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    Rogue - 8x Gladiator - Druid T3 - MOP/WOD/Legion CMís - Amazing Vanity

    SKYPE: kyradin336
    DISCORD: BERAccounts#1111
    WHATSAPP: +905375928018
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    441 Item Level Ė 70 Level HOA
    BIS Essences Ė BIS Traits
    49 Exalted Reputations


    Fearless Gladiator
    Cruel Gladiator
    Ferocious Gladiator
    Dominant Gladiator
    Fierce Gladiator
    Demonic Gladiator
    Notorious Gladiator
    Prideful Gladiator


    Fearless Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Cruel Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Ferocious Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Dominant Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Fierce Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Demonic Gladiatorís Storm Dragon
    Notorious Gladiatorís Proto-Drake
    Prideful Gladiatorís Cloud Serpent


    Tier 3 Druid ĎDreamwalkerí Set
    Mist of Pandaria Challenge Mode: Gold ĎSilent Assassiní Set
    Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode: Gold Weapon Set
    Legion Mage Tower Appearences for Subtetly Ė Assassination Ė Outlaw
    Legion Season 1-2 Elite PvP Appearences
    Legion Season 3-4 Elite PvP Appearences
    Legion Season 5-6-7 Elite PvP Appearences
    Legion Season 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 PvP Tabards & Cloaks
    Grievous Gladiatorís Tabard & Cloak
    Prideful Gladiatorís Tabard & Cloak
    Primal Gladiatorís Tabard & Cloak
    Warmongering Gladiatorís Tabard & Cloak
    Notorious Gladiatorís Tabard & Cloak
    Glorious Tyranny (Red PvP Enchant)
    Primal Victory (Blue PvP Enchant)


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