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    [EU]Power Leveling Service // Battle Pet Leveling Service // and many more!

    Do you have any Question's? Add me on Skype!

    Actual Offers:
    Pet Leveling from 1 - 25 7€/10 $
    85-90 lvl 14€/19$ (atm. just Horde)
    Mining & Herbalism 600 lvl (5k gold included) 11€/15$


    Cheap,Fast & Safe!

    I allways use safe botting methods! Im gonna do dungeons for you, Battlegrounds, questing and many more!. Your char is never unguarded and I watch your char 100% of the time is running! Also many parts of lvling is usually done by hand to make it faster and safer! If you somehow get baned, i will always try to help you get your account back, in 90% of times your account gonna be unbaned because of different IP!

    Pet Leveling:

    1 - 25 7€/10 $ [per Pet]


    1-15 lvl 14€/19 $ [H/A]
    1-60 lvl 18€/24 $ [A]

    55-70 lvl coming soon!
    DK 55-58 lvl 6€/8$ [H/A]
    55-85 lvl coming soon!
    55-90 lvl coming soon!

    80-85 lvl 11€/15 $ [H/A]
    80-90 lvl 20€/27 $ [H

    85-90 lvl 14€/19 $ [H]

    Gathering / farming:

    Skining 1-600 9€/12 $ [H/A]
    Mining 1-600 9€/12 $ [H/A]
    Herbalism 1-600 9€/12 $ [H/A]
    Mining + herbalism 1-600 11€/15$ [H/A]

    40 stacks of any node 7€/10 $ [H/A]
    100 stacks ofanynode 12€/16 $ [H/A]
    not including vash'jiri & very rare nodes


    Archaeology 1-600 7€/10 $ [H/A]
    Jawelcrafting 1-600 40 $ [H/A]
    Alchemy 1-600 30€/40 $ [H/A]
    Blacksmithing 1-600 30€/40 $ [H/A]
    Engineering 1-600 30€/40 $ [H/A]
    Inscryption 1-600 30€/40 $ [H/A]
    Tailoring 1-600 30€/40 $ [H/A]

    (For trading proffesions you need to have appropriate farming profession at 500+ lvl on any Character on the Realm!)

    Honor / justice points farming:
    coming soon!

    Contact me via:

    skype: galvanar89

    Order your favorite Service now!
    (Please post in this thread before contacting me)


    Please be wary of SoR accounts - I do not support them as they can get disabled or banned at any time by blizzard regardless of lvling service. You're always using SoR account at your own risk, especially if you were not original owner of your SoR account. I will never provide any kind of compensation nor help to get SoR account back, I also won't be accepting any kind of complaints if it gets disabled or banned as even regular SoR accounts are flagged by default.

    I do my best to keep your account safe, however you need to be aware that PowerLvling same botted as handdone carries slight risk of of ban and possibility of loosing your account. You're using PowerLvling services at your own risk and by buying my services you agree to take all the responsibility for that. No returns in case of ban, only free unban service (about 90% success chance)

    If you want to play on your account during my services, you have to let me know about it at least 10 minutes before you're logging in and also let me know when you're logging off, so I can continue leveling. Please be aware that shuffling IP's during leveling services might increase ban chances, so you're doing it on your own responsibility. Also please remember that this is not a part of the deal, and time when you're playing on your account / I'm not logged in after you're done playing is not included. I do not take responsibility for any delays caused by stoping service to let you play on your account.

    WoW maintenance's and bot downtime after some patches are not included.
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    [EU]Power Leveling Service // Battle Pet Leveling Service // and many more!

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