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    Originally Posted by p3nguin View Post
    purchased arena boost and was completed quickly and received lots of tips from booster team
    Originally Posted by Oceanlab1 View Post
    Recently purchased a gladiator title + mount boost, i was informed about how it works, and afterwards the pilot started playing. Today i was informed the pilot was done playing and i could happily log back in to my great new Gladiator Proto-Drake. These guys use VPN, and the customer service are very nice. These guys are definitely the nicest, most effective people around - and i can definitely recommend them. I know for sure that i am coming back in the future for more!
    Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
    Ordered a +10 Mythic for completion. Group completed it on time! Thank you!
    Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
    Ordered 2 boosts from him. Piloted +10 Mythic Dungeon and Self-play. Both prices were excellent, service started within an hour and boosts were completed very quickly.
    Originally Posted by Oceanlab1 View Post
    Purchased a weekly cap from these guys, and they got it done in less than 2 hours!! The customer service was very nice and polite, and very fluent in english. After they got it done, they had a video ready for me showing all my games. These guys are easily one of the most professional services i have ever used. Will recommend, and will definitely use again!
    Originally Posted by KaptainKrunk View Post
    Just purchased a Mage Tower boost from BoostRoom. Was nervous since this was my first boost purchase, however my fear was subsided quickly. Very professional, and great price. Friendly service from Zippo, who even streamed my entire challenge for me to keep progress. Would absolutely recommend and use again.
    Originally Posted by grimballoon View Post
    Ordered a 2k 3v3 rating in season 5, they were even able to find me someone that could use a VPN to match my obscure country, which was great, the order was completed in a few days and everything went well. I've used these guys a couple of times in the past, and they are hands down the best in the business.
    Originally Posted by remul112 View Post
    Bought a 2k rating boost in 3v3 and was done in 1 days time, despite the low ilvl of the character!
    Very fast and friendly communication.

    10/10 can only recommend!

    Originally Posted by Nicejugs819 View Post
    Good site, I bought some Vicious Saddles last season and a mage tower boost on my birthday, very cheap and fast! 5/5
    Originally Posted by JavaanseJongens View Post
    Bought Gul'dan Heroic, I purchased from their website, already added them on skype and asked a few questions which were answered within moments i contacted them. i provided them with my order number and they told me to stand ready like 3 hours later. With al the positive experience of other people i must say mine went as positive as it could be. Gul'dan wiped once because tank pulled a bit to soon and a few people died at the beginning since nobody expected the pull. The price was really nice. 9.5/10
    Originally Posted by notafag View Post
    Bought a powerlevel from 101-110, very nice service and met my specific demands without a problem, 10/10 recommend
    Originally Posted by bloodyredd View Post
    I bought heroic Nighthold masterloot. It was decent and quick.
    Originally Posted by UKScope View Post
    Bought Nighthold HC Boost
    Originally Posted by MarcusITA View Post
    Got a +15 Timed with SelfPlay, everything worked perfectly! Great service! Would recommend!
    Originally Posted by Snowdog View Post
    Bought a couple M+ key boosts. It was a great transaction and exceeded my expectations.
    Originally Posted by Viper2014 View Post
    Purchased a selfplay Karazhan + Nightbane Mount + Attunement.
    Run went smoothly and the guys were very patient with my mistakes.
    Would highly recommend!
    Originally Posted by PatyYe View Post
    I purchased 2 boost from these guys. Very good guys and got some extra's with the boosts. Would recommend!
    Originally Posted by seriouzman View Post
    Bought 7/7 EN HC master loot, get 10 peaces of gear with relic.. like cmon WHO CAN BEAT that haha A+++ Recommending
    Originally Posted by darth222 View Post
    Purchased a N EN for an alt, run took about an hour and a half. No wipes, easy group to be with. Ended up with lots of loot, raising my ilvl to 853. Would recommend.
    Originally Posted by Binhashel View Post
    Just got boosted Mythic+6 with friendly people, self play.

    And was so lucky to obtain this legendary item all thanks to BoostRoom =)))))
    Attachment 44818
    Originally Posted by Malzel View Post
    Purchased an 8/8 Challenge Mode Pilot and it was done within 3 hours. Super professional, I would easily recommend this in the future to anybody. They were very accomodating when I was unable to work anything into my schedule, and finished the next day.

    I buy a lot of stuff off of Ownedcore and Boostroom is one of the best I have dealt with.
    Originally Posted by milesteg View Post
    Purchased challenge mode gold on US realm. Will update once complete.

    Edit: Order completed on time and with no issues. Great communication and support. Highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by Grexxer View Post
    Picked up a cm gold 8/8 run will update when completed!

    Edit: great group! Completed pretty fast 4 hours, super friendly on skype and professionally done. Would recommend these guys again!

    Originally Posted by AStereotypicalGamer View Post
    Bought an 8/8CM Gold Pilot - Even with the high demand of runs lately due to Legion, they were able to get my run done quickly and efficiently.

    Thanks for the great work guys!

    Attachment 26657
    Originally Posted by iMurloc View Post
    They helped me with both Grove Warden-mount, getting a special order for Draenor-flying and CM 8/8. Everything went super smoothly and the Skype-support people are really friendly!

    Will definitely use again! <3
    Originally Posted by jaczar View Post
    boost went extremely fast and great at their work
    Originally Posted by Biscuiti View Post
    Went fast : 1.5h for HFC HC 13/13. No wipes, heals. Recommended.
    Originally Posted by Jotta2 View Post
    BoostRoom = the only seller that offered what I was looking for at a fair price, and also made me feel secure to the point of placing an order! I'll return to leave feedback once the order has been finished, but I already recommend BoostRoom to everyone I know thanks to how professional they are, the care they take to let you know how things will be done and their prices! All around awesome service and seller!
    Originally Posted by Elite58 View Post
    Ok so just completed a 8/8 cm gold run with these guys and thought I would leave a overall review so people know what to expect

    First up I jumped on the website and had a few questions before I purchased a run so I jumped on their live help and someone answered me within a minute and was able to help me with them all, also they where able to tell me the next available time slot which was in 5 hrs and 22 min so I jumped at it and took the spot. I loved that I could pay in more then just USD or EUR as I am an Aussie and with currency conversions you never know what you will end up paying.

    Come run time they where on time and super organized, invited me to group and summoned me to the first instance (and to all instances after that). The tank was extremely good at giving instructions and was very easy to understand (no thick accent), and you could tell the whole group is used to working together as the runs where super smooth and we had no wipes.

    The team in general where great to have a chat with both in general and in relation to strats and even offered to chat with me in the future about tips for if I want to do the runs myself,

    I will defiantly buy again from this team in the future and recommend them to everyone!!!
    Originally Posted by spanky0312 View Post
    Ordered a Blackrock Mythic mount boost on friday selfplay.

    Sunday I got an invite nice on time boss was killed in few minutes, best boost service.

    Got Iron Reaver now [emoji5]

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Originally Posted by darth222 View Post
    Ordered 8/8 Gold CM, was told a date three days later then messaged two hours later for group. A little over three hours later we beat everything. A lot of fun working through the dungeons and a very detailed and informed tank led the way. First boost I've ever bought and would highly recommend.
    Originally Posted by whatthehellwasthat View Post
    Ordered arena boost from BoostRoom , I will update Today when its done .

    Update: Half of the service done, they gave me private stream aswell. Went good.

    * Rest of the service will be done tomorrow so I will update this post again !


    - Everything went amazing and communication were really good. I would buy again from them! Very professional .

    Originally Posted by Vyce View Post

    I will give my first time experience for 8/8 cm gold with them. It was a long wait due to some issues with internet and daylight saving. Can't blame them because they are EU players on US servers and you all know blizzard connection isn't the best. But when they started my turn, it was absolutely flawless, quick, and fun with them. They knew what to do and even able to 4man (including me) some bosses. I definitely would buy from them again and will recommend them to anyone and everyone that asked. Thank you so much guys!
    Originally Posted by Jetblast View Post
    I would like to add more to my experience with these guys. I have done business numerous times with them ranging from a conquest cap, couple of CM's, and a ton of HFC carries. Every transaction was handled to near perfection without any problems. When a problem came up, they took care of it ASAP! BR is also very friendly and easy to talk to when it comes to business. I chat with them everyday and I cant recommend these guys enough for almost anything you are looking for!
    Originally Posted by jm90m View Post
    I purchased a CM 8/8 Gold boost piloted. It took 3-4 hours, pretty fast and extremely trustworthy.. Would def recommend to others!
    Originally Posted by veng455 View Post
    Bought a HFC HC loot run, cannot recommend them enough! They instantly replied to me on Skype to check availabilities on runs and managed to get me a spot that very night within 30mins of me contacting them. Very friendly, helpful and a fast, smooth run! I will definitely be a returning customer!
    Originally Posted by xbihx View Post
    Thanks BoostRoom was great run , fast and professionally done .I would recommend you guys any time. Run was done on 1/17/2016.

