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    5x Glad, HotA, 33k+ ACM, Elite Mogs +++

    I'm selling my Account - I'm the first owner, no bans and Account is in good standing (did get acces to tournament realm which you dont get if the acc is not flagged in good standing)

    33.600 ACM
    400+ unique Mounts
    1128 unique Pets
    Keystone Master BfA S2/3/4 and SL S1
    Honourlevel 800+
    Legion S6 Gladiator
    BfA S1 Gladiator
    BfA S2 Gladiator
    BfA S4 Gladiator
    SL S1 Gladiator
    2.4 RBG + Hero of the Alliance

    Legendary Weapons:
    Warglaive of Azzinoth + ACM for Deamon Hunter Mog
    Fangs of the Father

    Tabard of the Defender from TCG
    Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard Arena S8
    Legion Arena Tabards Season 3-7
    BFA Arena Tabards S1-2+4

    WoD CM Weapons
    Priest Mage Tower Weapons
    Priest Classic R14 Set
    Priest Legion S3+4+5+6+7 Elite Set
    Cloth BfA S1+2+3+4 Elite Set
    Cloth Sl S1+2 Elite Set
    Rogue Full T3
    Rogue Classic R14 Set
    Leather BfA S2+3+4 Elite Set
    Leather SL S1+2 Elite Set
    Ele Shaman Mage Tower Weapons
    Windwalker Mage Tower Weapons
    Shaman Legion S5+6+7 Elite
    Monk Legion S5+6+7 Elite
    Deamon Hunter Legion S5+6+7 Elite
    Deathknight Legion S5+6+7 Elite
    Warrior Classic R14 Set
    Warrior S16 Head + Shoulder + Hands + Boots Elite (Primal Gladiator’s Battlegear (Elite Recolor)

    Pretty sure I forgot something but well, should be the important stuff.
    If you wanna know anything, just write me a PM - no, I dont give you my discord for just questions but if you are interested and make me an offer per PM we can continue talking on Discord.

    Payment is accepted per Paypal or Bank Transfer from german bank.


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