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    Fwaky's webdesign.

    Hello mmowned community. I've had a few people latley asking me for personal websites and/or guildwebsite's so i figured this is a busniess i might aswell get started here.

    I can offer you programing and design in the following language:
    ASP.NET(C#) - This, however i am currentley learning thus it will take longer and be more expensive.
    ASP 3.0 (VB based language) - Cheap, and useful for medium or small sites. Comes with either MySql/MsSql or Access database. (All three if you wish)

    AJAX - This is a neat upgraded and improved verison of javascripts, this allows me to create very userfriendly and neat applications. Works great with ASP and C#, tho i havent really learned it's usage with C# just yet.

    I also master CSS and (X)html and ofc i'm atleast semi decent.

    Here is example of cheaper applications:
    Forum - Can be customized and tailored for your needs.
    Recruitment page - Cheap, and can be tailored for your guild (Also comes with a admin page where you can update ALL info on the page)

    If you have questions, and or wish to discuss a price, please do so here, via pm or over msn: [email protected] .

    They - Guildwebsite, structure only (Note! this is a work currentley in progress thus the code is close to impossible to read/navigate in)
    Timewalkers Guildsuite - Work in a realtivley early stage with a few pages working as intended (read 1 or 2). However, this is a CMS site which will be sold to more than one person, thus a realtivley lowprice CMS designed (and will be updated) to fit guilds of medium or large size where loading time will be a major factor (Excuse and lag from the server)
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