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    Preminum HearthStone EU + Diablo 3 + Overwatch

    HearthStone EU :
    85 legendaries, 183 epic, 6 Golden heroes, 513 lvl
    Lunara,Ledy Leadrin,Morgl,Prince Arthas,Nemsi,Maiev
    Only competitive cards FOR STD META
    Big Spell Mage
    Secret Mage
    Cyclone Mage
    Tempo Mage
    Quest Mage
    Malygos Druid
    Quest Druid
    Tokken Druid
    Gong Druid
    Mech Hunt
    Quest Hunt
    Midrange Hunt(all variations)
    Secret Highlander Hunter
    Midrange Highlander Hunter
    Holy Wrath Paladin
    Mech Paladin
    Hand Paladin
    Big Paladin
    Secret Highlander Paladin
    Murloc Paladin
    Secret Paladin
    Combo Prist
    Nomi Prist
    Tempo Rogue(all cariations)
    Quest Rogue
    HookTusk Rogue
    Pogo Rogue
    Murloc Shaman
    Quest Shaman
    Big Shaman
    Evolve Shaman
    Zoo Warlock
    HighLander Warlock
    Aggro Warrior
    Control Warrior
    Highlander Warrior
    Bomb Warrior
    Dragon Warrior

    D3 RoS Deluxe with necropack:
    Top geared Monk for solo/party push
    zdps Barb support
    zdps Necro support
    Crafting materials: 50k+
    4300 paragon
    2500+ key
    1000+ act reagent
    All battle Gem 150
    20 Calldesan 135+
    5 extra stash tabs
    Records: Top 100 all 2,3,4 players
    solo monk - 126
    2's - 145
    3's - 150
    4's - 150
    Feets of Strength:
    Sesson 17: 800 paragon
    Ghost reporting
    StarCraft 20th anniversary
    Payload Secured

    OverWatch EU+(Game Edition: Origins Edition):
    1470 lvl golden icon
    Diamond rank
    Golden Weapon(Winston,Mei,Brigitte,Tracer,Ash,McCree)
    All event skins
    Skin Mercy Atlantic all-stars
    Skin Nano
    Skin Anna Bastet
    Skin Combat Medic Baptiste
    Skin Widowmaker Kerrigan and Nova
    Skin Sombra Blizzcon 2018
    Skin Winston Blizzcon 2017
    Skin Monkey Ace league
    Skin Bastion Brick
    Skin Mercy Dr. Ziegler
    35 close event box
    3200 Shards
    145 Tokkens
    4000 Gold
    Bonuses for watching overwatchleague

    +Starcraft 2
    +Desteny 2
    +Bonuses HotS
    Secret Answer:Available
    Email Change:Available
    When you pay successfully,you will receive the account information from me.
    If you are satisfied with it, please leave a positive evaluation, thank you very much.
    A good account for streams

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