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    EU Horde - challenge mode boost!

    Hi all!
    As the title says, my group is selling full 9/9 Challenge Mode boosts. We're fast and inexpensive, we do not account share, and the full run takes 1hr45 to 2hr30 to complete.

    Add my Skype details below:

    So why should you avail of this boost?
    - The Undaunted title
    - Ancestral Phoenix Egg(mount)
    - Class Specific Transmogrification Gear
    - 430 Achievement Points
    - Valor cap for that week
    - Teleport to any MoP instance

    What you must have:
    - All 9/9 MoP instances completed on Heroic difficulty. This is VERY important. You cannot enter challenge mode dungeons unless you have the heroics completed on that character. Account wide achievements do not give attunement. Find out if your character has completed the heroic by mousing over the "10" achievement point reward for each of the 9 dungeons in your "Pandaria Raids and Dungeons" achievement page.
    - 5 Invisibility potions, 5 lesser invisibility potions. None needed if you're a mage.

    Optional, but makes the run go faster
    - DPS potions (we will say when it's safe to use them)
    - DPS Flasks
    - We will supply feasts

    We charge 100euros for a full 9/9 clear were you play your own char.
    We use paypal as payment method.

    About us:
    We have been selling challenge mode boost for gold for a year and are now offering our very competent and experinced boost for real life money.
    We are a team of three friends who have 3manned every challenge mode dungeon. We use Skype during the boost. We try to maintain a fun and
    relaxed atmosphere a boost usually take 2hrs in total. You will be informed about tactics during the run.

    Some Feedback:

    Really good group. They just boosted me 3 CMs and it worked out perfectly. I didnt even hit anything.
    I did learn that I shouldnt follow "Star" since he was suicidal, but overall it was a sick boost.

    If you need a CM boost contact this group, if nothing else you could get a good laugh at their chitchatter about forgeting to swap trinkets

    Thanks alot guys, you made my life a hell lot of easier.
    Very competent boosters, we were done in 2 hours.
    Their team can basicly 3 man the challenge modes, while you can enjoy the skype call, made me feel welcome.

    Contact them asap if you need a boost, before the sets get removed.
    Thanks again!
    Nice clean and fast, recommend this guys, relaxing atmosfer.
    Only needed "Siege of Niuzao Temple" and "Shado-Pan Monastery" on gold, so i recruited these guys because frankly i was tired of trying it with pugs.

    They were immediately ready (i was probably lucky) and did 2 almost flawless runs.

    Thanks guys!
    Awesome guys! Fast boost
    fast & smooth, highly recommended.
    thx guys
    I'd just like to bump (bomb) this.
    Very nice smooth run. Nothing to complain about, really worth the gold.! (:
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