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    RAVBOOST - Special Offers / Last Minute Slots - UP TO 50% OFF

    Welcome and thank you for visiting and taking an interest in Ravboost store. We are the long-year experienced players in any kind of content, working on the market more then 7 years and getting only 100% customers satisfaction for our work. We aim to provide a high standard of service and know that our customers interests are always come first. By choosing our services you can be sure that you'll get the high quality gaming experience at the reasonable prices (without a middleman). The security part is one of our first priorities, all services we sell are done by hands without any third-party programs that automate gameplay. You can be fully confident that all your personal information, your account and ingame items will be in complete safety. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to be running with you soon.

    • All services that listed here are special offers with limited time period.

    • Regular prices and services with daily schedule can be found in our main thread HERE

    Limited time offer
    [EU] The Eternal Palace HC PL - Alliance / Horde side (Selfplay) 21.00 EUR

    Limited time offer
    [EU] Every day - Alliance / Horde side (Selfplay/Piloted) 49.90 EUR

    Mythic 10 run Bundle
    [EU] Every day - Horde & Alliance side (Selfplay/Piloted) from 15 EUR +2 additional players with the same armor type

    Key facts:
    - Full transparency in order fulfillment, by customers request we provide detailed progress report.
    - Any service can be performed as Piloted or Selfplay mode. We are using your country VPN connection and MAC changer while login on your account.
    - For each service you are able to make your price offer or request us for some different service which is not on the sales list
    - Orders available on all EU and US official Blizzard servers Horde and Alliance side. No needs to character transfer, no needs any gear.
    - You are eligible for a refund in case if your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it.
    - Payment method: PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard

    - Skype: Join conversation
    - Discord: Ravboost#7967

    Feedbacks from our customers on Ownedcore and epvp.
    Originally Posted by morenagirl View Post
    Heroic Hellfire Citadel 13/13 LOOT RUN - 69€
    25+men format, master loot, all loot for main spec

    Best Service!!!! Really Good Job from this Guild. Very fast very smooth und very trustfull.
    Originally Posted by Ginmarr View Post
    I buy Mytihc HFC here good and profesion Service!

    Thank you for that!
    Originally Posted by Skarn1234 View Post
    Excellent boosting service! These guys are very professional team.
    I bought Heroic Hellfire Citadel 13/13 LOOT RUN - Selfplay only for 59 eur.
    Best price and very high quality of services. I got 20 items for one run!
    Raid was scheduled at a convenient time for me and takes about 2 hours.
    Very helpfull and friendly people.
    I can really recommend them, 100% legit service. These guys are not a scam
    and i will definetly pay for more boosts in the future.
    Thanks so much you guys are awesome!
    Originally Posted by Vcertno View Post
    100% legit, purchased heroic loot run for my alt character and got 17 items.
    Amazing service! 10/10
    Originally Posted by pitagora View Post
    excellent service. I bought 2 individual boss kills (same boss, two runs) and everything went smooth, as scheduled. I liked that you could get only the bosses you need and they don't force a full run on you (most other providers offer individual kills at very high prices that are not worth it compared to the full run)
    Originally Posted by Skarn1234 View Post
    My 2nd boost from him. Very quick and smooth run. 100% Legit will buy again
    Originally Posted by Awyeahgirl View Post
    I've used these guys now for numerous boosts. The service provided is excellent, Vadim is helpful and friendly on Skype and will cater to your requests as best as possible.

    I've purchased multiple HFC Mythic boosts which have been prompt and efficient at a price which is cheaper than most others I've found. I've bought the Blackhand mount from the team as well, which was delivered the same day as ordered.

    To add to this, the specific bosses/items service is fantastic - As a Warrior, I was after the Mythic sword that drops from Blackhand; those familiar with it will know it's actually an Agility weapon. I was able to buy this item through the team at a very reasonable price and they ran me Blackhand every reset until the sword dropped. Nothing but praise for Vadim and the team.
    Originally Posted by oupaspas View Post
    Excellent service. I bought:

    Blackhand Mythic mount (Ironhoof Destroyer)
    Archimonde Heroic mount (Reins of the Grove Warden)

    all done quiclky 100% legit
    Originally Posted by losthope123 View Post
    I bought Archimonde Heroic mount (Reins of the Grove Warden)
    100% Legit very fast and friendly best service eu!!
    Originally Posted by Dokteur View Post
    I bought 8/8 CM and archimonde hc for grove warden and i must say that they deliverd, were very patient and guided me all the way through. I was sceptical at first thinking they could ripp me off in a way but they didnt. They offered me a stream to watch so i was sure they were doing the service i asked and were very friendly.

