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    Originally Posted by The Mandalorian View Post
    Purchased, a very good triggerbot with some extra features, the outline selecting process is very nice aswell makes things a lot easier.
    Definitely very different from other triggerbots and a lot better.
    Originally Posted by machino9999 View Post
    This is my very honest review but first review ever so i do my best. The bot is better then any other triggerbot i have used before, this seems to be a new bot and others all seem the same to me. I like how you can easily make this work. This is not 100% accurate but maybe 95% but i'm on 60 fps locked and this feels very smooth to other triggerbots. I have also tested scoping and that goes realy nice, sniping is very good experience on yellow and purple outline detection.

    Thank you and goodluck i hope to see nice updates in the future.
    Originally Posted by light3312 View Post
    Works good, easy to use.
    Originally Posted by RB1000 View Post
    I just bought it and so far it works good, easy setup and accurate.
    Can't wait for later updated!
    Originally Posted by FelixAE7 View Post
    it works good i like the outline selector οΏ½οΏ½
    Originally Posted by RoXox View Post
    I purchased the bot earlier and promised to leave an update.

    The bot is definitely a lot better than other triggerbots on the market right now and i think it is because the cheat looks for the exact colors that your PC has because of the build in color picker while other bots look for a specific color pre-defined, filters or difficult settings.

    I can honestly say that Skyrant does their job very well in bringing a new type of color bot to the market that does things a lot better and actually works solid.

    I'm excited for their future releases in regards of updates.

    +1 from me, i can recommend it.
    Originally Posted by otowasaki View Post
    I tried several trigger like dominator externalhands. This is the easiest one to setup. Only thing u need to do is just pick outline and everything working then. Trigger working well also include operator.
    My display resolution is 2k and it's perfect working for me. So i think it's all resolution supported.
    PS:staff said next patch will add toggle key and hold key. That's what I want for operator xD
    Originally Posted by Gokuza90 View Post
    this is very good valorant bot it is so easy to use and works good. for pistol i use ghost, gun is vandal or phantom and operator is realy good too
    Originally Posted by Aikoi View Post
    Support is friendly and fast, they developed toggle hotkeys after i asked but i understood other people had demand for it too.
    Setup is very simple and the bot reacts very sharp that is why i needed the toggle because of corner situations, the bot will not miss a shot.

    I'm very impressed, i'm happy i bought.
    Originally Posted by GRAYfilski View Post

    I got this cheat about a day ago. This triggerbot is amazing. It is super responsive and customizable. The cheat was super easy to set up and use as well. Within the 24 hours that I have owned this cheat, the devs have all ready put out 2 updates adding a bunch of new features. Updating is super quick and easy and by no means a hassle. The devs were amazing. They responded super fast and they were extremely helpful and polite and friendly. Overall this is a great cheat and I would 100% recommend it to anyone that is interested.

    Thank you Skyrant devs for making an amazing cheat for a better than fair price!
    Originally Posted by CShart View Post
    I have bought the cheat not knowing what to expect, my last encounter with triggerbots was not good but this skyrant looked very good and it was cheap aswell so i decided to give it a try.

    I'm very satisfied with skyrant, to my surprise it was better then the other pixel bots i have used before, but this is also because of the custom outline find tool that they made, which i have not seen elsewhere before.

    The staff is also updating their tool very frequently and supprot seems to be always active for me.

    I can highly recommend Skyrant if you want a low key high performance cheat.
    It has my vouch one hundred percent.
    Originally Posted by J3SU5 View Post
    Bought for a week this triggerbot. Before a purchase, i thought, it will be a usual uselless pixelbot.
    But how wrong i was..

    Here is my opinion on what the purchased product is:
    1) Gys added custom binds with the hold option, which is unrealistically useful.
    2) Triggerbot is very useful for snipers, Guardian, Sheriff, and especially Ghost, this triggerbot has an incredible impact, cuz you will be able to prefire as Radiants. Ofc, u can use it on each gun, but u need to select settings for each weapon and for urself playstyle. Someone likes to play with fov 12 and firerate 6, someone use higher values. All is changable and customisable
    In just two days, I upgraded my rank for three positions from D1 to Immortal1, and I'm very happy that bought this triggerbot.
    3) Deep customization. Most pixelbots dictate which enemy color you must to use. In Skyrant you can choose which color of the player's backlight to use. U wanna purple? U r welcome. Or maybe yellow, like me? Not a problem too.

    In general, it is 9/10. I'll take off 1point forthe problem listed in the 2nd paragraph. But Im sure that it will be fixed, cuz the guys are really kind and quickly help clients.

    Hf with skyrant.
    Originally Posted by Flux.1337 View Post
    Bought this just to test it, actually considering buying lifetime.
    I've tried other externals before, and this by far beats them all; this is mainly due to their amazing support, excellent pixelbot and the color selector. It also allows for certain FOV settings and firerate settings which is handy when using different weapons, as other externals I have used do not offer this kind of functionality. IMO this is the best external on the market, price wise and functionality wise; both the owner and dev/owner are very helpful and any issues have been resolved within an hour of me reporting it to them.

    I've gone from Plat 1 to Diamond 2 in two and a half days, and I've won every game except one (wasn't related bad teammates)

    For an external this is amazing and the set up is extremely easy, with little to no configuring required.

    10/10, I would recommend and I would purchase again
    Originally Posted by joey6969 View Post
    Works as intended I'm excited for the new updates to come as there planing a lot more for this! +REP
    Originally Posted by Grasman86 View Post
    This is by far the best triggerbot that has ever been created.

    It is extremely easy to setup, it has top notch performance, it is sniper compatible, staff changes builds every 2-3 days for everyone through autopatch.
    Developer is very active, bugs get fixed fast, support is a big active and friendly team.

    I genuinely can't say anything bad about Skyrant.

    Huge vouch!
    Originally Posted by legendkray View Post
    They really know what they are doing and they are doing a great job for sure. Support is SUPERB. They are fast and when you have a problem they immediately try to help you. Their update calendar is pretty good they are planning to release pretty cool stuff soon so I am pretty hyped for them too. A clean and understandable Discord server is one another advantage too. Big thanks to the owner and support here. 10/10
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