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    Cardosaur: Hearthstone deck generator

    Cardosaur is developed for those who plays Hearthstone regularly and dream of taking part in Hearthstone World Championship or at least achieving legend rank. It is possible to check the working efficiency of any deck idea, even the exotic one, using Cardosaur service. You can start with a small set of cards that has interesting combinations. Cardosaur will take this set and eventually complete a working deck looking over the cards during game simulations.

    If you like modern popular decks, there will be a possibility to get a set of cards, most commonly used in modern decks with the highest percentage of winnings, and use it as the basis for the decks, that will be created by Cardosaur for you during the simulations.

    There is an option to set an evolution of the deck, created by Cardosaur for perfectionists, wanted to improve such deck. Cardosaur replaces the cards of your deck with the new ones, checking the win rate, during the evolution.

    Evolution is a great help for those who wants to identify which new legendary or epic card is worth crafting.

    You can upload your collection from Hsreplay or Hearthpwn. Usually, new decks are created, using the cards from your collection as the basis, but there is an option to set a possibility to use all the available cards for a deck creating.

    A separate flow of step by step simulations is created for the set of cards, identified by you, so called “core”. Cardosaur will create new decks for your core, adding new cards. This new deck will play with top modern decks according to the Hearthstone rules enough times to identify its winning power.

    Cardosaur shows you exactly the most winning decks, supplying it with a code, which can be copied and pasted in Hearthstone to export a new deck.

    There are various additional tools:

    • An option to manually identify a deck rating to go back to some of your decks and check them again;
    • An option to identify, which core has higher priority to give some cores a chance to play more often than others and generate more new decks;
    • Identify the class priority.

    There is a referral program, which gives a link to send to your friends or followers, giving you an opportunity to earn with Cardosaur.

    Cardosaur is a tokenized project. SAUR tokens are issued, using Ethereum blockchain. Each buyer of the Cardosaur services gets his amount of tokens till the amount of the tokens for distribution expire. After this, the tokens will get to the market, where they successfully can be sold. What is more, interest paying is planned for SUAR, that’s why they can be perceived as full shares of a company.

    Cardosaur has been constantly improving, upgrading the quality of the internal game algorithm and machine learning That’s why, the price of tokens may grow in time and the first clients, getting the tokens in a privilege way, will get their money, invested in the project, back and even may have some extra income.

    You can look at the service interface and register, following the link below:

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