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    == Nostalrius PowerLevelers == Need Workers

    Hey all. If you have not already seen my thread, I have a Nostalrius PowerLeveling Service going on. There is a TON of demand. I can run several accounts at once, but to ensure the quality of service I can only run a few at a time. So I am looking for some workers who can handle leveling a few accounts at once.

    == What is Nostalrius? ==

    Nostalrius is a brand new Vanilla World of Warcraft server that came out earlier this month. It is a progressive server and currently one of the most popular ones. The GM's on the server are strict on cheating in there servers, this is why you need to constantly watch the account.

    == What I need ==

    A repped and trustworthy user who can handle running a few accounts. You MUST always be at your computer when botting toons. No exceptions. If a clients account gets banned it is your responsiblity to reimburse the account.

    You may hand level or bot the account. Your choice. Like I said though, you must always be at your computer keeping an eye on the toon when botting.

    == Pay ==

    You will receive MOST of the payment for the leveling process depending on how much you do in terms of leveling. You will need to provide the toon gear/gold/food throughout the process. For the first job I will pay AFTER you complete the task. After that you will be paid before the job. Depending on how well you do, there is a ton of money to be made.

    == Requirements ==

    1. Must have a good amount of rep.
    2. Must have been a user here for no less than a year.
    3. A bot if you plan to use it through the process.
    4. Communication.
    5. Know what you're doing.
    6. Time and patience.

    If you are interested in working with me please fill out the form below and either post or PM me the completed form. If it all checks out I will contact you on Skype.

    == FORM ==

    1. Contact Information (Skype and email)
    2. Experience (PowerLeveling):
    3. Why I should hire you:
    4. How you intend to level:
    5. Why I should trust you:
    6. Timezone:
    7. Hours you can play/bot:
    8. Hours you are available to talk:

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    Apordon my bad grammar ^^

    Hello there Triffle.

    Im refering to our small conversation on skype 20-03.15, where you made me make a post here, so here goes.

    I can see you are in need of some help here, and I can help you out if you are serious about going a little bigger on this.
    I want a long term partner in this line of work. Unfortunately I dont have any reputation around here, but I will certainly prove that I am as serious as one cn be, about this type of work. I have taken on a few powerlevling missions back and forth when mmoglider was the big thing, back in the days - som im very experienced with vanilla botting.

    But I got to admit that powerlevling never was my biggest line of service, I was more into the gold seller line of work - I made more money that way. ( the demand is usually much bigger)

    I live in the same servertime as nost GMT+1 - and can easly start working almost 24/7 if I get paid for my time and effort.
    Why you should trust me? Well.. you got to take a chance and invest in me, give me just a chance and I will show you.

    I have followed your post for awhile now, and I have honestly considered to just compete with you on this market, im already 10+ bots in on nost, aiming to farm gold.
    But I think that the outcome of a teamwork here would be more beneficial for both of us.

    Ill be avaible from 06:00 - 24:00 GMT+1
    I live in Norway, europe.

    Hope to hear from you asap.

    ~ th0w

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