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    New trade section info and reading material as of 12/08/2011

    New trade section i and reading material as of 12/08/2011

    Ok so I am getting a lot of Pm's about people being scammed and it's not surprising as many people are unaware of methods to illegally obtain money and then to attempt to buy something with it. There has been a rise in people using stolen credit cards and PayPals which aside from being highly illegal is also immoral, so I am going to post some general rules for the trading section and some new reading material so you can prepare yourself before a trade and hopefully not get scammed

    Remember if the user is not using the standard trading format then DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM. This is because they are some lowlife who does not read the rules and who goes right in and just posts:

    "WTS level 90 fury warrior"

    Then scams the first person with cash, this rule does not apply for powerleveing as this is a different subject.
    ere is the template:

    Item name:
    Item type:
    Payment Method:
    Payment Amount:
    Info on it:

    Heres an example of this in action:

    Item name: EU wow level 85 mage
    Item type: EU World of Warcraft Account
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Payment Amount: $50
    Info on it: This is my level 85 mage which I have had since 2004 in patch 1.1. It has a billion mounts on it and over 9001k gold. It has S55 and T40 gear as well as an ilevel of 800.
    Pictures: derp.png

    Alright so we covered that, the next is various payment methods which I have posted about in the announcements but I will cover PayPal a slight bit more.
    From a recent scam there is a link you can use to check if the user is verified or not (CLICK HERE), if they are not DO NOT TRUST THEM, if they are then we can begin.

    Firstly ask yourself, is this deal too good to be true, chances are it is if so.
    Second does the user have ID Verified on OwnedCore? If not then you are more likely to get scammed
    Thirdly when did the user register? If it was in the month the thread was posted and he has 1 post and 1 rep then chances are you may get scammed. (Note: Not always as a lot of low posting/rep users are trusting but be careful)
    Fourthly when chatting to the buyer/seller does he/she want to change the original method of payment? e.g. You say in your thread you will only accept 100k gold for it but later on down the trade they offer $100 PayPal money then tell them to gtfo and stick with the original deal.
    Lastly if paying via PayPal request that they send you an email from their PayPal email address to check that they have not just stolen the PayPal and are trying to make some quick $$.

    Now these tips will help you through your trade however using PayPal still carries a HUGE risk as payments can be recalled regardless if it was sent via gift or via goods.

    This is because if a stolen PayPal is used, the scammer sends you $1337 and you give them the item the original owned of the PayPal will be like WTF and call their credit card company and PayPal to get a refund which apart from limiting your PayPal account you will lose all the money and possibly the item you traded.

    There is no 100% full proof way to prevent you from being scammed however there are prevention methods and ways you can protect yourself such as only trading with ID Verified users or proved trusted members.

    SIDE NOTE: Do NOT trust users who say "Oh I'm new on this forum but on this other forum I have a billion feedback from good trades" as we do not care how good they are on another forum as the trade is taking place on OwnedCore not there.

    Also do not trust people who claim to be a high ranked member on this forum without proof e.g. they pm you on OwnedCore.

    I hope this have been of use to you, we are adding different things in the coming weeks to help define the trade section more as it expands. If you do get scammed then please PM me or any other tade section/smod as soon as possible so we can help get it resolved. If you are worried you may about to be scammed or want advice then feel free to PM me (will take a bit longer to repl tho).

    If you have any questions or anything then let me know



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    New trade section info and reading material as of 12/08/2011

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