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    Gold Making Empire what made more than 20 million gold in BFA

    I build this gold making empire beacuse i love making gold , i made almost 40 million gold with this account , in this i got around 20 million in bfa. i currently making 2 million gold monthly when i play 2-3 hours weekly.
    Achievement: 10000+
    Unique achievement: wod challenger gold achievement
    More valuable: Invincible, celestial steed, Challenger’s War Yeti (unobtainable), Crimson DeathCharger, 4 raf mount , New bfa ah mount Mighty Caravan Bruntosaur, Mighty Runesaber, Primal Flamesaber(unobtainable), Vulpine Familiar, Warlord’s deathwheel (unobtainable), winged guardian,
    I have every allied races on horda side and void elf on ally side.
    Liquid gold: around 700k gold (around because i got weekly 300-500k gold and spend around 200-300k for invest)
    I have my own guild for guildbank what filled with materials and crafts.
    I have around 55 million gold in items what means craft items materials mounts etc.
    I have every profession with a lot of unqiue recipe it means i have 70-90% recipes of professions include bfa.
    120 lvl | 394 ilvl Blood Elf Paladin - Safe Armory
    This is my first paladin avg ilvl 394 retribution and have 350 holy have inscription enchanting ofc with reputations in bfa. Full garrison prepared for gold making except followers need to get epic lvl but they are all lvl 100 around 10 transmog set and a lot of good transmog.
    120 lvl | 391 ilvl Troll Druid - Safe Armory
    Druid with 391 ilvl balance gear got tailoring and alchemy with transmute mastery, full prepared garrison
    120 lvl | 334 ilvl Mag'har Orc Monk - Safe Armory
    This is my first maghar monk what have fully prepared garrison and alchemy with transmute mastery and tailoring.
    120 lvl | 322 ilvl Blood Elf Demon Hunter - Safe Armory
    Dh have a full enchanter except bfa enchantment , but almost every recipe have on it with inscription which same , almost everything have on it except bfa. Fuly prepared garrison, and have one of warglaives of azzinoth(illidan blade).

    120 lvl | 373 ilvl Nightborne Mage - Safe Armory
    Nightborne Mage with a lot of engineering recipe and alchemy with transmute mastery what have vial of the sands recipe. I made a lot of gold with this char. Have full prepared garrison
    My first maghar orc warrior what have tailoring and alchemy with transmute mastery and fully prepared garrison
    undead warlock what have the greenfire quest finished and got engineering with alchemy , this is my char what have the biggest alchemy , with a lot of recipe.
    zandalari troll shaman what have tailor alchemy with transmute master and fully prepared garrison
    tauren paladin this is my biggest char in profession , it have blacksmith leatherworking with so much high valuable recipe and ofc fully prepared garrison , it have almost full t3 paladin sets except shoulder hand and foots. and it have the legion hidden artifacts and mage tower artifact skin
    This is my second warrior what is highmountain , it have jc and can craft the mop mounts what need reputation.
    It doesnt have fully prepared garrison beacuse need to finish the followers lvl up
    second monk with lw engi i used this lw to disenchanting and it doesnt have fully prepared garrison beacuse it need lvl up the followers.
    this is my orc dk what have tailor alchemy with transmute mastery and full prepared garrison
    undead rogue with mining i used this to craft bars and sell them it doesnt have fully prepared garrison
    i used this dh to farm on argent dawn like sudden albatroz
    lvl 90 druid on outland
    lvl 90 paladin on outland
    lvl 100 dh on outland

    I am the original owner so i can give everything what you need like secret question and answer.
    Price: 700 euro
    As You see its more than a simple account it contains a lot of thing what is doesnt fit into a simple form. If You would like to check everything i can make a lot of screenshot and screenshare. If you interested in my account feel free to write to me in Skype.

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