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    (OO) Great Starter PvP Account - Gladiator Account - 14 90s

    This account includes 14 90s, 1 70 twink, 4 80-89s.

    Please contact me on skype : Guccisaurusx

    Main (Warrior):

    ~~The Main warrior has 2400+ 3v3 Rating and RBG rating. Grand Marshal title/xmog gear. NUMEROUS xmog sets. Has the new 100 3v3 wins mount~~

    Alt (Warrior):

    ~~The Alt warrior has 2400+ 3v3 Rating.~~

    Main (Hunter):

    ~~The Main Hunter has the 2500 (s13) Tabard as well as the Gladiator Mount and Title

    100+ Mounts ( Corrupted Firehawk, Life-Binder's Handmaiden, Crimson Deathcharger, Vial of the Sands, Green Primal Raptor, Green Proto-Drake, Jade Primordial Direhorn, and much more!)
    2400 3v3 Achievement
    2200 2v2 Achievement
    Gladiator Achievement
    Main Warr has Sulfuras ( the legendary) and also one binding for Thunderfury
    The Main Hunter has the legendary bow
    10k+ Achievement Pts combined
    Many Titles ( main warr has Brawler and all RBG titles ) - Blackwing's Bane, Dragonslayer, Vanquisher on select toons, and more!
    I have every BoA on the main server so you can level up any class you want with ease.

    - Other Alts -
    A Basic BiS Disc Priest 70 Twink with a Personal 2.2k Rating in 2s
    90 Full Tyrannical Ele Shaman ( 2.2k Enchant on him, 2.2k Rating in 3s )
    90 Full Tyrannical Feral Druid ( 2.2k Enchant on him, 2.2k Rating in 3s )
    90 (3rd) Full Tyrannical/Grevious Warrior
    90 Almost full Tyrannical Shadow Priest
    90 Non-Geared Priest
    90 Full Malevolent/Tyrannical/Grevious Dk
    90 (2nd) Non-Geared Hunter
    90 (2nd) Full Tyrannical Enh Shaman
    90 Full Tyrannical Ret Paladin
    90 (2nd) Half-Geared Feral
    90 Non-Geared Rogue
    86 Dk
    86 Mage
    85 Paladin
    85 Dk
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