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    (Cheap High End) My LoL Accounts collection

    Hey , here to try and sell my LoL accounts.Don't have time to play seriouly anymore just using them for normals and i have other smurfs for that... In need of money so i decided to sell them , prices won't be as crazy as u think im just looking to get rid of them at this point.

    If u buy more than 1 at a time huge discounts will be implemented..

    ---------- Details and stuff ------------

    ---------- My main account ------------

    Champions owned : 100%
    Skins - 340+ "Rare skins" :All PAX Skins (Sivir/TF/Jax) / All Riot skins (Kayle/Graves/Singed/Blitz e.t.c. singed being extremely rare) Old CS Riven and all CS Skins / Silver kayle / A lot of limited skins ...
    Basically every champs has atleast one skin , some of them have 7
    Runes/Runepages(Not that it will matter soon) - 20 / All runes
    Ranks - Season 1 - (X) Season 2 - Gold Season 3 - Diamond Season 4 - Diamond Season 5 - Diamond ---------------------------- Every season diamond after s3 , i got it to diamond this season too curently sitting at Diamond V

    ---------- Smurf ------------

    Champions owned : 100%
    Skins - 230+ "Rare skins" : PAX Sivir/Jax / All Riot / Silver kayle.
    Not as much here , basically i had one EUNE and EUW acc when i bough skin codes i used them on both so they have duplicates of the rare skins , but not all of them were for all regions.
    Runes/Runepages - 20 / Pretty much all runes
    Ranks - Season 1 (X) Season 2 (x) Season 3 Diamond ----------------------------------------- Currently Diamond V on soloQ

    ---------- Friend acc ------------
    (I only used this to play with friends that were in low div's i never rly got that into it , and most of the skins are gifts from them lol)

    Champions ownede : 90%
    Skins - 120 +/- Nothing rare but they are mostly new skins , like projects with borders and stuff.
    Runes/Runepages - 4 / A medium amount of runes u can play mostly w/e u want
    Ranks - Season 4 Silver ---------- Gold after that till now (Plat V soloq)

    If u have any questions please feel free to add me at skype or email : [email protected]

    Prefferably wanna trade with a trusted person so we don't go thro all the hassle.

    If u have no feedbacks i will not be going first in any case.

    MM Is acceptable and will only be done with a mm who will protect me from chargebacks.

    Screenshares/Name of the acc will only be given out to trusted members , i can prove i own them don't worry ^^

    Im setting no prices , i have some in mind if u are interested add me to ask , but i will gladly take offers , im not looking for crazy amounts.



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