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    EU HS/Wow Acc Full Gold Classic, 198 Leg (83 Gold), Leg back, 21k dust, Magic Rooster

    I'm looking to sell my old bnet with both wow and hearthstone on it which I've put a lot of time and money into (atleast 7000 euros). I have no idea if the hearthstone or wow is worth more but probably the hearthstone.

    I'm the original owner and has always been.
    I made this account in mid 2010.

    The HS acc was mainly played from a while after launch, now and then, up til around Witchwood (didn't do frozen throne adventure). It's been a while but I think I reached top 50 legend as best but regardless it has Legendary cardback. I don't remember how to check it but if it matters feel free to remind me how.

    -2559 wins.
    -311 arena wins (9 best).
    -425 levels.
    -36 cardsback, incl legend.
    -12 portraits. 30 gold.
    -21900 dust.
    1800+ unique cards + lots of duplicates.
    -Around 700 golden cards + lots of duplicates.
    -198 legendarys of which 83 is golden.
    -80ish Golden Epic, lot of duplicates

    I think 100% golden classic cards completed, with many dups. This was mainly a collector's account. Liked the pack opening... I spent over 5000 euros on packs alone according to transaction history.

    The Wow acc played on from 2010 til 2015. Notably has the Magic Rooster mount.
    Also Arena Master, Hotter Streak, 2700 etc.
    Game up til Legion (no 120 chars).
    -189 mounts
    -776 Battle Pets
    -12k+ Achievement Points
    -Transmogable Primal Gladiator's Greatcloak
    -Transmogable Primal Gladiator's Tabard
    -100 Paladin
    -100 Mage
    -100 Demon Hunter
    -85 Death Knight
    -85 Paladin
    -85 Mage
    -85 Rogue
    -More low levels
    Two characters was transfered from the account 2 years ago, one being a Warrior that had full Primal Gladiato'rs Elite gear (s16). The tabard & Cloak transmog is still available but I can't seem to find the rest and I believe you need a warrior at atleast lvl 100 to confirm that. I won't advertise that the warrior set is available since I can't see it, but feel free to ask somebody that knows for sure. Could be a bonus.

    I have made a few trades on this forum before but haven't bothered with feedback yet. Therefor, for our boths protection, I will require a middleman which the buyer has to pay for.

    Asking price is 300 euro paypal and is less than 5% of what I spent on the account. It's negotiable and I appreciate serious offers.

    Recorded video with more detailed overview about the content can be done upon serious inquiry.
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