    Originally Posted by grimballoon View Post
    Purchased a Mythic BRF loot and mount run, was completed very quickly, good service and customer service
    Originally Posted by Chasemarley04 View Post
    Bought 2 runs. Very professional. Good customer service. Scheduled both runs ahead of time, and were done in a timely manner. Will buy again.
    Originally Posted by Repaxan View Post
    Good run. Tolerant of mistakes.
    Originally Posted by Mathswk View Post
    Scheduled a CM run with these guys, It all went smoothly. Got the information needed. 5/5 stars. I definitly recommend these guys!
    Originally Posted by pektherogue View Post
    Very recently purchased a pilot run from these guys, prior to that i had only ever used self play boosts so i was a little sceptical. but i did my research and was told these guys were the best.

    I wasn't disappointed, it was all handled very professionally and smoothly. I wasn't left in any doubt throughout the whole process, and the communication was spot on.

    The run was streamed, which was enjoyable to watch. my DK is now rocking some decent 'looking' weapons (my actual weapon I use is pretty crap xD)!!

    Seriously though, these guys will not let you down. 10/10, thanks again boostroom!
    Originally Posted by Kanrethad View Post
    I ordered the Endless Proving Grounds on three of my toons! I know stand happy with Proven Healer, Assailant and Defender titles on them!! Great communication and flexible boost schedule made the whole process a piece of cake...

    I have ordered multiple times from these guys and they are totally legit and professional!!
    Originally Posted by Darkling5499 View Post
    did a CM Gold boost with them, went very smoothly. Would def recommend.
    Originally Posted by Davegtr View Post
    Ordered a mount run and was done same day and order complete within a couple of hours, will definatly use again.
    Originally Posted by shahinpb View Post
    ordered Run for upcoming week. So far everything was great. Great communication and friendly ppl.
    Originally Posted by Tuiiut View Post
    Did WoD CM Gold with them, Great Service.
    I'll be back for sure!
    Originally Posted by teiji View Post
    Finished a CM run with them. Carried my friend and I really solid group with clear instructions. Runs were fast and easy. Will reuse these guys in the near future for more runs.
    Originally Posted by skeetersauce View Post
    Just completed a CM run with these dudes. Very solid group! Very detail explanations of each pull if you are unaware of the what to expect. Runs were practically flawless and fast. Again, great group of dudes and extremely polite.

    If anyone is still thinking about using their services, do it! You won't regret it!

    Originally Posted by Silvershard View Post
    Did arena boost - great - fast - love these folks!
    Originally Posted by Carried View Post
    On time, fast, efficient! Never used a boost before, will definitely recommend to friends and use them again in the future! Thanks!
    Originally Posted by Sochji View Post
    [FR] Pris un PL CM gold hier dans la soirée, même pas 24h plus tard, j'ai mon 8/8.
    Pris en account share, je leurs ai fais confiance et niquel.
    Support parfait qui répond rapidement.
    Je recommande fortement
    Originally Posted by Realskylol View Post
    Just got my account share CM boost done and i have to say that these guys are worth every cent i have paid.
    My boost was done quick without any problems, if needed i would totally buy another from these guys.

    The support was really nice and helpful with any problem i had

    so if you are looking for a cheap, LEGIT and fast boost, i would totally recommend these guys!

    big THANKS to boost room!
    Originally Posted by mojolawl View Post
    These guys are super professional and fast, it was my second time and it was done in less than one day!
    Originally Posted by Jetblast View Post
    Didn't know what to expect from these guys. I purchased 2 challenge runs and these guys were pure professionals! Excellent handling of the transaction and great skill in performing the runs! They delivered exactly as stated and I definitely recommend.
    Originally Posted by placce View Post
    Smooth run, good price and got nice loot, thanks.
    Originally Posted by spiritbrkr View Post
    I got a self-played CM carry from these guys. Even though I made a couple mistakes here and there, they managed to recover from it without even needing to reset. Very friendly and good at what they do. Was really great!
    Originally Posted by Thiler View Post
    Bought another boost, everything went smooth again
    Originally Posted by ISY View Post
    So i had made three previous order with These guys on my secondary accounts as Piloted & Brought some gold as well, had 0 Issues at all! with them, so decided what the heck, i'll buy a SELF PLAY, the run took just over 3 Hours, it started twenty minutes late due to an issue with the tank, but was resolved, I was invited to the group, and given the TS3 info, and was also provided with a link to a stream for friends, The run was incredibly quick!, only had to reset on the very last CM as the Healer got locked out, But other than that it was well worth the money for the CM's to be completed, especially with my 10% off as a returning customer, One more and i get 20% off!, will be ordering again soon!
    Originally Posted by Acherontia View Post
    Just completed my run today, I have used them in Mists as well and they were very quick to respond, great communication. Some problems on WoWs end (patch problems, addons) and my noob deaths but definitely worth it and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Even got a lot of great tips on how to play my spec, thanks for that!
    Originally Posted by Viper2014 View Post
    Purchased a pvp boost for 100 3v3 wins, it was done in just over a day!
    Great communication as always!
    Originally Posted by ISY View Post
    So, after yesterdays order, i logged onto another character & thought, screw it why not, So i ordered another CM Boost, and got a 10% Discount as a returning Customer, even took it a step further and ordered some Gold from them as well, Boost was booked in on the same day, even though i put 1-4, Shall update after it


    Boost completed!, can't fault it at all again, even Brought the gold & got it just before the boost started, went for account shared again, was completed in just under 3 and a half hours due to some technical difficulties, but seriously quick & good, was impressed once again, and will be buying for a third time soon!
    Originally Posted by ISY View Post
    Excellent run, couldn't fault it one bit, very professional, reasonable, and overall an excellent experience, will be buying again.
    Originally Posted by lianatas View Post
    Purchased 8/8 CM gold, fast and polite contact, efficiently done on schedule.

    Would definitely recommend!
    Originally Posted by Deadshot14 View Post
    Fast and smooth CM gold run, everything went well, i can definitely recommend them! professional and kind team
    Originally Posted by rambofant View Post
    Bought a CM gold boost at 22:00, I'd contacted some other sites but felt they provided little to no information. After talking to a very nice rep from Boostroom I decided to try them out. He explained in great details how it would work, and helped me pick out some gear to get for my boost (I'm mistweaver monk) and after about 20 minutes of guidance my account was ready. I bought the 1-3 days delivery pack but was assured that it would be very quick. 1 hour later they started and I got a live stream of the whole thing :-D They've got two dungeons left and they've used about 2 hours so far. It's fast, very professional and SAFE! I love these guys, I already convinced my two mates to also order a boost run after they saw the swift speed they went at. 10/10 - These guys are the best, would recommend to anyone considering buying and like me are abit noob on these things
    Originally Posted by gippy View Post
    Bought 8/8 cm account share boost. Order was done quickly and with ease.

    Recommended for your boostings needs.
    Originally Posted by beeno88 View Post
    This is my second gold challenge mode from these guys. They were professional and very friendly (just as they were before). 10/10 would recommend.

    Originally Posted by Viper2014 View Post
    Purchased a boost to 100 and it was completed the next day!
    Communication was great and the transaction went super smooth.
    Originally Posted by Harlequin719 View Post
    Just bought a CM gold carry with account share. Fantastic group of people. Professional run, No fuss, no muss. Would use again.
    Originally Posted by Windir1488 View Post
    These guys were fantastic. They set me up with an appointment on the weekend like I requested and gave me the date and time. I misread the date and missed my appointment and they were very cool about it and worked to get me a new one as soon as possible. Within an hour they got back to me with a new appointment on the day I had wanted all along. The guys on skype are very helpful and will walk you through your purchase if need be. I purchased an 8/8 challenge mode carry and the team that ran me were great. They were entertaining and stress free. They will very nicely tell you what you need to do and when you need to do stuff like invisibility pots. Just listen to what they say and everything will be smooth as silk. I will definitely buy again when the need arises. boost.room rocks!
    Originally Posted by Snt_W View Post
    Ordered 8/8 CM gold with account share. Whole run was done professionally and efficiently, no wipes at all. Very friendly aswell. Highly recommend these guys.
    Originally Posted by Thiler View Post
    7th boost just done. Thanks a lot for it and for discount
    Originally Posted by M.Schka View Post
    Excellent service here.

    8/8 CM standard buy and they gave me a time in under 24 hours.
    Even after I messed up the time and made them wait. I did the time zone conversion at 5 AM... next time I won't try to use my brain after a night shift.

    Run done fast and easily. +rep

    Originally Posted by Senua View Post
    Ordered 8/8 Gold Selfplay on my Shadow Priest, dudes brought me in, were pretty chilled out guys.

    Did the run very well, no wipes, very efficient. Took about 2 hours 40 mins or so, including a couple of small waits in between the dungeons for bathroom breaks etc.
    Would recommend to anyone.
    Originally Posted by larchbarch View Post
    I had done over 200 MoP CM's on various characters and i just never got the motivation to do WoD CM's but i wanted the polearm so i decided to contact multiple services and check pricing and services.

