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    Sra'Vess Pickpocket Profile [Best GPH / Custom Plugin]

    With the recent increase in blizzards attention to pickpocket botting I've decided to move away from it. That being said I'm selling my best Gold/hour profile. This profile runs in Townlong Steppes at Sra'Vess and yields on average 1800-2000 gold per hour. Also included are my custom quest behavior and plugin for pick pocketing.

    Discount Price is $10 USD (Paypal Gift Only) and Includes:

    The Profile:

    Loops around Sra'Vess in about 9 minutes pick pocketing around 100 or so mobs.
    Profile has built in avoidance for the Elite patrols that walk the roads of Sra'Vess.
    Stealth at all times except to open lock boxes (automatically) at the end of the route.

    The Plugin:
    My own custom created plugin that does the folowing:
    • Puts you in stealth automatically.
    • Keeps "Burst of Speed" up at all times while on the route.
    • Uses Vanish / Preparation / Shadow Walk depending on the combat situation automatically.
    • Saps Moving patrols within 10 yards of you.
    • Saps Non-Moving targets within 2 yards (avoids pulling combat in rare pathing situations

    The Quest Behavior:
    My own custom created Quest Behavior for pick pocketing that does the following:
    • When called from the profile this quest behavior Pick Pockets any humanoid mod within 10 yards.
    • Automatically blacklists each successful pick pocketed mob for 30 seconds to avoid wasting time attempting to pick they're pockets again if they are moving.
    • Only targets mobs within range to be pick pocketed
    • Doesn't use a "sleep" timer like other behaviors; this enables us to use "Frame Lock" and finish the routes faster.

    To run this profile you must have:
    • Level 90 Rogue
    • Panda Flying (Any Speed)
    • Updated version of Honorbuddy
    • Talents:
      • Night Stalker
      • Burst of Speed

    • Glyphs
      • Glyph of Pickpocket
      • Glyph of Picklock

    There will be no realm reserve on this profile as its useless now. Link to my other pickpocket profile: (1200G/Hour Rogue Pickpocket Profile | ! Amazing Spot ! |)

    Add me on skype!

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