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    ❌ Rocket League Items ❌ | Cheap | Safe | Instant Delivery

    Contact Info:

    Skype: Mpouri80 (nick: Kugogizo) / Discord: Aizen28#2810 (Discord Unique ID: 149090192710434816)

    AntiScam Advice: Don't pay anyone before you PM me here, it could be an imposter scam!

    Why you should buy from me

    I'm an old and experienced vendor & farmer who has 100% positive feedback on several marketplace platforms
    I always strive to give the best possible price and deliver as fast as possible
    My delivery methods are extremely safe, I take a lot of precautions in order to protect your account
    The currency & items that I sell are farmed using legit methods, no bots/cheats or other third parties
    I accept many payment methods including bitcoins (I may accept other cryptos too, it depends on the order)

    Security, Warnings, Refund & Delivery Policy (Read Carefully!)

    Buying gaming currency or items is against the ToS of a company and if they find you then you will get banned, so there is always a small risk on these transactions. The security of your account is my top priority, so I take extreme safety measures that reduce this risk significantly, my practices include: scanning my partners regularly in order to ensure that its safe to get the goods from them, using the safest delivery methods, consulting you if I think that your method is risky, I will never trade until safety is maximized, after all, it's not only you who I have to protect but my partners as well since if they lose their accounts, they also lose their jobs. So far none of my customers has ever reported a ban to me even on some ultra high-risk orders. Despite my measures, I can't guarantee that you will never get banned, the chance is tiny but it could still happen. In the extremely rare event where you get banned for buying currency or items, you are responsible for it therefore I don't issue a refund. On the good side, if you get banned, it's not always the end, the punishment is usually harsh for currency buyers/sellers but there are unban services out there that could potentially help you with this, I don't offer support for this, it's up to you to find the solution and if you don't, I'm not responsible. That to be said companies don't care so much about currency trading these days unless you are overdoing it such as trading huge amounts constantly, their unban policy is also more forgiving and there are rare cases where even botters or dupers have been unbanned and those are far worse than a currency buyer in the eyes of a company.

    The only cases where I will issue a refund is when I will not be able to deliver the promised amount in a timely manner assuming that you want it faster. If there will be a considerable delay in the delivery (more than 2-3 days) then I will refund an amount that is equivalent in value to the undelivered goods including the fees that you paid for transferring the money to me. Refunds are not given if the delivery is delayed for 1-2 days. Finally, refunds are not given if the delay is caused by a dispute such as when a partner of mine delivered the goods but you didn't receive them, in these cases, the refund will be given after the dispute is solved assuming the delivery wasn't completed, these disputes will require solid proof from my partner's side to be solved such as real-time screenshots or streaming the delivery, this proof will be available for you to see. The last case where I don't refund a delayed delivery is when the ordered amount is exceptionally high and I have to delay the delivery for safety reasons. Overall, delays are not the norm, the delivery will usually be fast but unpredictable stuff happens all the time, so I have a policy in place for this.

    Price & Payment Method

    The price is always determined by the current market standards and my goal is to keep it below that. You should contact me for more details regarding the price.

    I accept payment through Paypal (F&F only), Skrill, Payoneer, Crypto, and in some cases bank transfers and Wise.

    The process works as follows: I answer all of your questions -> we agree on the amount -> you leave me feedback (optional) -> you send me the money to my payment processor address. -> I deliver you the goods in-game -> I will wait until you receive them and confirm that everything is fine, I will offer further support if it's needed.

    Contact Info

    Skype: Mpouri80 (nick: Kugogizo)

    Discord: Aizen28#2810 (Discord Unique ID: 149090192710434816)

    Telegram: kugoaccounts (name: Themis)

    Security Tip: Contact me on this site first in order to avoid potential imposters.

    Send me a message and I will answer as fast as I can. If you are not getting an answer it means that I sleep or I'm not at home

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