    Boostroom was the fastest to reply and ready to meet me at the middle because i needed my boost FAST as it could be as it was my only day off. When all the other companies said "tomorrow" or "Two days from now" Boostroom said 2hours but we recommend you take the normal package as i was getting express so they tried to be nice and offer me the cheap one even if i had to wait a day. I only had time to do it now so i asked for express and they quickly replied "okay 2 hours" and in an 1hr and 50minutes they were ready and invited me and guided me through the CM's

    Took roughly about 2hours no wipes (some deaths mostly me) But nothing a battle rez couldn't save.

    I ended up with this baby.

    Originally Posted by hanjimin View Post
    Ordered pilot, it is supposed to start on Thursday.

    Will post again.

    EDIT: Order completed after 3 hours.
    Originally Posted by Idothedamage View Post
    Bought 2 chars, they gave me a time, finished at the planned time, great service, great support, just bought another one and it's probably not my last, great guys, highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by Popperlol View Post
    Just finished a CM gold run. Everything wen't smooth and easy. Would recommend.
    Originally Posted by Arzifin View Post
    Great boost! It was fast and the people were great.
    Originally Posted by dmbardal View Post
    Got a 8\8 Gold CM from them (self played).
    Took around 4 hours including a few breaks (toilet etc).

    Great group. Quick, fast and enjoyable.

    Originally Posted by bosty View Post
    Order a GCM express run acc share. They started within 4 hours and finished 3 hours later. These guys trustful and great.
    Originally Posted by Doobers View Post
    Purchased 8/8 gold challenge mode pilot. Cheap, fast, and streamed. Thank you again.
    Originally Posted by cthulhurising21 View Post
    Fast and reliable, thanks again!
    Originally Posted by twinkmates View Post
    purchased a boost for CM Gold they did very well and quik thanks alot!
    Originally Posted by rezzax View Post
    I purchased boost on sunday and got boosted today, fast and good! Will recommend it
    Originally Posted by Kethas666 View Post
    I purchased the boost friday, and sunday it was done
    Really friendly support, and fast boost
    Also it is really cheap.
    I highly recommend them!
    Originally Posted by palasauce View Post
    Did a self play with them this morning to get the 4 CMs I was missing for my alt. Great experience 10/10
    Originally Posted by thedon19 View Post
    Just had 8/8 Pilot run done. Wow they were great. Would highly recommend to anyone
    Originally Posted by dosty913 View Post
    Ordered CM gold 8/8 self play and it was awesome.. very fast, 1 shot all dungeons players were very nice and helpful! will order from again for sure.. thanks again.
    Originally Posted by Qutie87 View Post
    Just finished 8/8 gold challenge mode self play and there guys were amazing. Super fast and efficient and explained everything ahead of time so there were no problems
    Originally Posted by Tondk View Post
    Requesting 8/8 cm gold - will see how this goes!

    Update: Done 8/8 cm gold within 3H, these guys are professional! Highly recommended !
    Originally Posted by Kreitz1003 View Post
    Just finished my second gold boost from these guys, piloted.
    Great service both times.
    Clean runs, best price I've seen, and very friendly, I can't recommend these guys enough!
    Originally Posted by Silvershard View Post
    Did a great job! Even let me (Sadly) attempt to help.. lol best to leave it to the Boost Room folks. LOL!!!
    Originally Posted by Deph12 View Post
    purchased a gold CM self play
    the guys were great, nice clean fast run
    i wil defo buy again

    Thanks guys
    Originally Posted by Ptit Loup View Post
    Comme toujours ne pas hésiter a lui demander de l'aide pour tout, reponse rapide, jamais de problèmes. Toute confiance accordée.
    Originally Posted by AdamEd View Post
    I bought CM Gold self play from those guys. They are extremely friendly, helpful and easy to contact. They also gave me the cheapest price I could find. Don't hesitate to do business with them!
    Originally Posted by Mystery X View Post
    Ive booked a CM Gold Help from this guys and i can only say two things : absolutely amazing !

    They are helpful, friendly and know what they are doing. Ive never seen a group doing this kind of service with more passion and professional skills. BoostRoom does now every method and trick to clear the Challenge Modes without a problem and even to compensate several unplanned problems like lags, connection issues or even misspulls by a player (im glad i never did one but there would have been enough time for that :P). They can even make up special times to play with you and fulfill the service without even getting you in a problematic, time consuming situation. They are definitly recommended and trustworthy, hands down.

    If you want to book a service and you´re not sure, this guys are the best choice. I will never regret my decision and im happy that ive done my work with the help of this professional players.

    Thank you very much !
    Originally Posted by razer86 View Post
    Just got a Gold CM carry done. Worked in to my available times, which made the run very early morning for them. Great team, good fun. Fast, easy and clean
    Originally Posted by kozzie25 View Post
    I purchased the selfplay 8/8 challenge mode gold dungeons and I was overall more than satisfied with the service they gave me. I've never bought in-game achievement stuff like this and was really hesitant at first, but these guys are professional and very kind and helpful. The runs were very smooths and they told me whatever I needed to know for all the fights. I would definitely recommend Boostroom to anyone. Thanks so much you guys are awesome!
    Originally Posted by UKScope View Post
    Second boost bought from these guys, again 8/8 Challenge mode, but this time for my girlfriends account. They allowed me to book a spot at a time that was convenient for her, and completed the order perfectly. Can't recommend these guys enough, truly great customer service.
    Originally Posted by Kreitz1003 View Post
    I bought a 8/8 account-share gold boost.
    They were very friendly and happy to answer all my questions before and after ordering, and the customer service rep even had a time reserved for me in their live chat within 24 hours before I even finished my order; very impressive! (and fluent English, which is always a plus!)
    I've honestly never ran into a more friendly bunch.
    The runs were truly flawless and very quick, and the twitch streaming is a genius idea. It gave me a sense of security with an added bonus of entertainment while I waited :P
    When it comes to the skeptics about account sharing for services like this, these guys are extremely respectful and walk you through everything to make sure you know your account is in good hands.
    I'll be using them again for sure, they're a gem in this market.
    A+ Service
    Originally Posted by UKScope View Post
    Purchased 8/8 Challenge mode boost and and they fitted me in within hours. Very polite and helpful service, and being able to watch on twitch was brilliant. Going to use their services again soon. 10/10 company.
    Originally Posted by lordnerd View Post
    Purchased 2 Proving Ground Silver boosts. Finished within 20 minutes, great service. Will buy from again. Great communication.
    Originally Posted by muhammadfali View Post
    amazing service, used them twice now. Self play and piloted both professionally done! and friendly bunch. Would recommend and definitely use them in the future!
    Originally Posted by Rvinoxidek View Post
    Great boost with friendly people also fast that was my first boost i was a bit afraid but now im planing to get another boost soon
    Originally Posted by Mrsnek View Post
    Got gold cap from these guys tonight, awesome price and it took 2 hours to get it. Easy, proffesional. What else can i say. Best WoW helpers EU
    Originally Posted by nvdeadshot View Post
    I bought a 8/8 Gold boost. They were very helpful and well spoken. I would recommend this to everyone. Fastest Boost ive seen yet.
    Originally Posted by Exxos View Post
    Boostroom is THE BEST! I have used them on multiple toons and they have always delivered EXCELLENT quality service! They also are really friendly and work with you to make sure you are satisfied 100%! Will use again in the future!
    Originally Posted by GetMounted View Post
    one of the fastest cm boosters here, highly recommended
    Originally Posted by Thiler View Post
    Third gold CM bought and got discount! Thanks guys
    Originally Posted by Johnny_P View Post
    I used BoostRoom for the second time now. I was suspicious the first time, but I decided to go with them because of their friendly and prompt chat support. In MoP I chose Self Play because I didn't really want to share my account details with strangers.
    They really impressed me and we got 9/9 Gold in MoP on the first try in 8/9 dungeons (the fault was with the self players) and finished everything the same night.
    So this time around I trusted them for the account sharing. They gave me detailed instructions and sent me a link for a stream so I could watch them do the dungeons from the tank's perspective. It was almost as if I was with them in the dungeons.

    I highly recommend those guys and urge you to trust them even if you have doubts. If I ever need a service again I will choose them for sure!

    Originally Posted by Pewpewlolbbq View Post
    Good, fast and safe services.
    10/10 Would recommend!
    Originally Posted by xCommieKidx View Post
    Buy with confidence, these guys are not only GREAT players, but good people to!

