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    [EU] Season 8 Arena Service | gladiator titles | 2800+ players | arena boosting

    Welcome to arenarating – the leading arena service provider in Europe!

    We are successful tournament players in the European WoW scene and the most qualified people offering arena boosting services in Europe.

    • complete safety – your account will only be played by a professional player who has successfully done this for several seasons already
    • xfire stream & voice commentary – you will get access to our exclusive xfire stream, where you can watch some of the best players playing highrated arena!
    • personal consultation – your communication will be directly with a professional world of warcraft gamer – we are available every day for our customers!
    • full satisfaction – we can represent over 300 happy customers. Check out our testimonials here , we have 100 % positive feedback as well as many people who recommend us to their friends
    • 100 % money back guarantee – should we somehow not manage to deliver your order, you will get an automatic refund

    Fulfill your dream of gladiator title & mount, a specific weapon or even a rank 1 title – we will provide you with fantastic results to make the game more fun for you!

    All prices are for one character. Full teams will get a discount if their team rating is close to the desired rating!

    Arena Rating Packages
    1800 rating – 70 EUR
    2000 rating – 110 EUR
    2200 rating – 160 EUR
    2200 + T2 weapon – 250 EUR
    2200 + 5/5 Set + T2 weapon – 430 EUR

    Gladiator Rating Packages
    Gladiator (full PvP gear required) – 390 EUR
    Gladiator + 5/5 Set + T2 weapon – 650 EUR
    Rank 1 + 5/5 Set + T2 weapon (gladiator from previous season required) – 1150 EUR

    Weekly games
    10 weekly games under 2200 – 15 EUR/week
    10 weekly games above 2200 – 25 EUR/week

    Our service doesn't just end with the successful completion of your order. We are offering individual training sessions, guides and instructions about strategy, tactics, different setups and general arena. We have set our aim to fulfill your requirements the best we can do.

    Learn from the best players to improve your playstyle as well as your gaming experience!

    Training / coaching packages
    1 hour coaching – 35 EUR
    1 hour “play with a pro” – 35 EUR
    10 hour intensive training - 290 EUR
    Guides – 25 EUR guide

    We are a team of 10 players, in which we have one expert per class usually. Our players are professional and sponsored players from Europe, who achieved top 3 placements at national and international events and tournaments, such as ESL – Intel Extreme Masters, Major League Gaming and Blizzcon.

    Special service
    As the only arena leveling provider ever we are giving out regular newsletters for free which contain content delivered by our arena pros.

    Interviews with tournament players, tips & tricks and general arena news will be available! Profit from insider news and learn precious strategies directly of the tournament champions!

    WoW Arena Service

    Season 6 Screens:

    Season 7 Screens:

    Originally Posted by Axedude
    I purchased a 2v2 Gladiator Boost from Inzongo last season. The service was provided was of extremely high quality. The games were played each week at a time of our choosing. The win/loss ratio was very impressive, 10-0 each week is the norm for these guys.
    I was able to join their Ventrilo server with my partner to listen to the games being played - this is a really nice feature as you can learn alot from how they approach different teams/discuss tactics etc.
    Inzongo is available on msn each day to answer any questions and to inform you of any issues.
    I really cannot praise the service enough, this service is well worth the asking price.
    Originally Posted by Gomi
    I bought services at Inzongo the last 2 seasons
    ( 2 vs 2 Gladiator / 3 vs 3 Gladiator ) and the quality is top notch and more than worth every penny spent on the service.
    Not only do you get the best service you could ever imagine. You also get professional and friendly advice about your class and what equipment/gem/enchants/talents/glyph too focus on obtaining.
    Contact is also maintained through the whole service, and even questions that would seem to be "Noobish" are answered in a
    calm and understanding fashion, leaving you completely sure whats going on all the time and on top of the situation.
    Not once did I run into any problems, and thats saying alot taking into consideration the time the service stretches on (A whole season).
    If you decide too give Inzongo?s service a try, and I recommend it, feel sure that you will receive the best service there is, with a professional team behind him and a personal experience without par, it dosent get any better!
    Originally Posted by carnaca
    I just had to make a user here to compliment these fine gents in some real nice service.
    First off i'm real sceptical going into these kinds of deals, but my worries was in vein. The service was outstanding, we got plenty of tips and could ask these blokes just about any related questions we had. But the best part was listening to them on vent, we felt we learned alot from that session!
    Safe and good service, they get 10/10 from me atleast. PM me here if you have any questions how my experience with them was.
    Originally Posted by Spazz010
    If ur looking for arena service believe me u cant find better than him RLY amazing i bought 3vs3 2200 personal (t2 weapon) i got my rating in 1 day (he just logged in for 4h) insane win/lose ratio.

    I deeply respect him for his kindness , his skills and the time he spend explaining every thing for me.

    Very nice guy I strongly recommend him
    Originally Posted by Dahomes
    Good afternoon,

    Since 2007 I have my own company and when our son was born, there was/is alot less time for WoW.
    So, I bought the arena service after being in doubt throughout most of season 7. Since I took a break after s6 for obvious reasons. It was either quit completely, or have someone keep the char up to date in arena. I choose for option 2.

    Had myself a chat with loads and loads of questions (yes I was sceptical), did research on the internet and gave the ok sign.

    Had to transfer the char, so there was nobody I knew that could keep an eye out or anything, so I felt a little bit paranoia at first.

    After a week and a half, the games started and I was given the opportunity to listen on vent... It sounded so easy (though started at 1k personal rating), and it was easy since they played 35-1 (till 1800), the first week. I checked ofcourse, and everything looked normal and ok (it takes time to trust someone on the account you have put alot of work and time in). They kept playing 10 games per week after that untill I had enough points to get the t2 wpn. so, up from 2200 every week and finally got 2400+ (which was not glad material ofcourse).

    In the last week, it was exciting, since I still was wondering if they would make it (was promised money back guaranteed if they didn't). But if they could not make it, they should have not be doing business with me, unless they where scammers. I was on holiday the last weekend and came back tuesday evening late. Logged on my MSN and saw the line:
    glad 100 % secured

    We wanna congratulate you on your title and hope to do business with you again next season.

    I'd say, a job well done. I think I will be using the service again next season. From my own experience, I would definately recommend it.

    PM me if you have any questions (please do).
    Originally Posted by Toia
    So then I decided to buy a Gladiator title from Inzongo, added him to msn fast enough I was in chat with him, he started asking for my armory, and if I had any friends to join in which I didn't, it took him less than a week in the season and I had my teammates already. They started playing almost rightaway to get ratings for points, the other players wasn't that great geared but they still pulled off some amazing winratios, we started receiving 9-1 alot slowly pushing rating up by the season.

    This service is for anyone you don't need to be inactive, you can be as active as you want, they play 10 games a week and you _will_ end up with a fine title and mount which they did for me. My favourite part was probably that I could listen to ventrilo let alone talk with them, we have spoken alot during the season, discussing and keeping me up to date. I chose that I wanted to stay on my realm and he let me aswell, he carefully explained how the progress would go in the very start nothing was suspicious I was very comfortable with the service looking at every other service around here can't even compare to the price and quality from Inzongo.

    I can highly agree that this is proffesional service and in reality very cheap, it has been so much fun working with Inzongo and I can't wait for my drake coming

    And without thinking about it I pre-ordered gladiator service for next season.

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