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    [EU] LoL account on EUW for wow token

    As the title says I want to trade a LOL Account on EUW for a wow token on the EU Servers. Contact me on skype if you want to trade- Sergioalarcon23

    Info about LOL Account:
    I have almost all champions except theese ones Camille, Ivern, Kled, Illaoi and Tahm Kench because I have not played in like 5 months.
    I have 13 Rune pages with a lot of runes. Almost all good runes for Ap, AD, Tanks or support so you can play anything you want.

    Here is a list of skins:
    Headhunter Caitlyn
    Nottingham Ezreal
    Sorceress Lux
    Spelltheif Lux
    Challenger Nidalee
    Cutthroat Graves
    Nosferatu Vladimir
    Blood Lord Vladimir
    Bandit Sivir
    Victorious Sivir
    Bloodstone Lissandra
    Blackfrost Anivia
    Heartseaker Ashe
    Nightblade Irelia
    Order of the Lotus Irelia
    Yellow Jacket Shen
    Monarch Kogmaw
    Reindeer Kogmaw
    Waterloo Miss Fortune
    Ufo Corki
    Obsidian Malphite
    Heartseaker Vayne
    Nightmare Chogath
    Koi Nami
    Glacial Olaf
    Pharaoh Amumu
    Traditional Karma
    Boom Boom Blitzcrank
    Traditional Trundle
    Forecast Janna
    Sailor Gangplank
    Sultan Gangplank
    Gangster Twitch
    Panda Annie
    Vandal Jax
    SKT T1 Jax
    Bandito Fiddlesticks
    Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
    Commando Garen
    Darkforge Jarvan
    Judgement Kayle
    Riot Kayle
    Victorious Morgnana
    Muse Sona
    Pentakill Sona
    Armor of the fifth age Taric
    Astronaut Teemo
    Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
    Tundra Hunter Warwick

    [EU] LoL account on EUW for wow token

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