4x55 + 50 //40.3k hp pvp sin tank//Bastion PVP 0 USD OBO //Paypal verifed menu

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    4x55 + 50 //40.3k hp pvp sin tank//Bastion PVP $300 USD OBO //Paypal verifed

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    I'm looking to sell my account, I'm really just not enjoying this game anymore and I have a new baby and school is getting harder so I think it's time to head out.

    Everything is on Bastion PVP

    Legacy name change kit included.
    level 44 legacy with many unlocks including rocket boots level 3
    all 55s are slicers
    I have the purple 28s of redoubt fort resolve might and overkill
    the sin makes mk-9 kits as well so its set up to really make some good money on.

    55 Sin
    artifice/slicer/treasure hunter

    all mods are adv reinforced 28
    all enh are adv viglian 28
    the saber and OH have adv enh resil 28
    it has both 65 and 72 hilt - i find the pve hilt gives a nice damage boost, but it can be swapped for the conq hilt easily enough
    the only pieces that need upgrades are

    the 2 relics which are partisan
    and the chest which is min max 63 with the same mods and enh in 27s

    the sorc has legacy gear, and there is enough comms to buy 1 or 2 relics i believe. more than happy to stream the account. All in all your missing maybe a dozen points in stats from full min/max conq, and wouldn't really take more than a week or 2 to finish it.

    it has 40.3k hp
    it comes with 2 sets of adv aug 28s (purple) depending on your play style
    14 x fort
    14x redoubt

    Revans mask
    Solus secant
    cathar honor staff

    55 Sorc

    PVE gear mostly 69's with a few 72s and 72 hilt
    Supreme inquisitors robe

    all 3 of the alts are slicers

    55 PT

    55 Guardian

    50 sniper

    Taking serious offers,
    I will include the email address the account is on as well for extra security.
    I will also live stream the account if you want to see what is on it and such.
    there is less than 400k creds on the account, sorry sold them all earlier this week.

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    Status: Trade

    ill offer $100 add me on skype - rayswtor

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