    <3 to my Brewmasta brother

    Bought 2 carries off them, both were done quickly, professionally!
    Originally Posted by Tommyruin View Post
    Awesome service! watched the stream the whole time and they were very communicative and responsive! Even got a compliment about my char Overall a mighty fine service! Will use again!
    Originally Posted by shockerx View Post
    I would like to rate their services 10/10 Cheers
    Originally Posted by shockerx View Post
    I purchased 8/8 heroic, gearing to Item level 830+ as well as 8/8 cm gold boost from them on a fresh level 100 toon, the support staffs are very friendly, patient and helpful on all my inquires.
    All 3 services were completed within 24 hours. I chose to use pilot for the services and all of my items and battlepets are intact, gold were only used to purchase enchants and potions/flask for cm boost.
    I am very satisfied with the services and will choose to do more boost services from them in the near future for my other toons.
    Originally Posted by crulen View Post
    Got my boost finished, all I can say good job, impressive what you can do with having 3 being carried.
    Originally Posted by itssomething View Post
    just got my cm thanks guys everything went pretty amazing!
    Originally Posted by souanomalo View Post
    Got a CM Gold, and they did it within a few hours and contacted me in literally 1 minute after writing them. 2nd time purchasing from them and I definitely will be using them again in the future. Thanks again guys!
    Originally Posted by ascherawr View Post
    I purchased a CM gold pilot in Wod. The transaction was painless and quick. In fact because of an opening I got my carry 1 day earlier! There's no worry at all about someone using your account they are very safe and trust worthy. 10/10 Will use again very soon. Thanks again for the work you all did!
    Originally Posted by Neemz View Post
    First time doing something like this and my experience was 100% positive. They went in there and finished my gold CMs for me. There were 0 issues and was able to watch the live stream and see what was happening. Would recommend it to anyone who just wants to get there CMs out of the way and doesn't want to go through the struggle of finding / putting a group together. They are legit.
    Originally Posted by KingsBooster View Post
    very friendly , fast and competent .... and cheap.... what you want more ?
    Originally Posted by samura1jack View Post
    Perfect boost. Took roughly 4 hours for a good price. 10/10 would use again!
    Originally Posted by Irishdude View Post
    I already got a boost during MoP and went with these guys again for WoD. Superb price, super quick response. Always helpful on Skype. Can only recommend this. 10/10

    Originally Posted by Gorsvet View Post
    Got my 2nd boost done yesterday. First one was during MoP 9/9 piloted, took a selfplay this time. They were very flexible about time, because I am limited they gave me one the next day at 19:00. Finished at around 22:30 Very fast, well explained and skilled group. Even had a little fun talk while running through the cm, but that depends on the player who gets boosted^^ Thank you very much. Highly recommend them
    Originally Posted by Lygash View Post
    Awesome runs! Were in about 2,5 - 3 hours complete, no wipes, easy runs, and friendly people.

    Recommend the boost, 10/10 would buy again.

    Originally Posted by Nigaogaki View Post
    Used these guys before with CM boost, this time I bought 200k, instant delivery and all went smooth. Best there is. 10/10, would buy again.
    Originally Posted by tom023 View Post
    Great team ! fast and real proffesional!
    Thanks a bunch !
    Originally Posted by TheShikari View Post
    Went through the challenge mode with these guys, was great run, very clear fast and easy. Took around 2 hours or so. Great service
    Originally Posted by Kagumi View Post
    Ordered piloted 8/8 CM gold run from these guys, professional throughout and great communication. The run was done on the time given to me and not a single problem.
    Originally Posted by Torotorotoro View Post
    BoostRoom did a middleman service for me when I was selling my account just now. Everything went perfect with zero problems on his behalf. Thanks for your help!
    Originally Posted by Rhara View Post
    Professional, fast and legit service. They are very careful with the accounts and their support center is kind and helpful. I suggest it to people who need their CMs done .
    Originally Posted by Michael Gregory View Post
    used these guys twice now for my 2 warlocks, and they have came through both times. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who is unsure to use such services or have never done so.They are very discreet and profesional. great job
    Originally Posted by crudo View Post
    awesome guys. quick and clean run. would buy again.
    Originally Posted by syrgyc View Post
    Awesome service, really, really professional and brilliant team - person that I was in contact was part of the boosting team and everything went very smoothly from payment until finish and even though they couldn't provide me with a livestream, they provide me with screenshots on progress. This was all done in a few hours! 8/8 gold completed and I'm extremely happy! Would buy it again 10/10.
    Originally Posted by Dooks View Post
    Its a legit Op these guys got going. Always cool to watch the stream as well. Also helped me with a lot of concerns being we all are human and have that emotion. Thanks again, learned a lot from watching y'all.
    Originally Posted by Hogaboga View Post
    2nd boost i did from them. 9/9 CM gold in MoP and now 8/8 cm gold in WoD. Highly recommend. Good service and fast replies!
    Originally Posted by kazuku View Post
    Bought CM 8/8 Gold VIP , got it done very quick the same day. Group was very friendly felt like I was playing with friends ++++ will for sure use again. Would highly recommend to friends!
    Originally Posted by Invictuss View Post
    What a great bunch of guys!

    We just completed my 8/8 Gold CM boost. We started off at 6:30pm last night and finnished 7/8 and agreed to finnish the boost the next day because of my tight timeschedule.
    As they normally only boost at night I was very pleased when they made an exception to the rule and finnished my boost 11:30 today.

    As for the runs they all went really well, despite the group being very melee-heavy (me as a frost dk, an arms warrior and the paladin tank). Also, they explained every part of every dungeon really nicely, so I always knew what to do (and not to do )
    I will be using these guys again for future boosts, no doubt about that!

    Thanks again guys for getting me those awesome weapons and mount!

    Best regards, from a very pleased customer
    Originally Posted by Thiler View Post
    8/8 complete
    This is my 2nd time using their service and yet again Im very satisfied!
    Highly recommended
    Originally Posted by Kurohara View Post

    Yet another boost done. Used these guys during MoP (Where my rogues epic looks come from) and now I decided to get her some new weapons.
    As always I have no complaints at all and I even gave the account share option a go this time and it worked wonders as you can see in the picture

    Thanks fellas! A+++++
    Originally Posted by sallysteph View Post
    Great service! Very friendly staff and willing to assist all the way.
    Originally Posted by Rgthreex View Post
    just got 8/8 CM gold fast and easy A+++
    Originally Posted by masterP22 View Post
    This is my 2nd time using their service and yet again Im very satisfied!
    A few Problems from my Site there but with some good adjustments we found a Solution managed to get all gold CM´s without a problem.

    Trusted customer! Great communication! Smooth payment! Enjoyed making business!
    Originally Posted by sallazarium View Post
    Just like in MoP they didn't fail to deliver in WoD.

    As soon as the service became available, I scheduled WoD Challenges 8/8 to complete my Cmodes transmog set. Quick, safe, reliable and friendly. Would highly recommend.

    Originally Posted by Yoggek View Post
    1a ++++ Very good work and german support for me extra yea nice team
    Originally Posted by colexcrawford View Post
    Bought a boost from these guys and it was fantastic! I really don't understand why anybody would go with Project-Carry when they could just go with these guys. Better service, cheaper price, nicer people the list goes on. This is my 3rd purchased boost this expansion but first with BoostRoom and I must say they were the best out of all services i've tried. I will be coming back 10/10 A+
    Originally Posted by Thiler View Post
    I have bought 1 EU boost challenge pilot. They did it very quick! We set date but I fell asleep and It wasnt problem for them! They gave me a new date and said that it can happen to everybody! Good guys. I recommend.
    Originally Posted by alexx View Post
    Just had my boost completed while I was away for a few hours during the evening, came home and they had finished 20minutes ago. Great stuff!
    Originally Posted by Luigi83 View Post
    Fast service, thx to them I will recommend them to all my friends!!
    Originally Posted by kelboy View Post
    I purchased a self play boost from boostroom a few days ago. they were very friendly and stright to the point. I recommend people buy a selfplay boost rather than the account share for the experience! i learnt many little thing i did not know about me class. playing with these guys only gives you good gameplay habits especially for a newish mist of panderia baby like me. when i made mistake or mis-step when were very understanding about it even if the mis-step make all 5 of us die :P. i high recommend them to anyone looking for a boost serve that goes the extra mile.
    Originally Posted by Andrew Granger View Post
    Very good service and quick too boot would go back to them
    Originally Posted by Member2345 View Post
    good service. fast . and always friendly
    Originally Posted by mokemayo View Post
    Great service! Completed in good time and watching it on stream was great and funny. Would def buy again for alts.
    Originally Posted by mrchris View Post
    This is my 2nd time using their service and yet again Im very satisfied!
    A few wipes here and there but with some good adjustments we did mange to get all gold without a problem.

    Very effective players, good comunication and guidance!
    Highly recommended
    Originally Posted by TCKrispy View Post
    Here's a quick post to update progress. After the first specific gold run, I purchased three more gold runs and, like the first, this group is truly filled with a bunch of professionals. Believe me, it was always nice to one shot a challenge mode gold and learn from these guys especially whenever I got hung up w/ my group or pugs. Oh and we managed to get a realm best on my server! Its a high pop server too. I managed to bang out what was left, which took hours to clear per gold. I highly recommend this group of people, you'll have fun, progress, and learn something on the way. They care about their carries, you won't regret using their service if you're looking for a boost. Oh by the way, I got Mists of Pandaria gold 8/8 from these guys over a year ago. This is probably the last and only xmog I'll ever wear.

