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    ❌ WoW Retail Gold ❌ | Cheap | Safe | Instant Delivery

    IMPORTANT(PLEASE READ!): I don't accept fiat payments from Paypal and Cashapp, I can only accept crypto payments (eg. Bitcoin) from them. I will show you how to complete these payments if you don't know how. I also accept payments with all Cryptos, Coinbase, Binance Pay, Wise, Revolut, n26, Monese, Bunq, Paysend, Skrill, and Bank Transfer(instant for EU buyers in SEPA zone).

    Contact Info:

    Skype: Mpouri80 (nick: Kugogizo) / Discord: Kugogizo#2810 (Discord Unique ID: 149090192710434816) / Telegram: kugoaccounts (name: Themis)

    Price: As for now, contact me privately for this info, it's on my plans to include it in the future

    Warning: Don't pay anyone before you PM me here, it could be an imposter scam!

    Why you should buy from me

    I'm an old and experienced vendor & farmer who has 100% positive feedback on several marketplace platforms
    I always strive to offer you a good price and deliver as fast as possible
    My delivery methods are extremely safe, I take a lot of precautions in order to protect your account
    I can speak English and I will answer any questions you have
    I offer after-sale support and advice

    Security, Warnings, Refund & Delivery Policy (Read Carefully!)

    Buying gaming currency or items is against the ToS of a company, therefore these trades sometimes involve risk, the risk chance depends on several factors such as delivery method, farm method, ordered amount, and buying frequency. The security of your account is my top priority, so I take extreme safety measures in order to reduce the risk as much as possible, these measures include choosing experienced & tested suppliers for delivery, advanced delivery methods, and so on. Despite my safety measures, the risk can't always be reduced to zero so I can't guarantee that you will never get penalized by the company. In the rare event that you get penalized for buying currency or items from me, I don't take responsibility for it therefore I don't issue a refund. My job is to deliver you the goods, the rest is up to you, in the end, it's impossible for me to know what you are doing and if my actions were the ones that led to your punishment, it could be your buying frequency or something else. My no refund policy in these scenarios also exists as a measure against those who fake their bans to get a refund and this is a common scam among some buyers.

    As a default, I issue a refund if it's impossible to deliver the order which is usually decided within 2-3 days from the order start but sometimes may take more. If we agreed on a specific ETA then I will issue a refund if the order is not completed around that timeframe, however, you will have to specify to me that you will only agree to buy if I can deliver by your preferred time frame, simply asking how fast I can deliver is not enough to reach an agreement because accidents happen and my estimation could be wrong. If I delivered the order but you didn't receive it, I won't issue a refund until the dispute is resolved, this will require solid proof from my suppliers such as screenshots or videos that confirm delivery, this proof will be available for you to see. Refunds when issued may not always be instant, sometimes they will take a few days to be granted. I don't issue refunds if you want the order canceled even if a few minutes passed since we started. Due to the way I work with my suppliers, it's hard or impossible for me to issue a refund unless there is a serious reason to do so, so think carefully before you buy. In all refund cases, a partial refund will be given if I have delivered a part of the order, the refundable amount will be equivalent to the value of the undelivered goods.

    Price & Payment Method & Process (Read Carefully!)

    Price: Contact me privately for this info

    I accept payments with all Cryptos, Coinbase, Binance Pay, Wise, Revolut, n26, Monese, Bunq, Paysend, Skrill, Instant SEPA bank transfer, Paypal(crypto only) and Cashapp(crypto only).

    The process works as follows: You give me all the necessary info and details such as game/region/server/faction/platform/required amount & deadline/account details (if needed) -> I offer you a price and answer all of your questions -> we agree on the amount -> you send me the money to my payment processor -> I deliver you the goods in-game -> I will wait until you receive them and confirm that everything is fine -> you leave me feedback (optional), I will offer further support if it's needed.

    I will make sure to ask for all the details from you, however, if you fail to provide me with all of them and the order begins and you want something to change in the order because you forgot to inform me about it then I may continue the order without making the change you wanted and you will be responsible for it. Eg. if you wanted an order completed within a specific time frame but you failed to provide this info then the order will not be canceled, nor a refund will be granted but it will keep continuing until it is completed even if it's not on the time frame you wanted. I'm not responsible if you fail to provide me with adequate info.

    Contact Info

    Skype: Mpouri80 (nick: Kugogizo)

    Discord: Kugogizo#2810 (Discord Unique ID: 149090192710434816)

    Telegram: kugoaccounts (name: Themis)

    Security Tip: Contact me on this site first in order to avoid potential imposters.

    Send me a message and I will answer as fast as I can. If you are not getting an answer it means that I sleep or I'm not at home
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    Status: Trade
    Bought 500k, had delivered relatively quickly. Will buy again.

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