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    Simple LOL - my own private cheat

    Hello everyone.
    First and most important I'd like to clear out that I am very honest person, I like what I do and I've never scammed anyone in my life. After a quick investigation about "undetected" league of legends cheats I found out that there is a lot of scamming scenario all over it. If you think I am scammer, please ignore my post. Cheers!


    Thread at [WTS] Simple LOL - my own private cheat
    Thread at Attention Required! | Cloudflare

    As I said I am very honest, so you must know some things before contacting me.
    1. This isn't fully my work. I've used a tool that was already made by a guy called LeftSpace. The project was abandoned since patch 8.10 and I decided to give it a shot and update it for personal use. Since then I've regularly updated and used it on a daily basis. The process of keeping it undetected becomes harder and harder, but I still manage to do it thanks to unknowncheats (love you guys <33)
    2. I don't know how much time I am going to maintain this project. At the moment I am very confident and motivated to keep extending it, adding more fancy features such as a customizable menu, more champions, etc. Unfortunately, I can't do all this myself so my goal is to earn some money from my work and hire developers which will help me continuing and expanding this project and also the main reason why I am putting this for sale.
    3. I am not going to do any personal setup for you. The tool is fairly easy to use. Just run the installer and wait for it to complete, run launcher.exe and wait for the "Waiting for League of Legends.exe" message (see bottom of the post) then make or join League of Legends game and you will see it injecting while the game is loading. You don't have to download and install anything, all scripts are built-in, most of the script settings are hardcoded and can't be changed because I still haven't added a customizable menu (left shift). I have only added a small permashow where you can see what can be enabled/disabled and the corresponding hotkeys (top right corner).
    4. There are no discord server, forums or website. I just don't have the time to maintain a community yet, but I probably will soon. If you have a real question/problem just message me on discord (see bottom of the post).
    5. I am not going to send you tons of proofs about this. I am already showing some videos in this post and I am not going to waste my time doing more. If you don't like it that's your problem.
    6. My tool is not perfect, I did it for my own needs and it may take some time for you to get used to it. There is no fancy loader - it's a simple cmd window with real-time debugging. I went all-in for the performance and the safety of my tool rather than the beautifulness. I am not going to make any changes for you. I am not going to help you if for some reason my tool doesn't work for you unless the reason is by my side which is very unlikely because I've tested my tool thousands of times and I am pretty sure it works flawlessly. If you buy my tool, you are on your own, so please read this post carefully because I am not going to refund you for your own carelessness.
    7. There is no auth system implemented in my tool. Every customer will have a unique build with his own hwid hard-coded in. To do so, I will send you my own program for getting your device hwid. You will have to run the program and give me the hwid. Yes, this means you can only use my tool on a single device! If you want to reset your hwid you will have to message me and wait for my response, then the process is the same as described above.
    8. Currently my tool still stays undetected, however, I can't promise it won't get detected in the near future. If my tool gets detected I will let everyone know about it. Eventually, if this happens I am not going to refund you.
    9. I am looking to get around 65 serious buyers. That's it for now and if I plan to increase this number I will let you know. If there are no slots left - there are no slots left, please do not beg me for a slot knowing there are none available! The current price is 50 usd per month, but it may be changed in the near future and with changed, I mean increased. If you don't like the price then please don't troll/rage. I think this price is fair enough for an undetected cheat. If you miss your subscription renewal date and your slot been taken from another user it's your fault. If you try to blame me I will block you and your hwid, therefore, you will never have the chance to buy it again.
    10. I am trying to do my best to explain everything by a simple, clean and short way, please do the same for me. Do not contact me with senseless/meaningless questions and/or unreasonable accusations. Do not waste my time and more importantly, don't waste yours.

