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    Selling PVE/PVP Account with WINGS AND CREST & S3-S7 GEAR – TOP 3 TITLES

    Selling PVE/PVP Account with WINGS AND CREST & S3-S7 GEAR – TOP 3 TITLES

    Selling my SWTOR account after more than 4 years of playing..

    • It is located on The Ebon Hawk Server
    • Rare PVE and PvP Mounts (Mentioned specifically in Character list)
    • Rare PVE and PvP Titles (Mentioned specifically in Character list
    • Full Set of Season 3 PVP Weapon Rewards (Furious) & Crystals (Scattered around Characters/Legacy Hold)
    • Full Set of Season 4 PVP Weapon Rewards (Swashbuckler) and Crystals (Scattered around Characters/Legacy Hold)
    • Full Set of Season 5 PVP Weapon Rewards (Gladiatorial) and Crystals (Scattered around Characters/Legacy Hold)
    • FULL Legacy Unlocks
    • 100% Imperial Classes Global Unlocks
    • 100% Republic Classes Global Unlocks
    • 100% Datacron Collection (Besides Presence Datacrons)
    • Achievements – More than 25.000 points
    • Operrations at 92%

    The account includes:

    • More than 80 million credits
    • 565 Cartel Coins
    • Items worth 800 million credits or more..
    • 30 days active subscription left
    • 100% collections from cartel pack shipments 1-9
    • 100% collections in mounts, companions, toys, flairs, events, specials and emotions.. Almost 100% in the whole collection..
    • All subscription perk items since 2013
    • All expansions included (with associated pre-order bonusses and items)
    • 5x boosted character slots available - get any class at level 65 instantly
    • Czerka Crate-O-Matic (rarest item in the game)
    • Lots of other valueable items, such as black/black and white/white dyes, weapon tunings (lightning), unlocks, LifeDay bundles, etc.
    • Nicely decorated Yavin, Coruscant and Tatooine strongholds, both fully unlocked
    • Partly decorated Nar Shaddaa stronghold, fully unlocked
    • a LOT of really rare decorations for further personalization


    70 Powertech
    Titles: Gate Crasher, The Eternal Warrior, Of The Ruined World, S3 PvP Titles
    Unique: Wings of the Architect Mount, Crest of the Dreadmasters Headpiece and HYPERPOD Mount
    Valor 85

    70 Assassin
    Titles: Winter Warrior, (S6 PvP Top 3 leaderboards title – Apex Assassin)
    Unique: Wings of the Architect Mount
    Valor 75

    70 Mercenary
    Titles: Gate Crasher, The Eternal Warrior
    Unique: Meditation Hoverchair and lots of other rare mounts (pvp)
    Valor 70

    70 Operative
    Titles: S5 PvP Titles
    Unique: S5 T1 Mount (Gladiatorial Nexu), S7 T1 Mount (Giradda Acklay)
    Valor 94

    70 Sorcerer
    Titles: Of The Ruined World - Will have S8 T1 PvP Titles and the other rewards as well!
    Valor 81

    Rest of my Alt Toons:
    70 Bounty Hunter
    70 Assassin
    70 Sorcerer
    70 Sniper
    70 Marauder
    65 Operative
    65 Juggernaut


    70 Shadow
    Titles: The Dread Shadow – (S4 PvP Top 3 leaderbords title)
    Unique: Gladiatorial Nexu Mount
    Valor 87

    70 Scoundrel
    Titles: Eternal Scoundrel - (S7 PvP Top 3 leaderboards title)
    Unique: S7 T1 (Giradda Acklay)
    Valor 80

    Rest of my Alt Toons:
    70 Sentinel
    70 Sage
    70 Commando
    65 Scoundrel
    65 Guardian
    65 Shadow
    59 Shadow
    63 Vanguard

    No Longer Obtainable PvP Rewards:
    Furious Weapons & Crystals (Season 3 PVP Rewards)
    Swashbucklers Weapons & Crystals (Season 4 PVP Rewards)
    Gladiatorial Weapons & Crystals (Season 5 PVP Rewards)
    Season 7 Crystals, Acklay Mount, Titles

    Manhunter title is there as well and fully pvp 248 geared also!!

    Can get all the screenshots for it, only SERIOUS INQUIRIES - Looking for 1650-1750 USD, since I've used MANY cartel coins on it and A LOT of time on it.. This account is also very rare to find and it’s one of a kind to get!

    Also I won't give it away without full pre-payment.. I got a lot of reps in STEAM (Feel free to add me in there), so I’m not a scammer 😊
    Send me a PM if this is something for you 😊

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