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    85 SCARAB LORD WARRIOR | T3 | Nax 40 Gear | ASHES OF AL'AR | 400 ilvl | 12K Achvs

    To buy or view armory with a complete list of achievements, click the character's picture above, or head to Index | MMO-Armory.com

    Contact me via AIM/MSN/E-Mail ([email protected]), or via Skype (MMO-Armory) if you have any questions.

    85 SCARAB LORD WARRIOR | Tier 3 | Nax 40 Gear | ASHES OF AL'AR | 126 Mounts | 135 Pets | 12K Achvs | 55 FoS | 400 ilvl PvE PvP | Blizzcon 09/10/11

    - Sick Mounts: Scarab Lord + Ashes of A'lar + many more
    - Rare gear: T3 + Nax Gear + Nax Frost Resist Gear + Quel'serrar
    - Sick titles
    - Great gear
    - 3 Blizzcon Pets + SC2 Collector's Edition
    - Diablo 3 Included

    - The most sought after achievement in game
    - The Scarab Lord achievement is attained by completing a series of legendary quests that leads to your character ringing the gong to open the gates of Ahn'qiraj
    - These quests are a combined server wide and guild effort. ONLY ONE character in each realm gets to ring a gong. THAT is how rare and sought after this achievement is.
    - The achievement is no longer obtainable, even on new servers.
    - Those who achieve this feat is awarded with the Scarab Lord title, and gets to ride the legendary Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount.
    - Update: In the upcoming expansion, achievements and mounts may become account wide! Meaning you may have SCARAB LORD mounts and titles on other characters in the same account! Better grab the Scarab Lords before their prices soar.

    Original NON-BUGGED Scarab Lord:
    - VERY Rare in EU Serversba
    - Opened in: ******* (Server no longer exists) (Feel free to ask me the server after you purchase)

    Alts that will have the Scarab Lord Mount/Title and other account wide achievements/pets/mounts: 83 Rogue + 80 Warlock

    INCREDIBLE Mounts:
    - SCARAB LORD MOUNT (Legendary, literally)
    - ASHES OF AL'AR (Rare drop) (Coolest flying mount in game)
    - SWIFT ZHEVRA (No longer obtainable)
    - RAVEN LORD (Rare drop)
    - TIME-LOST PROTO-DRAKE (Rare Spawn)
    - GREEN PROTO-DRAKE (Rare Loot)
    - DARK WAR TALBUK (Extremely hard to get as it requires old zone PvP)
    - SWIFT ZULIAN PANTHER (Rare drop)
    - Swift White Hawkstrider (Rare drop)
    - Tyrael's Charger (No longer obtainable)
    - Violet Proto Drake (All holiday achievements)
    - White Polar Bear (Rare Drop)
    - Winged Guardian (Pet Store)
    - Winterspring Frostsaber (Reputation mounts)
    - X-53 Touring Rocket (Recruit a friend)
    - Grand Black War Mammoth (Rare drop)
    - Black Drake Mount (Rare drop)
    - Golden King (Rare Guild Raid Achievement + Exalted)
    - Dark Phoenix (Level 25 Guild + Exalted)
    - Nether Rays (Reputation mounts)
    - Nether Drakes (Reputation mounts)
    - Talbuks (Reputation mounts)
    - Sandstone Drake (40000 Gold cost in the Auction House)
    - Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) (Ironbound Proto-Drake)
    - Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player) (Rusted Proto-Drake)
    - Glory of the Hero (Red Proto-Drake)
    - Mekgineer's Chopper
    - Queldorei Steed
    - Brewfest Mount
    - 126 Mounts
    TIER 3 items for mogging:
    - The rarest tier set in game
    - Dropped from what many label as the hardest raid to date. 40 Man Naxxramas
    - No longer obtainable ever since the level 60 Naxxramas has been removed from the game
    - Easily the most expensive Tier-gear in game. The best set to show off on your mogged gear!
    - TIER 3 SHOULDERS: Dreadnaught Pauldrons (No longer obtainable) <-- most important visual piece
    - TIER 3 BRACERS: Dreadnaught Bracers (No longer obtainable)
    - TIER 3 BOOTS: Dreadnaught Sabatons (No longer obtainable)

    - Ramaladani's Icy Grasp (Ring)
    - Cryptfiend Silk Cloak (Cloak)
    - Band of Icy Depths (Ring)
    - Touch of Frost (Neck)

    - Great for mogging
    - No longer obtainable
    - Icy Scale Breastplate (Chest)
    - Unmelting Girdle (Belt)
    - Icy Scale Gauntlets (Hands)

    QUEL'SERRAR Sword:
    - No longer obtainable
    - From the original Onyxia quest line
    - Looks SICK for mogging
    - Highly sought after

    Blizzcon Pets + Collector's Edition Pets:
    - SC2 Collector's Edition: Mini Thor
    - Blizzcon 2011 Pet: Murkablo
    - Blizzcon 2010 Pet: Deathy
    - Blizzcon 2009 Pet: Grunty's Heavy Murloc Egg
    - 135 Pets in Total

    Legendary Weapons:
    - THUNDERFURY, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (Legendary Sword)
    - SULFURAS, Hand of Ragnaros (Legendary Mace, the first ever legendary in game)
    Legendary Achievements:
    - 12665 Achievement Points
    - 56 Feats of Strength
    - "Knight Captain" oldschool PvP Feat of Strength
    - Various mount related Feats of Strength
    - Various Legendary weapon Feats of Strength
    - Hand of A'dal Feat of Strength (Title Reward)
    - The Undying Feat of Strength (Title Reward)
    - Boodsail Admiral Feat of Strength (Title Reward)
    - Tabard of the Argent Dawn Feat of Strength (No longer obtainable)
    - Champion of the Naaru Feat of Strength (Title Reward)
    - Spirit of Competition
    - Competitor's Tabard (No longer obtainable)
    - Loads more rare achievements

    Strong PvE Gear:
    - Arms and Protection Geared
    - Around 397 Equipped Item Level either set

    Strong PvP Gear:
    - 401 Equipped Item Level
    - Ruthless Gladiator's + Cataclysmic Gladiator's

    Gold: 18500

    - The Warrior currently uses the transmog BUG which lets him use Corrupted Ashbringer and several extra Tier 3 pieces. Blizzard will probably patch this sooner or later. But for now, enjoy All items listed on the description is definitely in the bag though.

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