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    ++selling my 4 year old wow account, very decent and lots of cool things. ++

    I have 7 90's, 182 mounts, mutiple legendarys, 450+ pets, 16500+ achievements. (will go into further detial below)

    All Alts are on Hellscream EU apart from My main (my elemental + Resto shaman) which is on Silvermoon EU

    1 shaman *current raid geared in both specs* Dranie Male 530 ilvl elemental + resto (herioc + upgraded weapon)
    2 paladins Dwarf male 435 ilvl Prot + Ret --------- Human male 502 ilvl Holy + Ret This one has [tabard of the lightbringer] equiped.
    2 warlocks Worgen male 450 ilvl + Gnome female (level 86) with enchanted MoP world rare weapons (treasure).
    1 Druid Night elf male 480 ilvl Feral + guardian.
    1 hunter Worgen male low ilvl BM + Surv (has spirit beast pet)
    1 DK Gnome male low ilvl Blood + frost


    1 Warrior Dwarf Male (some twink gear) arms + prot
    1 Priest Dranie Male Holy + shadow

    ++(under 85's)++

    1 lvl 75 warrior Human Male Prot + Fury


    I have many feats of strength such as [ahead of the curve lei Shen] + random mount and previous expansions achieve's
    I have almost every heirloom in the game. (I'm currently without intel mail heirlooms)
    I have 182 mounts including jeweled onyx panther, pureblood firehawk, vial of the sands, plus many more hard to obtain mounts
    I have all pre Mists of panadria Meta achivements meaning i have all the mounts for completing many raid achievments in previous expansions
    I have the following legendarys, [thunderfury] + [sulfurus] + [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] + [shadowmourne]
    I am currently on the last quest for [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest] which will turn you into a very fast blue drake (some say nicest mount in game)
    I have [shadowmourne] which means i have the items that come with it including [tabard of the lightbringer] + [muradin's favour] etc etc.
    I have many rare + store bought pets at level 25. The account has about 15,000 gold on it but has alot of items worth alot e.g. pets + wotlk legendary items etc.

    If I have missed something you would like to know please don't hesitate to email me on "[email protected]"
    I will only deal with people i feel i can trust Only in Cash. or a secure Bank to Bank transfer. I am selling it for 275 GBP

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