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    WoW Account US PvP Server (High Pop) Horde Faction toons 85shaman (ele/resto) 85dk

    Hi all,

    I am currently trying to get rid of my main account, mainly because I want to change servers without forking over more cash to blizz. I have several toons on the acct, I'll give u some details below:

    Lvl 85 Troll Shaman Elemental/Restoration Dual Spec'd.
    Avg ilvl 338 equipped, 2 ilvl 365 arena epics, working on full vicious glad gear atm.
    280% Flying
    Titles: Kingslayer, Jenkins

    Lvl 85 Orc DeathKnight Blood/Unholy Dual Spec'd
    Avg ilvl 283 most just greens/quest items he's a farming toon
    310% Flying with the RAF X-53 Rocket Mount

    81 Warlock Destruction/Demonology Dual Spec'd
    280% Flying
    450 Tailoring/450 Blacksmithing
    Multiple pets,mounts including the X-53 Touring Rocket and Black War Bear
    Titles: Patient, of the Ashen Verdict, Twilight Vanquisher, Kingslayer, Jenkins, Brewmaster,

    79 Blood Elf Paladin Protection/Retribution Dual Spec'd
    280% Flying
    525 Alchemy/525jewelcrafting (Already have alot of cata recipes)

    There are also numerous lower level alts on the main server as well as a few on random servers from lvl 5-45.

    My asking price is $300 for the account. This will include all account information, only thing I do not have is the cd keys, but will include a copy of my photo id once the payment has cleared paypal. For an extra $2-3.00 I will also mail the authenticator that has been attached to the account since creation to the buyer if requested.

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