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    Buying Wow Golds on All Server [EU/US] High Rates - Fast payment

    We are currently buying Wow Golds on All Servers on EU and US. We do the trades fast, and pay you right after finishing.
    We offer high rates for you and assure a 100% safe transaction for you.
    If you want to sell, you can reach us by Skype (Service4mmo) or MSN ([email protected]) and simply ask for a quote.

    Here are some vouches from my unmerged acc/raf/pwl selling thread :
    Originally Posted by Pr3cious View Post
    Done deals with them already. Trusted, sent me money first.
    Originally Posted by kydosa View Post
    After initial couple of obstacles service was very smooth, bought 6 months of gametime. Recommended!
    Originally Posted by stlk View Post
    Professional communication and good service.

    Just a side note: RaF is not available in all countries.
    Originally Posted by n00byn4t3r View Post
    Communication was fast and really nice, but I ended up not buying because of personal reasons.
    Originally Posted by PippoDust View Post
    Really ,really nice person. Communication was great. I reccomend them ;-)
    Originally Posted by Leddydreddy View Post
    Good communication, very professional. Helpful and patient person. Recommended!
    Originally Posted by shaksirah View Post
    Great Service!!! 12 months gametime. Walked me right through my first time doing this!!! Thank you Very much!!!!
    Originally Posted by Tatatoothy View Post
    great and fast service
    unfroze my account and got 3 months + mount
    helped my nooby butt alot
    even accepted another payment method
    Originally Posted by dw~ View Post
    Very very bad service. I've tried to get in contact with them regarding payment for a banner I designed for him/them, and still no answer. Been trying for TWO DAYS now.

    EDIT: Everything got sorted out, and they're legit. I've received everything.

    Originally Posted by jimmybuy View Post
    bought some leveling, excellent service! let me play my toons when i wanted to then carried on with no hassle!! best leveler on the market!!!
    Originally Posted by nsakhil View Post
    He is the best 1 month for cheap very trusted
    Originally Posted by Hyhhh8 View Post
    Brilliant service run by very nice people. Thank you so much for your services!
    Originally Posted by jimmybuy View Post
    Great service AGAIN!!, will definitely keep buying from them! polite and helpful on skype and always keeping updated contact!! A****** thanks
    Originally Posted by Twinkie996 View Post
    Vouch for my friend here. Totally legit !
    Originally Posted by V170 View Post
    Just bought 2 months of game time. Friendly service.
    Originally Posted by Creez330 View Post
    Purchased 2 months + Mount + Unfreeze

    First I ran into trouble with PayPal thinking I had been hacked so payment didn't go through, instead of shutting me off thinking I tried to scam him, we had a discussion and we agreed to transfer the money through a different courier, money went through smoothly, very kind and quick response, gametime took some time to through (45 minutes approx.) due to his partner being out for lunch, he kept me constantly updated and the second he was back he notified, and the gametime was processed immediately, great service and very friendly person! Answered all my questions (even the un-related haha), can vouch for sure!

    Originally Posted by juakinbcn View Post
    Very fast! Thank you so much.!

    Very good prices a lot of services!
    Originally Posted by Sagber View Post
    Great and fast service. Cheap prices. Best powerleveler i've ever tried!
    Originally Posted by Rawrking View Post
    Communication: 3/10
    Reason for the low score is very simple; as I was placing my order he was more than willing to talk and did so in excellent English; however, once my order was placed there was no contacting him through the same platform again. I got a total of one update out of my 4 requests.

    Leveling: 6,5/10
    I would pref. to give a tad lower, but I am trying to be nice. The leveling was done within the ETA so that's a big plus; however, I doubt my character has been given any attention at all. It was still in the same gear as it was given to them in (SoR gear). So it must of been very obvious for people that ever saw the character that it was being botted.

    Overall: 6/10
    They are in no way doing a bad service. I guess you get exactly what they are advertising for; so in such a way they are doing their job.
    Originally Posted by FireUndead View Post
    I loved this service mainly cause he answered right away spoke perfectly english and was just a really nice dude I got my stuff in 5 min and I asked him about SOR acc and how it works he told me about it and stuff And Was really easy to understand.
    Great service ^^
    Originally Posted by Kekdawg View Post
    Great service! Bought 1 month+mount and everything went smooth, very professional!
    Originally Posted by DanzaKuduro View Post
    (Stealin' Rawrking's pattern)

    Communication: 10/10
    His English was excellent, he was very professional and kind.
    Whenever I asked for status, he responded, and was always on Skype.

    Leveling: 9/10
    I took the honor cap thing, I was given a 1 day tops ETA, and it was done in the frame of that estimated time.

    Overall: 10/10
    Easy communication, always available, honest and good grammar. This was refreshing compared to other Chinese levelers.
    Thank you, and good luck.
    Originally Posted by Coconetz View Post
    My orders is done. Thank you for all. A+++ from me!
    Originally Posted by nsakhil View Post
    service4mmo is one of the only members that i will use for power leveling/ honor, he never failed me b4
    Originally Posted by Tatatoothy View Post
    bought 64-77 powerleveling
    they did it in the time they said big props for that
    even got 4000 hr points and 10 bars of xp free
    the communication was good and they even accepted my paysafecard payment
    so im definitely buying again
    Originally Posted by SmokinSquirrel View Post
    Very good seller, helpful and also quick! Thank you!
    Originally Posted by zarhkoh View Post
    i'm trading with him, tell u if that's good

    EDIT: Good trader, trade is done !
    Originally Posted by Zswizzy View Post
    This is the second time iv bought from these guys
    First time was 6 months ago just getting a 68-70 for like 10c or something :P
    This time I bough 51-90 cost me only 40 euros and as the first time it has been done very fast, very well and obviously the price is fantastic! Unrivalled prices anywhere.
    They respond almost instantly a good 12 hours a day and if they don't they will nearly always respond within a few hours.
    I have had these guys on my skype for a good year atleast a year.

    I would also like to add I was banned by a group of taiwanese powerlevers (very well known on player auctions and epicnpc) and they just said that it was normal to be banned (apparantly they were using a vpn so) while getting leveled.
    So my account was on high alert while they were doing this and I hanvnt been banned, had a warning, Nothing!

    Originally Posted by firefly1010 View Post
    Bought 1 month + frozen code.
    good trader
    Originally Posted by CoachJack89 View Post
    Bought a SoR account, quick delivery A+ service!
    Originally Posted by chrisrafa View Post
    great service and very relaxed with my. took me through the whole process and explained everything to me as i had never dome this before.
    thanks very much
    Originally Posted by Exmortem View Post
    Just purchased 3 months game time, very helpful and good service.
    Originally Posted by Exmortem View Post
    Just purchased 3 months game time, very helpful and good service.
    Originally Posted by chiken509 View Post
    Thanks again guy's bought 1 month of gametime + a few bot sessions a while back.
    Originally Posted by TehPwner View Post
    Earlier mentioned issues ended up being more a problem on my end anyways with MSN(was appearing offline when I wasn't, nor was I set to appear offline!)

    Fast transaction, walked me through the easy to understand steps and quick response time (within 10 minutes) after aforementioned issues were resolved. Would buy again any time from them!

    Contact Adress
    [email protected]

    Payment methods accepted:
    Credit Card
    Western Union
    WoW Gold

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    Scammer do not trust.

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    Scammer, do not sell to.

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    Why dont ban this guy?

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