WTT High warlord/Gladiator and Grand Marshal account for GOLD on Khadgar EU horde menu

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    WTT High warlord/Gladiator and Grand Marshal account for GOLD on Khadgar EU horde


    Please do not be put off by my low rep/low post count. I have being a lurker on these forums for a while and have done transactions with people on this site through Skype who would vouch for me. I am willing to do a middle man trade if needed! Posting to put this amazing account on offer

    Paid up until 12/12/12, have a 60 day timecard sealed if it is needed

    Level 90 horde Mage
    457 ilevel PVP gear, mostly dreadful with two pieces of malevolent epic.
    High Warlord title, Conquerer, Of the Horde
    100k+ Honourable kills
    Swift netherdrake from getting S1 Gladiator
    Has the Tabard: Contest Winners Tabard - this was given to the person on the server who had the most Honourable kills before the honour system was implemented, 2 per Vanilla server (one horde, on alliance) this makes it the rarest in game item outside of scarab lord! remember many servers were implemented during BC/WOTLK and they never had the chance to get this item. think its something like 32 active characters in the world have this.
    has tabard of the protector from the BC launch event.
    Loads of cool transmog gear including of course T1 PVP replica armour.

    Level 82 alliance rouge
    Grand Marshal title, Justicar, Of the alliance
    can purchase replica T1 PVP gearfor transmog
    60k+ honourable kills

    level 86 Warrior

    level 73 horde druid
    has full BC epic pvp gear

    not much gold, around 8/9k across all characters.
    characters on high pop realms

    The account has just over 200K honourable kills total, 50k more for bloodthirsty title! The grand marshal/ high warlord titles are not account wide making it rare to find it on two characters!

    trading or selling because I am bored of PVP and I have two accounts, this one isn't originally mine, but you will get e-mail/password/cata CD key/full name of orginal owner and you will also get the e-mail account that is associated with the account, you can see full transaction history, this email account is used for WOW only so no spam etc

    What im looking for:

    250k buyout (will include timecard code!)
    swift Spectral tiger
    Magic rooster + 30k.

    would take 140euros

    talk over PM or Skype at


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