    Originally Posted by Omegashenronxx View Post
    Review for US team:

    An absurdly talented group of folks who know each dungeon in and out and are able to compromise and innovate on the spot. These are serious mythic raiders and challenge mode specialists. For reference, I purchased a piloted run and had them stream it. The main tank player took several potshots at my character's gear -- this was, honestly, a rather hilarious exchange as it only further proved to me just how good these guys are. He was right, my DK's gear was not at all optimized for PVE, and yet they were able to clear each dungeon without issues. Is your character fully PVP geared and has no place in challenge modes? No problem, they'll make it work!

    Their stream is also insightful for those who are interested learning about potential strats for each dungeon. The voip commentary was enjoyable.

    For the most part, they take great strides to protecting your identity while streaming. They block out all names and chat, put your character through the transmog and barbershop gauntlet, and never reference the characters by their names. I should note that the streamer I watched forgot about tidyplates -- this addon does reveal names, so please be careful about this in the future. Otherwise, your identity is safe, and they won't steal any of your gold or delete your items or any of those silly things.

    They happened to be a little bit difficult to contact on Skype for me, but I think that may have been an outlier where I messaged them during a lunch break or something.

    If you're looking for a safe, reliable, and quick boost, these guys are the ones to look up.
    Originally Posted by Astrozx View Post
    Bought an 8/8 Gold Carry. Really flawless run, got it done in 3 hours time. Will definitely buy another boost from them again,
    Originally Posted by kollmeyerhei View Post
    legit guy, recommend
    Originally Posted by Intereus View Post
    Today (17/01/2015) my boost 8/8 got completed
    awesome thanks alot, super team !!

    communication ++++
    transaction ++++
    respect ++++

    Really can recommend this to anyone interested in these boosts
    Originally Posted by Velli View Post
    Bought my 8/8 gold run today! Watched the whole thing on stream was so freaking good! These
    Originally Posted by xDeeds View Post
    Great boosters, it came up some unforeseen implications during the boost (Hotfix), that made the servers go down and it also nerfed some of the boosters classes. But they handeled it really great and got the boost done asap

    Got 8/8 Warlords Gold done really quick!
    Well done guys, and thanks
    Originally Posted by Blackdreams View Post
    Flawless 8/8 Completion with no hassle what so ever. Great group and will be coming back!
    Originally Posted by Member2345 View Post
    freaking awesome these guys ! always fast. and always good service
    Originally Posted by ViperCheater View Post
    As usual, nice professional service. quick, easy to explain and very fast.
    Originally Posted by Luhnatic View Post
    Nice and fast 8/8 CM Gold, very secure, I recommend
    Originally Posted by Philippe Lemay View Post
    Very professionnal, I recommend this service. Was easy to set up and I was even able to see the whole process!
    Originally Posted by sskk222 View Post
    I booked a CM run from them and they made that quick and easy. Their team is professional, and great price. Will buy again.
    Originally Posted by Member2345 View Post
    best service
    Originally Posted by TCKrispy View Post
    Great group of guys. Was really easy setting up a specific Challenge mode dungeon run for gold. After reaching out and talking to them on skype I was booked in the same day! We ran Skyreach and Bloodmaul Slag Mines, selfplay, and we got gold on the first try on each. It doesn't get any better then that. Service, Quality, & Professional is what you're getting. Thanks again, looking forward to more runs.
    Originally Posted by James Armonico Rosales View Post
    just got my 8/8 in WOD Great team, watched their stream worked well together and will definitely do business with them again.
    Originally Posted by outlined View Post
    brilliant! just got 8/8 Gold! Great communication and was guided throughout. Will definately do business with them again in the near future!
    Originally Posted by silvik View Post
    Bought Challenge Mode gold from you guys earlier tonight, really excellent service.. got spoke to within 5 mins, and was booked in for the same night, where it was completed within 3 hours!
    Originally Posted by mohassan81 View Post
    Bought a CM 8/8 gold from these guys, and everything was delivered as promised. Excellent communication, before, after and during.

    Top guys, would definitely do business with again.
    Originally Posted by Under123 View Post
    I got the 8/8 CM boost this guys are very awesome.

    The support and the delivery are very fast, for a live chat i have to wait like 2-5 minutes and after i spoke with a "booster" my boost was reserved 3 days later.
    I was following the livestream and they are very professional, it was very entertaining and relaxing because of the good musik. It took like 3-4 hours with one break.

    I can advise you this guys, when you are not sure ask the livechat or follow there stream if u get the link :P.

    Pepe is jealous about my wapon!

    Thank you BoostRoom for the xmas present to me, maybe we will do business again soon!
    Originally Posted by scutters View Post
    Received my boost yesterday. Technical issues halted the first run one of the guys modems went bewm heh. But they were ever so apologetic and had me in another spot 12 hours later and finished the job.

    Amazing customer service and communication. Now the 2nd time I've used them and would defo use again if i needed it.
    Originally Posted by mrchris View Post
    A fast and reliable service.
    We did 8/8 Cm gold with self play and manage to finish within a few hours.
    Highly recomendable and im going to use this service on other toons as well.
    Friendly and very talented players.

    10/10 Service!
    Originally Posted by Dvoftw View Post
    Currently speaking with you on skype about a 8/8 gold boost.

    EDIT: They started and finished the boost the same day I purchased it. Great service, smooth run. Highly recommend and will definitely come back in the future! Also added screenshot.


    Originally Posted by Exorciser View Post
    Did business with these guys a couple of times now and in my opinion they are the best. Good feedback, quick delivery and great support.

    What's also really useful is the fact you can ask things before you decide to buy stuff. For example the amount of gold they have in stash on your server faction.
    Did a CM gold boost with them during Pandaria. Clear tactics, quick and good.

    I can advise this to everybody.
    Originally Posted by zeledonvi View Post
    this guy 100% legit
    Originally Posted by sprwow View Post
    Bought CM 8/8 Gold
    Great service! thanks!
    Originally Posted by Hugedeal View Post
    Cheap, clean, fast runs, professional and most trusted team i have seen, would advice to any1 around wanting their CMs done, gl everyone and cheers!
    Originally Posted by Gungnire32x View Post
    I purchased a Gold CM boost from them, they got it done yesterday while I was at work. Very diligent group of people and you can tell they're on point with their scheduling. They even went out of their way to grab the Worthy Challenge quest for me! Their price is an absolute bargain and I may consider getting my alts done as well. Thanks for keeping communications open all weekend and answering my silly questions!

    Originally Posted by Nick Elliott View Post

    Great people, Great Service! what more can i say. Very smooth run and professional party leading making these challenging dungeons seem easy.

    Have already recommended BoostRoom to many friends and Guildies.
    Originally Posted by burni View Post
    Quick and easy service, I wasn't sure about it in the first place but those guys kept what they had promised.
    We had two "self players" in the group, me and another guy, both dps. They told us what to do (e.g. you cannot bomb here) in terms of their specific strategy and everything we had to watch for (e.g. deadly boss abilities). So as long as you can play your character, it doesn't matter if you have no experience in the dungeons themselves.
    Otherwise you can let them pilot your character, which is also cheaper than playing it yourself. But I would highly recommend to play it for yourself, at least in the first place.
    If you want to see them in action, just check out their stream!

    Originally Posted by skillset77 View Post

    Great service for Challenge Modes! Instant response time and quicker scheduling of service than others I was in contact with. As a result of the smooth run and top notch service, I will come back in the future! Thanks!
    Originally Posted by zerosaku View Post
    Very awesome! 9/9 Gold Challenge Acc Share.

    Originally Posted by Hyperspeed View Post

    Thanks to BoostRoom for my Green Fire! Fast and professional service!
    Originally Posted by RolandRat View Post
    I was extremely skeptical at sharing my account information when first purchasing this service but was pleasantly surprised to see my character's colourful new transmogrification in my bags the following day. The service was excellent, from the moment I paid to the moment I wrote this review, the customer support was beyond my expectations; answering any questions I asked in detail and assuring me that my account was in safe hands.

    Due to my initial skepticism, before sharing my account details, I took screenshots of all my character's banks and bags to ensure nothing was modified or deleted in which I did not intend. The day after I reviewed my characters and compared them to the screenshots and nothing had been changed apart from the potions used in the Challenge Mode dungeons and my new transmogrification in my bags.

    Anyone hesitating to purchase a service from BoostRoom in fear that it may be a scam. Do not be worried. I am a legitimate customer and not an automated message. Below is an image of my colourful, classy, new Mage.

    Thank you for all your help, Boostroom. I really appreciate it.

    Originally Posted by norris196 View Post

    Perfect boost and friendly people, would definitely use again!
    Originally Posted by lurkarn View Post
    Bought their pilot CM gold boost service and the result is awesome. They are trustworthy and I will surely be a returning costumer in the future. Thank you!
    Originally Posted by djacky View Post
    I've got a CM gold boost from these guys, excellent work, they're very professional and trustworthy, looking foward for future boosts! Thanks.

