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    VALORANT - Overview guide & Services by rushboost

    Hey folks,
    We have created a mini guide for Valorant + would like to offer our services once the game is out

    We will be offering:

    • Ranked boosting
    • Level Boosting
    • Battle Pass boosting
    • Self-play coaching with pro players
    • Kills farm
    • Wins farm


    Let me ask you a question. Which competitive FPS player didn't dream of 128 tick rate servers with minimum 30 frames per second on even poor spec computers from the past decade, low latency server connections (below 35ms), flawless net code and solid anti-cheat since day one? The answer is simple, no one - and that's where Riot steps in with their new product called Valorant, a highly competitive FPS Shooter based around 5v5 system (very similar to the CS:GO) with a "bomb" mechanic and it's own economy included.


    Valorant is heavily based around the economy (same as CS:GO). Money in the game allows you to purchase weapons, spells, shields, etc.
    Each kill gives you a specific amount of $ and winning or losing round causes you to gain more and less money. Money tactics, famous "eco" and "buy"
    will be back in a new Riot game and we couldn't be more excited as we think it's the best system to the date!


    Valorant will surely require a lot of mechanical skill and wise decision making in order to be good at it, different spray patterns for each character, complex tactics based around bomb sites and your team characters, synergy with other players, movement and aim - all of it will have a meaningful impact in new Riot multiplayer game.


    It's unknown yet if Valorant ranked system will be similar to the one we know from League of Legends, which lasts 1 year long and is divided into 3 splits each lasting 3 months but we already know, that game will have skill tiers:


    Mercenary is the lowest one and Valorant is the highest, equivalent of Challenger in Leauge of Legends or Global Elite in CS:GO.​


    A release date for the new Riot game's FPS is not known yet exactly, we already know that it will be during summer 2020, however without specific details. However, Beta is underway - you can win closed beta entry by watching top streamers of Valorant with drops enabled.​

    That's it for now! If you would like to read more about details of the game please visit our website and check our full review and services, thank you in advance!
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