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    US <Vit's WoW Services [Powerleveling/Rep/Professions/Honor/JP/Gear/Dailies+More]>

    <Vit's Powerleveling services>

    =Just now getting started in the business, looking to build a reputation and earn trust/reputation=

    Quick Bio:
    -I am a college student who has played WoW since Burning Crusade. I am currently looking to start a business based on WoW, and am willing to offer very cheap and reliable services.
    -Because i am new i am willing to offer Extremely low package deals for my first few customers. These packages can be any of the following, or one of your choice that you and i work out.
    -Fluent in english, 100% LEGIT, meaning no other person, bot, or any type of third party program will be used in your leveling/other services. It will ALL be done by hand, by me.
    -I will maintain constant and reliable contact through skype, and for my first few customers my personal phone number will be offered in order to secure legitimacy. Screenshots while i am working on your account will be provided at request, as well as a screenshot of my desktop while in game to ensure that no programs are being used to compromise your account's safety.
    -Authenticators may be kept to any and all accounts, provided that you are able to provide me with it whenever i am working on your account during your paid service.
    -Payment will only be accepted through Paypal, and again for my first few customers you will have the option to pay half halfway through the service, or in full at the end of the service.
    -For any powerleveling service refunds are not provided, in partial or full due to the nature of the service. Partial refunds can be discussed for other services, but will differ on the rate of completion in said service.

    <Services and prices>

    ~1000 Honor = 1.25$
    ~4000 Honor = 5.00$
    ~Full Dreadfull/Honor gear = 15.00$
    ~Conquest Cap = 7.50$ (Only through arena. This does not include RBG rating of any kind. Special requests are accepted and considered.)

    =Justice/PvE Services=
    ~1 Week of 1 Faction's dailies (7 days) = 7.00$ - First 3 Customers will receive a Week's worth of a seperate faction's dailies, free of charge.
    ~Order of the cloud serpent Exalted = 20.00$ (Must have battletag and pandaria flying. No exceptions.)
    ~4000 Justice = 7.50$
    ~460+ iLvL = 15.00$ (Depends on item level requested, this will all be heroic dungeon/pve gear for your 1 spec.) First 3 Customers will also receive a minimum of 500 Valor, Free of charge.)
    ~100 Valor = 1.50$ (This is earned through dungeons and LFR if available. Gear won will be vendored/kept to your request.)
    ~1000 Valor = 15.00$ (See above.)
    ~2175 BoA Gear = 4.00$
    ~3500 BoA Gear = 6.75$
    ~Rare spawn items = 3.00$ (This depends on the rare, the drop chance, and how many rares you request. For this service Battletag must be enabled, no exceptions, not RealID, battletag.)
    ~Dungeon achievements = X.XX$ (This will depend on the achievement you request, can discuss through Skype/Email. Glory of the ____ Raid achievements are also available.)

    ~1 - 60 = 10.00$ - First 3 customers will receive an extra 5 levels, free of charge.
    ~60 - 70 = 7.00$
    ~70 - 80 = 7.00$
    ~80 - 85 = 8.00$
    ~85 - 90 = 15.00$ - First customer will receive a full set of 460+ iLvl gear free of charge. This is the first customer to purchase any level to 90.
    ~Custom package = X.XX$ - We can discuss any type of custom package on Skype or through email. I am flexible to any type of package, requests or secondary services.
    ~1-600 Mining/Herbalism/Cooking = 7.50$ (Your account must have Azeroth flying as well as adequate gold to purchase cooking materials.)
    ~1-600 Skinning = 11.00$ (See above)
    ~1-600 Alch/Herb = 30.00$
    ~1-600 Skinning/Lw = 40.00$

    =Additional information=
    -I will always log in from the same computer, same IP - New york.
    -You may log in your account at any time, but please note that this will significantly increase the chances of your account being locked. (2 separate IP's.) If you need to raid, or for any reason need to log on at your account while i am working on it i will gladly step aside, but i cannot be held responsible for your account's security.
    -Any and all items acquired during your service will remain on your account. This means epics/blues while questing, gold, patterns, etc.
    -I also request that you leave positive feedback if you found your experience enjoyable. I am looking to create a good reputation for my service, as well as ensure that my customers are able to trust my services beforehand.

    =Contact information=
    - Skype -
    - Email - [email protected]
    - Please don't be afraid to contact for questions, pricing, etc. I will be happy to answer any and all questions, even if you don't purchase.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Online and ready to work!

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