    Videos (9.16 patch):
    • Video of my script tool

    • Yasuo script preview (penta vs ai)

    • Vide of my hwid tool

    Features of my tool:
    • Orbwalker
      Most of my time I've been working to do the perfect one. It's still not perfect, rarely, but still misses some last hits. Sometimes lane clear is not perfect (especially with Yasuo), but I don't think this is too much of an issue. Sometimes it may perform slow, but that's because of humanizer which you can disable with hotkey (look at permashow - top right corner), however, I am not recommending doing so as it will make you look like obvious scripter, therefore, you may get reported by other players.
    • Evade
      Two types of evading - normal/smart. Normal evade will simply dodge skill shots (dodge only dangerous while holding space). Smart evade will dodge most of the skill shots, but will still take some of them on purpose (e.g it won't walk back on the enemy champion if they cast a spell in front of you while running). Dodge circular spells (enable/disable). Both evade methods are humanized. You can't disable humanizer for the evade script, trust me, you don't need to.
    • Prediction
      Line, collision detection, possible side movement, tons of calculations - too hard to explain, see it yourself.
    • Activator
      Offensive/defensive items, potions, elixirs, biscuits, ignite, cleanse, heal, barrier.
    • Tracker*- working in progress

    Supported Champions:
    • Supporters
      Blitzcrank, Thresh, Brand, Braum, Pyke, Soraka, Janna, Lux, Xerath
    • AD Carry
      Caitlyn, Vayne, Ezreal, Jinx, Ashe, Jhin, Kalista, Draven
    • Mid Laners
      Lux, Brand, Xerath, Yasuo, Akali, Orianna, Cassiopeia, Viktor, Katarina, Dian
    • Top Laners
      Yasuo, Garen, Irelia, Akali, Cassiopeia, Darius, Rengar, Riven, Jax
    • Junglers
      Kindred, Shyvana, Evelynn, Rengar, Jax, Xin Zhao

    Enable/disable/switch features:
    • Orbwalker
      Humanizer (NumPad1)
    • Evade
      (turn off completely) (NumPad2)
    • Evade
      (normal/smart) (NumPad3)
    • Evade
      Dodge circular spells (on/off) (NumPad4)
    • Auto-R
      (some champions only) (on/off) (NumPad5)
    • Spell lane clear
      (on/off) (NumPad6)
    • Panic
      (disable everything, all drawings, including the cheat itself) (F5)
    • Target Selector
      Less cast, most ad, most ap, etc (Numpad7)
    • Activator
      Spells, Potions, Items, (on-all/off/switch) (Numpad
    • Tracker
      Team, Enemy, Both (not yet implemented) (No hotkey)
    • Tracker
      Self (not yet implemented) (No hotkey)

    • Bitcoin, Steam Wallet Code (digital/physical - only usd/eur) - only pay with the payments I listed above. Do not ask me for different payments, I will just ignore you.

    How to buy:
    1. Contact me on discord: yasumi#0277
    2. I will send you a tool that gets your device hwid.
    3. You simply run the tool and give me the hwid.
    4. You pay the amount of $50 usd via your chosen payment option
    5. I send you unique build that will only work for your hwid

    Renewal process:
    • 5 days before your subscription expire I will contact you (only once)
    • You will then have 5 days to contact me back and renew (check condition 4 above)
    • If you don't renew your subscription will be terminated and your slot opened for sale

    Hwid reset:
    1. Contact me on discord: yasumi#0277
    2. Tell me why your hwid was changed
    3. I will send you a tool that gets your device hwid
    4. You simply run the tool and give me the new hwid
    5. I send you unique build that will only work for this hwid

    How to use:
    1. Start the installer (wait for it to install everything)
    2. Go to C:\SLol\bin and run launcher.exe
    3. Cmd window will pop up, please wait a while
    4. If everything is fine it will say "Waiting for League of Legends.exe"
      Please don't try to crack my tool, you will fail so badly

    • How long does it take to update if there is a new patch?
      A couple of hours, but sometimes day or two if I am busy with school bs.
    • Which regions are supported?
      All regions except JP/KR
    • Is your cheat detected?
      Undetected since patch 8.11
    • How many slots are available?
      50/65 <--- (watch this for updates)
    • How long it will stay alive?
      If I hire good developers to help me it should stay for a long time, otherwise, I can only guarantee 2 to 3 months.
    • How much it costs?
      $50 usd per month
    • Are the scripts good?
      Honestly, some of them are, others not really. For example Sorana and Akali scripts are the worst. Viktor, Kata and Diana should be fair and others are pretty much good.
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    50 slots left =P

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