8 years Battle.net account: Diablo III RoS, World of Warcraft MoP, Hearthstone GvG menu

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    8 years Battle.net account: Diablo III RoS, World of Warcraft MoP, Hearthstone GvG

    Due to having moved to Australia Iím selling my european Battle.net account, which includes:

    Diablo III with Reaper of Souls expansion:
    304 Paragon Points
    Level 70 softcore Monk and Demon Hunter, both good geared (GRIFT 28+); can play pretty much any competitive build.

    World of Warcraft with Mists of Pandaria (and previous) expansion:
    12510 Achievement points, 128 Pets, 152 Mounts, 90K gold
    Level 90 Human Hunter (2 unique pet skins) with legendary cloak and tons of transmog gear
    Level 90 Gnome Priest
    Level 85 Draenei Death Knight
    Level 85 Human Paladin
    Level 80 Human Warrior fully heirloomíd (have heirloom for any class/spec other than shaman and boomkin).
    Titles - Professor, The Immortal, Bane of the Fallen King, Kingslayer, Farmer, The Undying, Brawler, Crusader, The Diplomat, The Exalted, Light of Dawn, of the Shattered Sun, The Flamebreaker.
    Mounts - Time-Lost Proto Drake, Headless Horseman Mount, Blake Drake, Raven Lord, Argent Warhorse, Ironbound Proto Drake, Rusted Proto Drake, Blue Proto Drake, Sea Turtle, Amber Scorpion, Black War Bear, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Darnassian Nightsaber, Flameward Hyppograph, Mekgineer's Chopper, Onyx Cloud Serpent, Sandstone Drake, Sky Golem, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, Volcanic Stone Drake, Winterspring Stormsaber.

    Hearthstone account with Goblin vs Gnomes expansion:
    200+Ä spent on card packs
    Naxxramas completed
    8 Card backs
    All basic and most expert cards (missing 2 class Legendaries and around 10 neutrals)
    1000+ dust to spend

    Iím happy to provide any additional info/screenshot.
    Original Owner

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