    Originally Posted by hawk9 View Post
    These guys are amazing! Did CM boost and green fire in a couple of hours! 100% legit.
    I would recommend boostroom to everyone who needs a quick CM boost or green fire quest!
    Great communication and flawless all the way.

    Originally Posted by Elytius View Post
    This is my 2nd time purchasing a boost from these guys, and the service was just as good as the first time. Everyone involved is really chill, never elitist, and helpful. I haven't used any other service to compare them to, but, I don't think I ever want to. These guys are fast, professional, and friendly.

    Here's an image of my lanky troll rocking the armor they got me.
    Originally Posted by sallazarium View Post
    What to say about these guys except they did the job as real professionals would. 2 hours, 9/9 CM.
    Excellent service, friendly, legit 100% and most important really cheap!

    Will recommend them to more of my friends, and will get their services again in the future.

    Thanks on lovely transmog gear guys!
    Originally Posted by FA10 View Post
    This is my second boost that I've done and I'm awaiting my THIRD tomorrow, because these guys are amazing and severely trustworthy. Highly Recommended!
    Originally Posted by EVERY SINGLE DAY View Post
    Just got my 9/9 CM gold with these guys. They're legit and pro.

    It took them no more than 2 hours to finish my 9/9 gold

    They're really professional and I would gladly buy another boosts from them in the future.

    10/10 would use their help again!
    Originally Posted by Foalduran View Post
    Really great service, ordered selfplay cm in the morning got in a group within the same day and a few hours later wearing brand new swag! Boosters were professional and helped thorough all instances. Would recommend to anyone looking for a solid fast run.

    Originally Posted by XKevsterX View Post
    Great service! <3 Finally got the most sick looking transmog in the game (according to me). Would recommend BoostRoom to anyone that wants challenge mode transmog!

    Originally Posted by vinsane View Post
    Super fun runs!
    nice lads you can joke with them really clear instructions how they are going to do something and they will tell you when to do something easy.
    Myself needed 6 more runs only and I strugled to get into groups as a rogue came across these lads and I gave it a shot amazing fast took 2hrs for 6 runs.
    there was a time delay of 2hrs +- altho they even wanted to do it on another day if it was to late for me in the end this was resolved fast.
    thanks for the smexy mog guys love it keep up good work 10/10 defo recommmend.

    Originally Posted by robinlutz View Post
    These guys just finished 9/9 on my prot pally that didnt even have 463 in all slots.
    Very frendly to talk to, makes you feel really comfortable with spending money, account sharing and all that.
    Overall a very good service 10/10 would order again!

    Originally Posted by Rainagul View Post
    Bought a 9/9 CM run with these guys tonight. Had my service delivered within 2 hours of order. The service itself was professional, quick and efficient. 5/5 from me

    Originally Posted by Skinnar View Post

    Glad I found these guys as I have now finally completed all the challenge modes on gold, after having spent so much time with pugs trying to complete them. We one shot every dungeon, every run was clean and fluid, with plenty of time left over if anyone did die.

    Friendly and peaceful atmosphere, no yelling or stressing out, just focused and polite when asked to do things, tactics were simplified so as to not worry too much about your role, they have it covered, normally you'll just stand on a coloured marker or to stay behind a particular person in the group.

    These guys know what they are doing and I am fully confident in using their service again, you are in good hands here.
    Originally Posted by kjarlot View Post

    Took a leap of faith, and wasn't disappointed. Good trade.
    Everything went really well. They even 4 manned one instance!
    Really fast and safe service.

    I think this is really cheap service to compare the quality of the service.

    Definitely going to buy more services from them![/QUOTE]

    Originally Posted by backpaddeln View Post

    So my second boost what will I said ... I forgot three Heroics and they didn't rape me . It's really awesome, friendly, cool guys. And their offer is ****ing cheap everybody who buys at another boosting service is stupid sorry :P.

    hvala moj prijatelj <- I hope its right can't ask a friend of mine cause she sleeps
    Originally Posted by AkitaStromfield View Post
    The fights were explained perfectly. We had no major wipe and no instance reset. The run was completed in under 3 hours and the runs finished with a few more minutes left over.

    Thank you very much for the run! I couldn't have done it without you all!!! I look forward to running with you guys again!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails &#127757; EU / US &#128481;&#65039; BFA &#128009; Raids &#9203; Mythic+ &#128170; Level 120 &#9876;&#65039; PvP &#127754; Islands &#127873; Discounts-challenge-mode-gold-carry-jpg   &#127757; EU / US &#128481;&#65039; BFA &#128009; Raids &#9203; Mythic+ &#128170; Level 120 &#9876;&#65039; PvP &#127754; Islands &#127873; Discounts-challenge_mode_gold_carry-jpg   &#127757; EU / US &#128481;&#65039; BFA &#128009; Raids &#9203; Mythic+ &#128170; Level 120 &#9876;&#65039; PvP &#127754; Islands &#127873; Discounts-cm_gold_cheap_price-jpg   &#127757; EU / US &#128481;&#65039; BFA &#128009; Raids &#9203; Mythic+ &#128170; Level 120 &#9876;&#65039; PvP &#127754; Islands &#127873; Discounts-buy_challenge_mode_carry-jpg  
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Any plans to do US?

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    Originally Posted by geonomic View Post
    I chose the selfplay option and got served within 3 hours after the order. Great people, 100% professional and legit!

    Thanks mates!

    Originally Posted by Restproof View Post
    I had another run today with them for a friend and once again everything was smooth. Thanks again.

    200% legit. I didn't even think about protecting my guild bank access or personal gold.

    That's how much I trust them!!

    If anyone is considering their service and still hesitating. DO NOT ANYMORE !! Not much time left for your toon.

    Originally Posted by StirFryCheese View Post

    These guys definitely exceeded my expectations, from the moment I asked a few questions before I even placed my order to the moment the runs were completed. Super helpful and friendly team, did a great job with helping me get my xmog which was long overdue. Like anyone I was petrified that this might've been a scam and had big doubts about sharing my account info but I decided to trust what I saw on the page and go through with it. These guys are 100% legit and it makes me so happy to see that they've actually helped so many people, and now myself included. It's highly likely that I'll be back for more. Many thanks guys! Definitely recommending this service to my friends.
    Originally Posted by Restproof View Post
    My boost just finished, Great job guys, you found a spot for me less than 24 hours after my order. Good communication, totally legit and safe. For that price I'd recommend everyone to get a boost from you. Word of mouth will get you more customer for sure !!!
    Here's a pic of my toon waiting for WoD all set up

    Originally Posted by Irishdude View Post
    Quick response and everything from first contact til completion of the Gold Challenge within 24 hours. Excellent work and very fair price. Thanks again guys, awesome job.
    A happy gnome. :-)

    Originally Posted by Micheal Ramsey View Post
    Great group here. Got me my xmog gear for my paladin even with all those ddos attacks the other day. Will definitely be using again later on.

    Originally Posted by SidiousZJ View Post
    I bought the challenge boost a couple days ago, really friendly and pacient guys, I highly recommend them.
    It's like opening your xmas presents, but even if you already know what is in the box, the joy remains the same!!

    And for sure, I will see these guys in the future, for the WoD's Challenge Modes!! :P

    Originally Posted by Deadshot14 View Post

    Thank you again guys, 100% professional and legit!
    Originally Posted by Kiley_Riley View Post
    Amazing service

    I bought a 9/9 CM run and I had the run scheduled within an hour of ordering. The accounting sharing was super easy and only took a couple of minutes. The run itself only took 2 hours and I was happy to log back on and see my new transmog set. This is definitely the best price and service as far as challenge mode boosts go and I'd recommend them to anybody who needs a boost.

    Originally Posted by ragendary View Post
    Very smooth and fast run.

    Just finished my 9/9 CM run, it took less than 2 hours to complete. They are very experienced and helpful during the run. it is absolutely legit service with excellent communication. Everything just worked very well. Definitely recommended their service.

    Originally Posted by Faenom View Post
    I've purchased a boost for my rogue and it went really well !
    No problem for the reservation of my spot and for the payment !
    Great communication during the run
    You're awesome guys !
    Thank you again for the run

    Here's a screen of my rogue !
    Originally Posted by Jeryhn View Post
    Excellent Team! They cleared 9/9 Challenge Modes with little resistance and I now am the proud owner of a Paladin Set! Thanks!
    Originally Posted by Doperth View Post
    Spoke to them yesterday at 13:00 and asked them how long I would need to wait for a account share boost on my Rdruid, was told they could do it at 23:59 the same day, but I was at work that time but when i told them this they arranged for the healer to log onto my account before I went so they could still do the boost.
    Had chance every now and then to watch the stream and got a message few hours later saying it had been completed. Will definitely use again if needed

    Originally Posted by SgtNasty View Post
    A friend of mine recommended I buy the 9/9 challenge mode from these guys (and girls!) and they did not disappoint. As many others are saying, they are very friendly and fast. I'm very pleased with the service and will probably use it again. Thanks again!

