - I got the rest
    Rank 15 cloak
    Faceless One title
    474 itemlvl main
    All characters geared between 440-470
    Many rare titles (Arena Master + The beloved)
    Many AoTC achivments and a few Cutting Edge
    CM gold (MoP + WoD)
    Dagger/ring/staff/2h axe/thunderfury/ Hand of raggy/ ulduar mace
    360 + Mounts
    900 + uniqe Pets
    All Pathfinders, exalted with 8.3 factions
    90% of rank 3 essence and few rank 4
    Keystone Master (2100 + rio)
    Duelist S1 BFA + Duelist S4 BFA (got enchant)
    Mage set elite Legion
    Spectral Tiger + Mechagon Hardmode mount (Many more rare mounts)

    Two 60s on Classic - Druid+Hunter (MC geared)

    There is plenty more RARE achivments that I did not mention here, Feel free to ask on Discord

    Willing to sell the account to higest bidder, also intrested to trade for R1 characters

    Discord : Robban#7840

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