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    Pc/529 skins/6 t5/53 wards/180 icons/lvl 117/godpack/all vp

    Selling my personal account because bored of the game. Most of my skins are t3 and higher, only few t2 and t1s. Quite a bit of limited and unlimited skins, including T5 for Ullr, Anubis, Hou Yi, Hel, Baron Samedi and Kukulkan.

    Skins are most valuable on this account, i wasn't paying too much attention on ranked games.

    List of all Limited skins(Excluding all Vault Skins(Vault+Bundles), i have all of them, but they are not that "Limited"):
    Ah Muzen Cab Solid Hornet
    Amaterasu SWC 2017 Heroine
    Anubis Demonic Pact (T5)
    Ao Kuang Dragon Knight
    Aphrodite SWC 2018 Queen
    Apollo 2017 Challenger
    Chaac Einherjar
    Ganesha Pure Heart
    Hercules Retrocles, Nemean Lion
    Hun Batz Midgardian Macaque
    Isis Alexandrite
    Kali Velkalli
    Kukulkan Dragon's Rage
    Medusa Sea Maiden(T4)
    Ra Sunstar
    Scylla Vampiric
    Skadi Dragon Kin, Star Salvager
    Morrigan Woodland Rogue
    Thor SWC 2018 King
    Ullr Frostfire(T5)

    List of all UnLimited skins:
    Artemis Kitty Cafe
    Baron Samedi Stellar Demise(T5)
    Hel Eclipse Summoner(T5)
    Hou Yi Totem Caller(T5)
    Kukulkan Wind of change(T5), Phoenix Fury
    Nu Wa Battleship Heaven
    Scylla Bewitching Bunny
    Jemoja Angelic Archon
    Ymir Striking Machina

    List of all exclusive skins will be way too long :D

    Add me in discord, ArenVaal#7089, for extended showcase.

    150$ will be a fair price.

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