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    [BOTService] $$Cheap Price for your toon$$(PowerLevel/Archaeology/Honor Farm)

    Hello everybody, I am starting up a Botting Leveling service, Super cheap.

    If you think "botting my account won't be safe", You are pretty wrong.
    because I will be using an private IP, and if you ever get banned, you have the perfect excuse. Saying that you got hacked. If you are banned and it is not reversible I will give back your full order amount.

    More Details:

    - Honorbuddy and Gatherbuddy

    -Questing Profiles (private profiles), Grinding, as well as Hand Leveling

    -2 Gathering Professions, and get them to maximum level, depending on what level you are. Come free with a leveling packaged, but can be payed for if you are max level.

    Power Level

    -Levels 1-58
    -All of above features.
    -Epic Ground Mount

    Burning Crusade
    -Levels 1-68
    -All of above features
    -Epic Ground, and Slow Flying

    Wrath of the Lich King
    -All of Above Features
    -Epic Ground, Slow Flying, Cold Weather Flying, epic.

    -All of above features
    -Epic Ground, Epic Flying (280%), Cold Weather, Azeroth Flying License
    -At least an extra 5000 Gold

    Death Knight
    -All of above features
    -Epic Ground, Epic Flying (280%), Cold Weather, Azeroth Flying License
    -At least an extra 5000 Gold

    Two Gathering Professions
    - 1-525
    - Herbalism and Mining
    - Must have a level 82+ Character with Flying

    Other Packages

    58/60-68 - $10

    68/70-80 - $20

    80-85 - $25

    - Will Negotiation more details
    - Normal package
    1-300 - $15

    Honor Farm
    - 1000 - $5

    And many more with bot feature, Contact me for more details

    PM, Thread, Email (PM me for it)
    Yahoo ID: tymitchellhuy (MSN can add too)
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: tymitchellhuy

    Payment Method:
    Paypal Only, as a GIFT

    Refund Policies

    Cancellation Policy
    -Depending on how much work is done I will give you a refund based on this. Up to 75% refund.

    Got Banned? (Never Happen)
    -You will be able to contact blizzard saying you were banned, and someone else was on your account. As long as you never really logged in while I was giving you service this should work. If not, I will refund payment completely.
    Always COPY AND PASTE my Yahoo ID. Its Tymitchellhuy not Tynnitchelhuy or TymitcheIIhyy

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