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    Leveling - Honorbuddy - Cheap Prices and Fast Delivery - $1-90 Plain only $35.00


    About Us? My boyfriend turned me on to games a long time ago and we used to bot for playerauctions but they kept raising deposit fees so we decided to sell on here because of there people here being strict and no prices to sell. Only minor risks so it is great. I am turning 23 in the morning good for me. I have been botting 4 Years with my boyfriend. We are fast and safe, we also sell gold in Mug'Thol Horde and Stormrage Alliance. We have two types of services with leveling, I came up with the names.
    Balls To The Walls Leveling ****This service is cheaper and almost twice as fast, we will level your character 24 Hours a Day,
    Ruby Newbie Leveling ******16 Hours a Day*******

    How do we level your account? Good Question huh? The 24 hour leveling is setup to loop tasks. It will be setup to quest for first 6 Hours, Log Out for 15 minutes. Log Back In Quest for another 4 Hours Then it will quest/pvp for 2 Hours.Then it loops for another 12 hours and never stops until done. We will put everything found on a bank character we make. The 14-16 Hour Leveling Service Will Quest for 14 Hours and PvP the last 2 Hours with a 15-20 minute log out period.

    Things That Always Come With Orders!
    Max Arch With Raptor and Bug Mount! Capped Honor Points! (1-90 All Flying Skills Learned, Epic flying The Works) 1-80 Epic Flyer, 1-70 Normal Flyer, 1-60 Normal Flyer! All get Max Arch for there level with Raptor Mount! Bug is only level 80-90.

    1-90 Plain Leveling
    Epic Flying. Arch Bug and Raptor Mount Misc Rare Items and Epic Items.
    $30.00 For Balls To Walls, $35 for Normal Speed

    1-90 Full Package
    2 Gathering Professions
    Cooking and Arch Maxed Out
    Epic Flying, Full PvP Gear
    Bug Mount, Raptor Mount
    $50.00 for Balls To Walls Leveling, $60.00 for Normal Speed

    We prefer only 1-90. So you need to contact me for everything else.
    Skype: amber.white1990

    Any Flirting or Perverted comments to me and you will be blocked from skype. Already had one guy on these forums who got a little to comfy talking to me.


    Also have 7 Extra Honorbuddy Keys with Login for sale. Thanks

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