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    Rise of Kingdoms- 50mil power, 6 maxed legendary maxed, 2.7mil troops, 94mil kills

    Pictures of anything you need can be shared to you to prove everything below and more.

    50Mil with vip13 and 25 Mil with vip 10 are on the account..

    6 legendary and all epics expertised. And a fair few at 5500 or higher
    (Ysg, Richard, minamoto, caocao, aefled, Charles maxed)

    Have every commander apart from Tomyris and Constantine.

    Just shy of 100mil kills, earned properly, not by farm killing

    2.7Mil t4 troops on main... 1.6mil on "farm"
    No t5 yet, but in the home stretch as you can see by pictures.. I decided to make all techs decent before i pushed one to t5, as I have mixed types of maxed legendary commanders.

    Including reserves have 500-750 Mil of every rss saved On main account

    I'm in a nearly 8bil alliance in the top 32

    I'll still keep playing if no-one wants it's because I like participating in ark.. But that's like the only thing I enjoy, so if it can bring others more pleasure, let me know..
    I will pass on my google play info but i wont be removing my Facebook or giving you logins for that, too much stuff on that to throw away, so you'll just have to trust me on that end of things, once the account is sold.. i want nothing more to do with this game.. i can keep in contact with you, if you wish.
    Price is negotiable but will only consider fair amounts. A lot of time money and effort has went into this account

    This will be sold through a TRUSTED middleman.. Anyone trying to scam me again.. please go else where...

    thanks for reading

    Price $1500 but is negotiable
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