    Originally Posted by metacore View Post
    Awesome guys!! bought a acct share boost from them. Done within 3 hrs of start!!! would def recommend. =D
    Originally Posted by MYOB View Post
    Don't really do dungeons (skipped straight to lfr) and later couldn't find a full group to master/complete challenge modes. With time running out, I decided to take the less stressful route. I preferred a 9/9 piloted run, given my lack of Pandaria dungeon experience, but was also, of course, concerned about risking my account's safety. I did a ton of online research to see what options there were and BoostRoom had the most readily available and prolific feedback, with reasonable prices. I read through it, searched for customers that had more than one or two posts on these forums, who also provided feedback on services other than BoostRoom (worried about fake feedback - I'm so suspicious!). I even sent a private message to a repeat customer and ongoing OwnedCore forums member, who got back to me with glowing references, plus assurances based on multiple, personal experiences, that my account would be in safe hands.

    My perhaps extreme paranoia paid off, because I am now the proud owner of 9/9 CM gold on my Paladin, with another boost booked for my Warlock - PLUS I have two boosts booked for hubby's characters - all piloted runs. The U.S. team did a fantastic job, and they're just a terrific bunch of people. They kept me updated via Skype messaging, plus I was able to watch the entire streamed run, which I found both (surprisingly) entertaining and educational. You can see the end result below!

    Whether you are looking for a self-played run (my group included a self-play customer, who received patient and easy to follow guidance), or to have someone run your toon for you, THEY ARE TRULY LEGIT.

    Originally Posted by Cheezdoodles View Post

    Delivering as always
    Originally Posted by weak_ View Post
    9/9 Gold boost started only a few hours after ordering, fast & smooth boost without a single reset. Would definetly recommend them!!

    Originally Posted by thomasx55 View Post
    With over 4k challenge runs, there was no doubt that boost.room was the right for the job! They are VERY fast and professional, the only problem was WoWs servers having latency problems . But you cant really blame anyone else than Blizzard for that. Over all, i'm VERY satisfied with the result, these guys know what they're doing! Oh, and btw, we used account share, no problem at all, these guys are LEGIT!
    Originally Posted by Chonga View Post
    9/9 Challenge Mode boost, selfplay. Awesome service 10/10. Legit and friendly, will definitely buy again.

    Originally Posted by Xecylia View Post
    I am so happy I came across these guys. Extremely professional and friendly, everything was scheduled within 10 minutes after I bought the boost and I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to get their CM transmog before WoD comes! Very trustworthy people and I will be buying more boosts from them very soon for sure.

    Originally Posted by Mandy_Veh View Post
    Had a boost of these guys just a few hours ago. Started off with a delay and also had some bad luck when one of the boosters' internet went down. They didn't let us down though, did everything to get the run going again. The run itself went smooth. Nice people, clear explanation. Everything can be followed on Twitch if u want to take a look and see how they do it. For more information u can always add them on Skype and ask anything u need to know. I would definitely recommend it if u want to get a smooth 9/9 CM run.

    Originally Posted by obitum View Post
    If you're looking for legit, professional and friendly 9/9 cm booster, these guy are best at what they're doing. You can even watch them doing it live on twitch. Do not look anywhere else and add them on skype right now.

    Originally Posted by Abbeman View Post
    These guys rock! Finished all 9 gold runs very quickly and with great patience. Would recommend to anyone who wants their transmog before WOD hits.
    Originally Posted by gunman683 View Post
    These guys are one the best/nicest/funniest people I have ever met over wow. They are really good at what they do I would recommend them 100% for all there services they have to offer. Took 2 hours to get all 9 done and went smooth as a baby's bottom . Trust me guys best money well spent will definitely be buying challenge modes in the future for next expac if you offer it Have a good one guys good job.

    Originally Posted by Xieje View Post
    Heeey guys, these guys are legit & professionals. Best CM's boost ever! This is my 2nd purchase.
    It went smooth and all went very fast! I got what i want and im happy customer! Will buy more of them when WoD comes!
    Thanks again!

    Originally Posted by greywilson View Post
    Great guys and a great price. The runs were quick and clean, and the 1 or 2 times that we did wipe (likely my fault) the guys were light hearted about it, and experienced enough that we could finish the runs without even resetting! 10/10 would definitely recommend and I'll likely be using them again before WoD drops.
    Originally Posted by Silentslayer002 View Post
    I purchased from boostroom they are very friendly and helpful with any questions I had and completed 9/9 runs in 3 days. Super fast and trustworthy as they played my character. Highly recommend them to any other adventure out their. 10 out of 10 would come to these guys if I every want to make a second purchase

    Originally Posted by Xieje View Post
    Heey guys,

    I want to tell u that they are legit and professional.
    I've bought 9/9 Gold CM Boost and it went all smooth.
    They started 21.00 and finished around 00.00.
    Excellent service, awesome support and most of all very, very cheap.
    I've watched the whole stream with pleasure and 'm happy customer.
    Will buy more of them again!


    Originally Posted by Viper2014 View Post
    My third self-play CM 9/9 run with these guys. (2 DK's and one Warlock!)
    Every single run has been smooth, and the guys are fun! Extremely happy with the service and it's definitely worth the price.
    Highly recommend them!

    Originally Posted by Tanysha View Post

    Purchased boost yesterday. They replyed within 5 mins an i had luck there was an open Spot.
    Very fast and everything without Problems.

    I'm thinking of getting me another Char boosted.
    Originally Posted by Duffles1565 View Post

    I was a bit skeptical at first but with so many positive reviews here and through friends I gave it a go. These guys are awesome, answered any questions i had and even put on the stream so i could watch. 100% legit and trustworthy, will definitely be getting a 2nd even 3rd CM run through them <3 u guys thanks for the awesome CM transmog gear and mount!
    Originally Posted by dehvic View Post

    My friend and I both bought boost from these guys. Customer support was quick and we had spots reserved in no time, would definitely use again if i ever were to get get a second set. Was a pleasure doing business with you
    Originally Posted by Thoringer View Post

    I bought a piloted 9/9 CM Gold boost for my Death Knight.
    Everything went great these guys are 100% legit everything was really fast and smooth,
    they answered all my questions on Skype in a matter of minutes and were always really nice.
    I will definitely choose them again

    Originally Posted by Rainmaker77 View Post
    Ordered two 9/9 with these guys and the end boss for the Warlock green fire questline. The very friendly service via skype, answered all my questions quickly and clearly - CM's were booked for within 24 hours, with specific times for both.

    First run went off without a hitch, as did the green fire - I am now waiting for my second 9/9 run and looking forward to it!

    Very good service and would recommend to anyone looking to get these items before 6.0 hits!

    Originally Posted by Eleathiell View Post
    Recieved a boost and purchased gold from Boostroom, very smooth service, great friendly customer service, definitely recommendable!
    Originally Posted by Atro View Post
    Bought a 9/9 CM boost recently. Everything went smooth. As I sent the payment, they contacted me within 10 minutes to schedule the boost.
    The boost itself went extremely smooth, there was very few mistakes. All in all, a excellent service, I'll most definitely use it again should I need another boost.
    Here's a picture of my lock rocking his new amazing transmog.
    Originally Posted by GCDB View Post
    Professional service. Very friendly and efficient people. I generally dislike the idea of sharing my account with someone, especially with someone I do not know, due to the high value of my account, but these guys handled it so smooth and discreet.
    Thank you BoostRoom! <3
    My priest looks amazing.
    Originally Posted by Richard Bos View Post
    Great service they'll boost you trough all nine CM's and Fell fire quest in a few hours!
    Would definitely recommend!
    Originally Posted by Blyz View Post
    Second time using their service and again awesome and flawless job ! Highly recommended if you're looking to get a CM Gold boost!
    Originally Posted by Wazam29 View Post
    I bought the CM gold pilot and everything went just smooth. I want to point out that they have exceptional customer support and help you with everything. If you want a CM gold carry, these guys fix it in no time!
    Originally Posted by warriorthatwasboosted View Post
    Bought CM gold self-play service, runs were very smooth. I have already recommended them to my guild mates and may return in the future. This is a load off my mind and now I don't have to spend hours wiping in pugs.
    Originally Posted by Blyz View Post
    Bought their Selfplay CM Gold Service and it was just fantastic. Fast and awesome Service! Would definitely recommend using their service if you are looking for a CM boost ! Thanks guys :3
    Originally Posted by Bisonaffinity View Post

    A fantastic service overall and I can safely say they are legit. Got my run for challenge mode done in no time and can safely say I will use their service again if I see any reason to want something in WoW. I trusted them to do the job and they did it extremely satisfying job of carrying me.

