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    EU || 320 Legendary || 700+ Epic || Extras


    326 Legendary
    720 Epic
    1838 Rare


    7k+ Wins ranked (legend cardback achieved)
    8k+ Wins arena (12 wins achieved)

    17k+ Achievement points
    95+ Cardbacks
    20 Extra hero portraits

    Golden portrait (500+ wins in Arena or Ranked) on all classes except Demon Hunter
    Honored Hero (1k+ wins in Arena or Ranked) on all classes except Demon Hunter
    Some classes with 3k+/2k+ wins (ready for future rewards)

    88% of all cards in the game owned (6080)
    Lots of Mercenaries stuff


    1 free battletag name exchange available

    Starcraft 2

    WoL, HotS and LotV owned
    2010 season 1 rank achievement (Diamond)
    100% WoL achievements, 90% HotS achievements

    World of Warcraft

    Retail (stopped before 9.1):
    1) Balance Druid 220 ilvl, 1.9k rio, KSM, AotC, most shadowlands reps maxed, 1/10m Nathria, Reservoir and Table very high upgrades
    2) Assassin Rogue lvl 60, 159 ilvl
    3) Some lower level alts

    Classic (stopped at p4):
    1) Feral Druid 100% bis (as of p4), most rep grinds maxed (includes very long rep grinds like wsg/ab)
    2) Elemental Shaman, decently raid geared but nothing crazy
    3) A bunch of transmute alts already sitting on key locations for free golds and other random alts

    Price + Contacts

    Price: 200€ / 230$
    Paypal F&F or Crypto
    Ready to work with middleman

    DM here or contact me at [email protected] if you are interested and need more info
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