    I am a happy costumer and will surely return in the future. Thank you very much guys !!
    Originally Posted by Viruh View Post
    Bought 8/8 Mythic duns, was done while I was gone. Perfect Service, would buy again.

    Thanks for your service!
    Originally Posted by Novad View Post
    Excellent service. I bought:
    HFC Mythic boost + mount.
    The run was so smooth and nicely executed, so legit and fast.
    Originally Posted by typsi (epvp) View Post
    Excellent service.
    Bought HFC HC boost.
    The run was very smooth and awesomely executed.
    Very legit, safe and fast service.
    Will buy again in the future.
    Originally Posted by typsi (epvp) View Post
    Bought 13/13 HFC HC ML run on another character.
    Like last time an excellent service.
    The run was very smooth, of course very legit, safe and fast too.

    Bonus: Got 4/4 Herioc Warforged Minimum set items .

    Definitely not the last run i bought.
    Originally Posted by mphz View Post
    Bought Felsteel Annihilator from HFC Mythic.
    Very smooth run! No issues, nice communication on skype thanks to Vadim

    Not the last mount run i buy from them!
    Originally Posted by Navis88 (epvp) View Post
    its a really good service, good support, cheap and very fast.

    I think i will buy again ;-)
    Originally Posted by tm Link (epvp) View Post
    Bought a boost emerald nightmare hc everything went fine im sure i was with there alt run they werent that god geared but we 1 shotted everything still proofs they are really good thanks
    Originally Posted by Trade feedback from pexl (epvp)
    +++ All Good *** Do it again (order: NIGHTBANE MOUNT (100% guaranteed mount)
    Originally Posted by Twangis (epvp) View Post
    Nighbane run works perfectly thx !
    Originally Posted by Richie009 (epvp) View Post
    Good ppl. Quickly, good quality and cheap. will oder again
    Originally Posted by Hyuks (epvp) View Post
    Just ordered a MM+15 in time, been done in CoS with 2 chests !
    Really fast, really cheap (i only asked for the price first, expected a high price but when they told me i couldn't pass on this) !
    Originally Posted by Hyuks (epvp)
    Nighthold only Gul'Dan HC went smooth. Nothing else to say. Will come again for sure.
    Originally Posted by Runkepapir View Post
    Great boosters, bought several services from them and they are always top notch.

    10/10, recommended.
    Originally Posted by Mugiiwara (epvp)
    Nice Service, Support and very fast.

    have done
    GUL'DAN - HEROIC (PERSONAL LOOT) - 19€ (Piloted/Selfplay)
    Originally Posted by klaminza View Post
    highly recommended,very professional and competitive price. thanks!
    Originally Posted by wees View Post
    Fast and legit NH HC run, thanks alot! +rep
    Originally Posted by iSkeen (epvp)
    Bought artifact Challenge for my Demon Hunter. He did it fast and easy
    Originally Posted by GroundZero2k2 (epvp)
    THE NIGHTHOLD HEROIC 10/10 PERSONAL LOOT - 27€ (Piloted/Selfplay)
    Super fast and smooth run. Nice Service and Support!
    Originally Posted by renown (epvp)
    I have Buy me a Nighthold HC Masterloot Run, All perfect, Nice Support, Nice peoples , Nice Booster ! Nice Customerservice ! i think i come Back, for this Service 5 STars !
    Originally Posted by Zolt View Post
    Bought mage tower boost, was done in literally 20 minutes. Very fast service!
    Originally Posted by mistoptical View Post
    The service was very fast and the cheapest ive seen! He was very helpful, helped me through every step. Sent me a picture of skin right as he got it! If you are going to buy a challenge skin i would 1000000% recommend him!
    Originally Posted by caption84;(epvp)
    I went 2 times tos hc........ all fine ! Vertrauenswürdiger Händler !
    Originally Posted by Twangis;(epvp)
    top guys very professionel and fast ! thx
    Originally Posted by Glamour View Post
    Full Nighthold mythic done smoothly thanks
    Originally Posted by mymy View Post
    Contacting for kj hc kill
    Great service, thank you!
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