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    Eu wow account 3 lvl 80s good geared

    Hi guys
    after a long run playing wow ive decide to stop and sell my account:confused:
    the account is mine and have never been powerlvled or anything, it comes with original keys to all 3 games.

    the account includes 3 80s, druid lvl 60 and some alts and a big guildbank with shit loads of mats for herb, mining, alch, jewlcrafting, inscription and enchanting

    lvl 80 belf mage
    full tier 10
    done all wotlk raids 10/25
    atm gs is 6200
    riding skill 300
    comes with celestial steed and some special mount obtained by doing achivements in different dungeons and ofc the hog and trav tundra mammoth. got 60+ mounts.
    alch+herb 450

    lvl 80 belf paladin
    tier 10 2/5
    icc 25 man geared
    done icc 10 12/12 and icc 25 11/12
    gs 5700
    comes with celestial steed and epic riding skill = 300
    mining+jwl 450
    comes with gear for both healing and dps

    lvl 80 tauren death knight
    tier 10 1/5
    done icc 10 11/12 and icc 25 6/12
    gs 5200
    comes with brewfest mount and celestial steed
    got epic riding = 300
    jewl+mining 450
    comes with gear for dps and tanking

    at last there is a druid lvl 60 with epic flying and all heirloom gear.
    btw the paladin only misses one piece of the bidings to get thunder fury the legendary weapon from vanilla time :-)

    please come with some bids on this, prefer in euros
    was thinking 250 mayby 300

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