    What they offer is what you will get, that is absolutely guaranteed.
    Originally Posted by Tim Berge View Post

    VIP boost in under 24hr, profesionnal team, good players! the only one that screw'd up was myself! 1200% legit! and i'm going to use them again!
    Originally Posted by Solsel View Post
    These guys are incredible. Chill but professional, and incredibly skilled. They'll schedule you at the soonest convenience and bust it out in 2 hours. They'll put a stream up for you to watch if you aren't playing with them and they're fun to watch and enjoyable to listen to. 10/10 would recommend!

    And here's the result:
    Originally Posted by reksif19 View Post
    VIP piloted boost in under 24hr, profesionnal team, good players

    Nice and Serious, like my new looking character :

    I'll order again in the future.
    Originally Posted by Genetiz View Post
    Challenge modes went super smooth however a real life problem first day but it got quickly solved the next day. Great service and would recommend them to anyone.

    Price 10/10
    Service 10/10
    Friendly 10/10
    Originally Posted by Luke.S View Post
    Got a 9/9 gold challenge boost today, and I have to say that I'm very happy with their service.
    They were fast, they were nice people, helpful and explained everything in an understandable way. I played my own character and it was quick and efficient.

    I'm very happy with my purchase, definitely would give them a 10/10 !


    Originally Posted by skurperino View Post

    Completed 9/9 gold challenge boost today with with amazing people from boostroom. Very pleased with the experience, very friendly, explained everything well, nothing was too much trouble.
    Cheap and efficient way to get your challenge gear before Blizz removes it in pre WoD patch.
    10/10 for me, would def. recommend to a friend!
    Originally Posted by Natzero View Post

    It was really funny and fast
    Originally Posted by Coca Cola View Post
    Legit, cheap and fast. 10/10.

    Originally Posted by Eznio View Post

    Got a 9/9 gold challenge boost today, and I have to say that I'm very happy with their service.
    They were fast, they were nice people, helpful and explained everything in an understandable way.

    I'm very happy with my purchase, definitely would give them a 10/10 !
    Originally Posted by thams View Post
    I was just boosted by them, they are really nice to you and trusthworthy (also really fast). 10/10 would definitely recommend them to anyone who thinks about buying a boost here.
    Much love, happy customer!

    Originally Posted by Abaddon101 View Post
    Got my boost done by these guys yesterday, excellent service, and extremely trustworthy! I purchased the pilot option so was a little cautious about them being able to access my account, but all was fine, they provided a stream for the whole service even without request! Boost was done the same week order was placed and was a very smooth process, Skype communication before i even purchased was great and was treated with respect. Great customer service!!


    Originally Posted by Dextr01 View Post
    Second time i bought 9/9CM gold from these guys, even got a nice discount because i did it already with a previous char.
    Again i wasn't disapointed!!

    Originally Posted by Draenio View Post
    Decided to purchase their CM boost run, was very happy with the results; Started very quickly, one shotted them all and had tactics and markers and what else you can shake a stick at done.

    All in all it took just around 2hrs from pulling the first mob to the last to get my ach's, very happy with the price, CS, and team that provided said service.

    Picture is of my warrior rocking out his new xmog gear, thanks guys

    Originally Posted by Mr. Nice Guy View Post

    Here you see my Death Knight's new beautiful transmorg armor!
    I just bought this service for the 4th time! And as usual it the process went smooth as it possibly could so i can't recommend these guys enough! They are the best!!
    Thanks alot guys
    -From a very happy customer
    Originally Posted by talentlessjack View Post
    Really great group of guys, I was nervous about using an account share run, but they proved that they are indeed trustworthy, no mucking around just straight to the job at hand.. They also provided a twitch stream to watch them do the run, very professional, highly recommended.

    Originally Posted by placce View Post
    100% legit guys, friendly and the runs went fast and smooth. 10/10.

    Originally Posted by palastrix View Post
    Ive purchased my second 9/9 run with this group and it was amazing once again, I am super happy with this service and am going to be using it again for another character, I highly recommend them and will look forward to grouping with them again

    Originally Posted by elrodd View Post
    VERY fast and friendly! Customer service was A+ and they were very patient with questions and quick to respond!! The run itself was MUCH faster than I had expected Already recommended to all of my friends, thanks again guys!

    Originally Posted by elzzzz View Post
    I was a little sceptical at first, like I'm sure a lot of people would be, as handing over your account to someone else would make anyone uncomfortable. However their professional site encouraged me to trust them, as well as having the cheapest service. They dealt with me swiftly, arranging a time and date that'd suit me. On the day, they helped me organise my account so it was ready to be used straight away.

    They kept me updated me how things were going and were friendly but professional throughout the whole service.


    Originally Posted by Kilian Holzner View Post
    3rd time with these guys and everytime awesome!

    Originally Posted by matsen View Post

    I can't thank these guys enough for getting my CM rewards so quickly.
    So what makes these guys so awesome?
    Really smooth runs, very professional players, tactics explained for every fight, great english communication.

    Overall grade is definetly A++ and I will definetly deal with these guys more in the future!
    Originally Posted by znarken View Post

    I would realy like to recommend this guys ! legit and smooth, and realy nice people with laugh
    Had fun with em, and they are realy good on what they are doin ! Buy from this guys and u will be happy !

    and now i got my transmog and mount cheap and fast
    Originally Posted by tencram11 View Post

    reliable service, purchased another run.
    Originally Posted by tencram11 View Post

    A+ quality service
    Originally Posted by tencram11 View Post

    You won't be disappointed, excellent service.
    Originally Posted by v33nom View Post
    I worked with them recently, bought a boost and was nervous about someone on my account but it went fine .Its 100% legit , no scams . Here its my new tmog :P
    Originally Posted by pleya View Post
    I'm really pleased with the service.

    Originally Posted by Pepixo View Post
    Can definately vouch for these guys, very friendly and funny. Time passed by quickly and I had loads of fun! I was a little concerned but their service was really 100% legit and safe.
    Dont hesitate and choose their service.
    I'm going to buy more 9/9 cms from them.

    Originally Posted by Lowfatdairy View Post
    My challenge mode gear! Proof that these guys do great work and are top notch people!

    <3 Lowfatdairy
    Last edited by BoostRoom; 09-16-2014 at 09:13 AM. Reason: quoting feedbacks

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    349 (100%)
    Bump we are online!

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    nice guys amazing skill fast runs without wipe funy and friendly ppl Ty for help guys GL ^^

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    Just like to add that last night these guys took me through 2/9 challenge mode gold. Cant thank them enough as I'm a total noob to challenge modes and didn't even have any invisibility potions. 100% trustworthy , they did 2 runs and had only taken payment for one as well. I look forward to completing the next 7 now and will post back with an update soon !

    Yes this is my first post on Ownedcore but I joined especially to give them the thumbs up!

    A quick update to say that Ive just completed 9/9 CMS Gold. Great service and thanks again ! I highly recommend these guys
    Last edited by railryder; 07-16-2013 at 06:17 PM. Reason: Update

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    hey guys ! i already bought the boost and the service really great i recomend you to buy the boost from them !!! its really safe,fast and really cheap you can't find someone sell cm boost that much its really cheap and cm set really worth every dollar its really great set and mount ...

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    Originally Posted by iirokezl View Post
    nice guys amazing skill fast runs without wipe funy and friendly ppl Ty for help guys GL ^^
    It's pleasure we help you, enjoy, thank you for feedback

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    Originally Posted by railryder View Post
    Just like to add that last night these guys took me through 2/9 challenge mode gold. Cant thank them enough as I'm a total noob to challenge modes and didn't even have any invisibility potions. 100% trustworthy , they did 2 runs and had only taken payment for one as well. I look forward to completing the next 7 now and will post back with an update soon !

    Yes this is my first post on Ownedcore but I joined especially to give them the thumbs up!

    A quick update to say that Ive just completed 9/9 CMS Gold. Great service and thanks again ! I highly recommend these guys
    Thank you to for feedback and enjoy in your transmog, cya around

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    Originally Posted by ironforce View Post
    hey guys ! i already bought the boost and the service really great i recomend you to buy the boost from them !!! its really safe,fast and really cheap you can't find someone sell cm boost that much its really cheap and cm set really worth every dollar its really great set and mount ...
    It's our pleasure you enjoyed with as thank you for feedback

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    The boosting was great, having a laugh in skype while doing this was the best ever, highly recommended , they know what they do. ~~ Clatchy ~~

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    Originally Posted by Clatchy View Post
    The boosting was great, having a laugh in skype while doing this was the best ever, highly recommended , they know what they do. ~~ Clatchy ~~
    Tyvm for feedback and we are realy happy that you enjoyed with us

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    Bump, we are online

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    I purchased a boost from them a few days and they were very friendly and helpful with any questions I had and completed 9/9 runs in 3 days. Super fast and trustworthy as they played my character. Highly recommend them.

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    Originally Posted by thevixon View Post
    I purchased a boost from them a few days and they were very friendly and helpful with any questions I had and completed 9/9 runs in 3 days. Super fast and trustworthy as they played my character. Highly recommend them.
    Tyvm for feedback

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