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    Selling Battlenet account - WOW EU - Gametime - Other games Included.

    Dear all,

    After spending many years in WOW,SC starter edition, Hearstone, Heroes o/t Storm accounts its time to say goodbye. Got a wife and starting a family now so don't have much time to play all of these wonderful games.
    The most painfull aspect of this WTS post is that my WOW account that I have spend around 560 days play time is going to be sold soon.
    For youre information this account has been used only by myself since the beginning of World of Warcraft ]untill now(i can link my bills) . I hope I can make some one happy with this wonderful account.

    The following:

    I have a lot of characters in World of Warcraft please check below (cant link to many URLS):

    - øptimus PRIEST - Goblin with Enchanting and Skinning - Server: Kazzak - Level 100

    - Shøckwave WARRIOR - Tauren with no proffesions - Server: Kazzak - Level 100

    - Pollastron DRUID - Tauren with Alchemy and Jewelcrafting - Server: Kazzak - Level 100

    - øbiwan PALADIN - Blood Elf with Jewelcrafting and Mining - Server: Kazzak - Level 100

    - Djmontana SHAMAN - Tauren with Alchemy and Herbalist - Server: Kazzak - Level 90

    - thedjmontane MAGE - Goblin with Tailoring - Server: Bloodscalp - Level 85

    - Luckystriker ROGUE - Blood Elf with Leatherworking and Skinning - Server: Bloodscalp - Level 85

    - Djmontana WARRIOR Night elf with Engineering and mining - Server: Twilight Hammer - Level 80

    - thedjmontana DEATHKNIGHT with Enchanting and Mining - Server: Bloodscalp - Level 80

    - Commando ROGUE - Server: Twilight Hammer - Level 63

    Rare Mounts:

    Here is a link to see all my rare mounts : Mounts - Community - World of Warcraft

    Check a few below:

    - Amani War Bear -
    - Bloodbathed frostbrood Vanquisher -
    - Mechano-Hog -
    - Currupted fire Hawk -
    - Slate primordial Direhron -
    - Thundering Ruby Cloud serpent -

    and MANY MORE.......
    Gold total on all chars is more then 100.000 Gold

    Please email me for any questions

    Diederik Verheul
    Tappersweg 89
    2031 ET Haarlem
    the Netherlands

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: diederik.v.

    Who is the lucky one that likes to buy my account..?

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