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    10 year old COLLECTOR account !!! im the first owner, details in thread.

    Feel free to contact and ask for anything guys

    Blizzard FULL Account !!! EU !!!
    (10 years old account)
    Started working and dont have time to play games anymore over 1.000euro spent on this account and its 10 years old.

    All SUPER EXLUSIVE UNOBTINABLE Blizzcon Ticket pets mounts cosmetics for every blizzard game include
    2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Blizzcon Goodies

    World of Warcraft: Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor Overwatch: BlizzCon 2017 Winston Skin StarCraft II: Junker SCV, Probe, and Drone Skins Heroes of the Storm: Nexus Razorback Mount…and More! Diablo III: Murkromancer Pet Hearthstone: A golden copy of Marin the Fox
    World of Warcraft – Legionnaire Murky & Knight-Captain Murky Overwatch – BlizzCon 2016 Bastion Skin Diablo III – Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet Hearthstone – Welcome Inn Card Back Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Tiger Mount StarCraft II - D.Va announcer and portrait
    World of Warcraft – Murkidan Pet Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Battle Beast Mount Hearthstone – Blizzard 2015 Card Back StarCraft II – Portraits Diablo III – BlizzCon Pennant, Pet, and Portrait
    World of Warcraft – Grommloc Pet Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Blizzard 2014 Card Back StarCraft II – Portraits & Decal Diablo III – Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Mount and Portrait
    World of Warcraft Pet: Murkalot StarCraft II Portrait & Decal: Tearin’ Stitches & Stitches’ Hook Diablo III Banner: Mark of Death Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Card: Mystery Minion

    World of Warcraft--------
    423 Mounts Collected in armory (almost all of the rare mounts prior to bfa)
    20.630k achivment points 86 feats of strenght, 290 legacy loremaster and many more good titles
    many unobtainable items and achivments, sulfuras thunderfury shadowmourne warglaive of azzinoth almost all of the plate transmogs
    many toys, over 300 pets allmost all reputations are exalted
    mop-drenor-legion-bfa all digital deluxe
    stoped playing at the end of legion but have digital deluxe bfa
    1 battle for azeroth boost remaining in profile
    5 lvl 100 characters 1 lvl 110 dk character (main) mage tower done
    dk mop challange mode mounts (phonix mounts)
    dk draenor challange mode done (cloudsong glaive etc)
    wow movie transmogs
    5 recruit a friend mounts + seasonal unobtainable mounts like curve and corehound etc + pvp mounts + mounts and pets that comes from other digital exlusive titles, trading card game mounts like wooly white rhino etc.
    allmost all of the battlenet shop pets and mounts been bought
    275 euro worth mounts (11 mounts) from battlenet shop
    120 euro worth pets (12 pets) from battlenet shop
    all digital deluxe pets and mounts

    digital deluxe and preorder(widowmaker special skin + deluxe skins)
    268 lvl 679 games won diamond rank 2
    gold weapons reinhardt doomfist and orisa
    so many skins include seasonal event skins

    Diablo 3-----
    diablo 3 digital deluxe
    reaper of souls digital deluxe
    rise of necromancer content been bought

    Finished most of the early events(blackrock - naxxramas- kabolds and catacombs- knights of the frozen throne
    many of the early legendaries and decks
    stoped playing around The Witchwood
    alternate heroes include medivh-ladyliadrin-morgl the oracle-tyrande whisperwind-maive-nemsy necrofizzle-lunara-sir annoyo
    many card back skins

    Heroes of the storm------
    stoped playing around 2018 all of the heroes released before deckard are bought many skins and mounts bought
    some unobtinable mounts
    rank was plat

    starcraft 2----
    Wings of Liberty digital deluxe
    Heart of the Swarm digital deluxe
    Legacy of the Void digital deluxe
    and Nova Covert Ops bought
    9 commander bought from battlenet shop
    war chest unit skins are unlocked

    starcraft remastered-----

    Classic games----
    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
    Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    Diablo II
    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
    all bought

    Destiny 2----- (CANCELED MOVED TO STEAM)
    digital deluxe and season pass bought

    We can use middleman


    im from Turkey and dont have paypal, i can use transferwise, paysend etc, or some other platform that you use, i dont know much about money transfers.
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